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Thoughts on Soul Eater NOT! Volume 5

Volume 5 is the final volume of the Soul Eater NOT! series. In this volume, it’s time for a festival. This means a gathering of many people, making it easy for unscrupulous types to blend in… Also, the time has … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Soul Eater NOT! Volume 4

This weekend, I’ll be taking a look at the final two volumes of Soul Eater NOT!. Up first, volume 4, in which Tsugumi has to make a choice about who her meister should be. In this volume, there are 5 … Continue reading

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Rory’s 3DS Game of July 2016

The 3DS Game I’m featuring for July 2016 is one that was brought to us by Capcom. The title of the series perfectly sums up what the games are about, and this one is the latest entry in said series … Continue reading

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New Original Magical Girl TV Anime to Start in October

We’ve only just started the summer season of anime for this year, but autumn is rapidly shaping up to be a season I’m looking forward to with at least eight shows I definitely want to watch, and several more that … Continue reading

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Maho Girls PreCure! Anime Film Details

So as is tradition, Maho Girls PreCure! will be getting its own film. Details for the film have been revealed, and I’d figure I’d share them here. This is definitely one for the Mofurun fans.

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Maho Girls PreCure! Episodes 22 & 23: New and Familiar Faces

Previously in Maho Girls PreCure!, the first act came to a close in quite an impressive manner. To mark the start of the second act, the animation for the opening theme has changed and we also get a new ending … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Soul Eater NOT! Volume 3

Remember how last weekend I said normal service would be resumed for my thoughts on manga posts? Turns out I may have been lying a bit. Well, you did get my first impressions of the summer 2016 anime post instead … Continue reading

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