Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 25: Sun, Sea, Sand and Shaved Ice

The twenty-fifth episode of Maho Girls PreCure! is a beach episode. It’s also the first time that Kotoha directly interacts with Mayumi and Kana (that would be Kana Katsuki, I’ll be referring to her by first name from now on).

This episode starts with Mirai, her family and friends travelling to the ocean. It is here that Kotoha is introduced to Mayumi and Kana.

Kotoha meets Mayumi and Kana

First meeting between Kotoha, Mayumi and Kana

Kana’s role as running gag girl is in full force in this episode. Kotoha sees a wave and says it might be a mermaid, and Mirai then says that there aren’t any in this world. Of course, Kana doesn’t let that slip by unnoticed.

Kana's suspicions

It feels like this episode is restoring the status quo for Kana’s running gag…

The conversation turns to shaved ice, with Mirai’s grandmother recommending the strawberry-melon flavour.

Once they arrive at the beach, they stumble across a bit of bad luck.

Broken ice machine

No strawberry-melon shaved ice for now

Fortunately, Mirai’s father volunteers to fix the machine. Kotoha recalls the first time Mirai and Riko gave her shaved ice, and Kana happens to overhear there conversation.

Kana is still suspicious

See? Definitely trying to make up for her lack of screentime in previous episodes

Mirai starts talking about different flavours of shaved ice. When Mirai’s mother, grandmother and Mayumi claim a spot, they call the girls over. Kana goes, but Mirai realises that she forgot her hat. Fortunately, Kotoha has a solution for that.

Kotoha's solution

A little magic is always the answer

Of course, Kotoha conjures up a matching set of hats.

Matching hats

Kotoha also has a something little extra for Mofurun

Mofurun's swimsuit

A swimsuit for Mofurun

Riko admits that Kotoha’s magic is impressive, but she tells her that she can’t let anyone see her using it.


Probably not quite the message Riko was trying to convey…

Elsewhere, Yamoh is still determined to claim the Emerald. Rabu also puts in an appearance, but Yamoh doesn’t really bother with him.

Mirai and Kotoha diving

It’s time for some fun at the beach

Reluctant Riko

Riko is reluctant to join Mirai, Kotoha and Mofurun in the sea

What follows is a lot of Kotoha using magic to try and make their beach experience more fun, with Mirai and Riko using their own magic to return things to normal. Oh, and there’s also a lot of this from Kana:

Kana and Mayumi

This will certainly be a memorable trip to the beach for the girls…

I won’t spoil how exactly Kotoha tries to enhance the beach experience, but I will say this sequence was a lot of fun. Of course, the result of it is this:

Exhausted Mirai and Riko

Using a lot of magic is exhausting

Kotoha volunteers to grab them some shaved ice. Unfortunately, the machine still hasn’t been fixed at this point. A not-suspicious-at-all stranger tells Kotoha she can get some ice from a nearby cave.


Kotoha clearly needs to learn not to talk to strangers…

Kotoha and Mofurun venture into the cave. When she doesn’t come back for a while, Mirai and Riko go to try and find her.

Kotoha discovers that there’s no ice in the cave.

Yamoh appears

Even if the episode hadn’t made it clear already, this would have been painfully obvious.

It’s time for this week’s Yokubarl, as you may have guessed.

Monster of the Week

Rock type, I’d say

Kotoha is separated from Mofurun, but she’s not the type to give in. She transforms into Cure Felice and pretty much dominates the fight, until she gets grabbed.

Yokubarl attacks

This is probably the closest a Yokubarl has been to attacking Cure Felice…

Miracle, Magical, Felice and Mofurun

Sapphire Style Miracle and Magical swoop in and save Felice, taking the fight outside

Felice flying

Felice joins Miracle and Magical for this aerial battle

Miracle and Magical use their PreCure Sapphire Smartish to block an attack from the Yokubarl, with Felice bringing things to a close with her PreCure Emerald Reincarnation.

When they return, Kotoha apologises for her actions. Mirai and Riko tell her not to worry about it, and then it’s time for some shaved ice.

Kotoha, Mayumi and Kana eating shaved ice

A well-deserved treat


Return of the Haa-stache

That’s it for episode 25. The stuff on the beach was a lot of fun, particularly Kana’s reactions to Kotoha’s actions. Cure Felice is still in a class of her own – though Miracle and Magical did save her, I reckon she would have been able to get out of that situation on her own. I feel like Miracle and Magical’s special attacks are just being used to pad the episode length at this point – though they did skip the transformation sequence.
To sum it all up: the stuff on the beach was a lot of fun, whilst Cure Felice stole the spotlight again for the monster of the week stuff, for better or worse.

Next episode, Haa makes cookies. Judging by the preview, there’ll also be a boss battle. Will this be a trigger for Miracle and Magical to receive a power-up? Guess we’ll find out next time.

Oh, and before I bring this post to a close, I will say that Pretty Cure All Stars: Singing With Everyone♪ Miraculous Magic! has been subbed. Keep an eye out for my thoughts on that in the very near future.


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