Thoughts on Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story

Which would be an incident that would change her destiny-
Which would be the beginning of a whole other magical girl tale-

Though I looked at both volumes of Puella Magi Oriko Magica last weekend, that wasn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Oriko.
Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story is the third spin-off manga of the Puella Magi franchise, consisting of a collection of three side stories with a focus on the original Puella Magi Oriko Magica characters.

Noisy Citrine was serialised in Manga Time Kirara Magica from August 9th 2012 to October 2012, whilst the second side story, Symmetry Diamond ran from February 8th 2013 to June 10th 2013. The two side stories were collected together in a single volume, along with a third story that was not serialised – The Last Agate.
Noisy Citrine has two parts, Symmetry Diamond has three, and The Last Agate only has a single part.
Puella Magi Oriko Magica Extra Story

Oriko’s ability to see into the future led her to commit bloody acts in her efforts to forestall an even greater tragedy later on. But what if Oriko had met Yuma Chitose before she predicted the end of the world? Would she still have chosen to manipulate the young girl if Yuma had been no stranger but a dear friend? Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story explores the might-have-been and further explores Kirika’s devotion to her beloved Oriko.

That’s the blurb above, with a slight correction made on that last word. The blurb for the English version says ‘Orika’ instead of ‘Oriko’, despite having her name in the title and getting right earlier on in the paragraph…

Anyway, things kick off with ‘~noisy citrine~ [part 1]’, which focuses on Kirika Kure shortly after she has become a magical girl. Also introduced here is Erika, a childhood friend of Kirika’s.
Naturally, those who are close to magical girls are susceptible to a witch’s curse, and Erika is not an exception.

In ‘~noisy citrine~ [part 2], Kirika enters a witch’s ward and finds Erika there. She fights to prevent Erika from giving into despair, as well as defeating the witch.
After that, we see Kirika together with Oriko.

‘~symmetry diamond~ [part 1]’ comes next, and it opens with Yuma’s mother scolding a bruised and beaten Yuma.
Oriko introduces herself. She has had a vision of a particularly powerful witch, and thus formed a team with Kirika in order to bring it down when the time comes.
During one night whilst wandering around a park alone, Oriko encounters Yuma. She shares some tea with her, and then they part ways.
Following on from that, Oriko has a vision concerning Yuma, and it’s not a pleasant one.
The end of this part introduces a new magical girl, by the name of Sasa Yuuk8i.

‘~symmetry diamond~ [part 2]’ opens with Kirika and Sasa… err… discussing things. Yeah, let’s go with that.
Oriko receives some flak from other girls at her school, but she pretty much rises above it. However, she does have an ally – one named Sasa…
We see the results of Kirika and Sasa’s… discussion.
After that, the manga shows Yuma being abused by her mother. It doesn’t take too long for Oriko and Sasa to stumble upon her.
Things take a turn, with Sasa turning out be not who she said she was, and Kirika arriving to set things straight.
Sasa then reveals her ability.

A flashback opens ‘~symmetry diamond~ [part 3]’, showing how a young Oriko didn’t shed a single tear after the death of her mother. We also learn what Sasa’s wish to become a magical girl was.
Oriko and Kirika mount a joint offensive against Sasa, even using her ability against her.
After all that, Oriko has some words for Yuma, and Yuma just lets out all the emotions she had pent up.
Following that, Oriko and Kirika go to town together, and discover just how Yuma’s fate has changed.

In ‘~the last agate~’, Oriko bakes a sponge cake. We briefly see Erika and then Yuma, both of whom are concerned about people in Mitakihara, due to an oncoming storm. The volume ends with both Oriko and Kirika heading out to protect their world.

I’ve already said that Puella Magi Oriko Magica is enjoyable, and learning more about the characters and their histories is interesting – even if said stories aren’t exactly all happy.
Sasa Yuuki’s ability as a magical girl is also certainly an interesting one, even with its easily exploitable weakness. Though saying that, any magical girl who fights her would require a fair bit of strength before exploiting said weakness.
Mami is only briefly mentioned here, so the spotlight is not stolen by any of the five magical girls from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
An enjoyable addition to the Oriko Magica story, which gives greater insight to particular characters, but also introduces a couple of new ones for good measure.

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