Magical Girl Raising Project Introduction Promo Video

As we continue drawing closer to the autumn season of anime, the official website for the television anime of Magical Girl Raising Project has begun streaming the show’s first ‘introduction promo video’. (Teaser PV here, two previously revealed cast members and main theme previewed here, and a third PV here.)
Much like the YouTube videos from my previous posts about this anime, the one below may not be available depending on your region.

Of course, someone has put it up on Dailymotion as well, which may serve as an alternative.

Then we also have the new cast members:

La Pucelle

Ayane Sakura as La Pucelle

Top Speed

Yumi Uchiyama as Top Speed


Kurumi Mamiya as Fav

I’m still really looking forward to seeing this come autumn. From the information I’ve been able to find, it seems like this will basically be a magical girl survival game, and I’m totally up for that.

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