New Flip Flappers Information Revealed

Flip Flappers‘ official website has revealed more information about the upcoming magical girl anime. Of course, I have shared stuff about this show before – one post introducing the two main characters, and another one with a key visual.
This new information that the website revealed is a new key visual, a new PV and ten additional cast announcements.

Might as well start with the new key visual.
Flip Flappers Key Visual 3

All right, let’s move on to the new cast members.


Ayaka Ohashi as Yayaka, Cocona’s childhood friend and classmate. She has a cool and strong-willed personality, and adores “cream box” pastries.


Kenjiro Tsuda as Soruto, a man who seeks to collect the “Fragment of Mimi”. It’s impossible to read his facial expressions.


Sayaka Inoue as Toto, a mysterious elementary school student. He is the elder twin brother of Yuyu.


Airi Toshinou as Yuyu, who is also a mysterious elementary school student. She is Toto’s younger twin sister.


Jun Fukushima as Hidaka, a scientist researching the “Fragment of Mimi”. Hidaka created TT-392 and numerous other inventions.


Yoko Hikasa as Sayuri, who works as an operator. Everyday she struggles with Hidaka’s unusual inventions.


Kazuyuki Okitsu as TT-392, a robot seemingly created by Hidaka. It is a high performance unit with a variety of functions, but is bullied into doing whatever Papika wants it do do.


Michiyo Murase as Yukusukyuru, Cocona’s pet. It displays various expressions by stretching and squishing. It also loves confined spaces.


Saori Onishi as Senpai, a 3rd year junior high student at the same school as Cocona. She is a member of the art club.

Cocona's Grandma

Tamie Kubota as Cocona’s Grandma, who lives with Cocona and watches her grow.

Finally, we also have a new PV:

I’ve got a fair bit to look forward anime-wise when October rolls around, but I have to say that Flip Flappers and Magical Girl Raising Project are currently my most anticipated shows. I think the latter might just edge out the former though, thanks to Ripple.
But we’re here to focus on Flip Flappers, so feel free to share any thoughts you may have on it in the comments.

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