Thoughts on Paradise Residence Volume 2

The first volume of Paradise Residence came to a close with a storm blowing in. With this second volume, the storm passes and summer begins.
There are six chapters – or rather, episodes – in this volume of the manga. They go from episode 8 up to episode 13. Unlike the first volume, there’s very little in the way of extras, so this volume is a more average size.
Not too much else to say here, so let’s just get on with it.

Paradise Residence Volume 2
As ever, starting with the blurb:
Sun, fun and water guns
Summer’s here! And since this will be her first since entering high school, Hatsune wants to maximise her fun and do every summer activity possible. Volleyball, water sports, trips to the beach – there’s so much to do and so little time. But no matter what, as long as Hatsune is spending the summer with the girls of Dormitory One, she can expect it to be filled with fun, adventure, and most importantly, great food!

‘The Typhoon Passes’ in episode 8, which means it’s time for the girls to don their swimsuits and clear out the swimming pool. This ends up becoming a competition between dormitories one and two.
Things end up coming down to a tiebreaker.

Episode 9 is called ‘Takanashi’s Simple Recipe!’, in which the girls come up with some simple meals after studying for upcoming tests.

‘Oh! My Absence’ is the title of episode 10, and it is a reference to Kosuke Fujishima’s previous manga, Oh! My Goddess. Hatsune has several different ideas for how she’ll spend her summer, but she ends up being roped into helping the volleyball team.
This leaves Suzuka alone, with the other girls all commenting on it. Though Suzuka tries to deny it, Hatsune’s absence clearly affects her.

Following on from that is episode 11, ‘The Coast and the Curious’. The girls decide to go on a trip to the beach, and Hatsune is able to persuade Minchin-sensei to drive them there. She borrows her grandfather’s Volkswagen bus.
What should have been a safe drive to the beach quickly devolves into a street race.

In episode 12, ‘Seaside Restaurant Special Forces!!’, the girls discover that they’ll have to work for Minchin-sensei’s cousin in return for staying at an inn. They work in her restaurant, and cope with it really well due to having been trained by the paradise residence.

‘Battle of the Beach’ is the name of episode 13, and it is where the girls finally get a chance to put on their beachwear and play outside. Again, this ends up becoming a competition between dormitories one and two – a water fight, with Hatsune’s side lacking in numbers but not experience or strategy.

That’s it for the second volume of Paradise Residence. There’s some fun stuff in here, with the race to the beach and the water fight arguably being the best. Of course, if you’re keen on fanservice, there’s a lot of that present here too with the bikini-clad girls.
Some shipping material also arises from the episode where Hatsune is away from Suzuka. It’s subtext at best, but that’s acceptable.
Paradise Residence continues to be an enjoyable slice-of-life series, with plenty of funny moments and fanservice to go around.

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  1. josefcd904 says:

    I am currently reading Oh My Goddess as the Omnibus are released, I was thinking of picking this series up since it is by the same creator. It sounds interesting. Just not sure. It looks like there is only 3 volumes. So who knows, it does sound interesting.

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