Thoughts on Puella Magi Suzune Magica Volume 2

In the previous volume of Puella Magi Suzune Magica, a confrontation between Arisa and Matsuri against Suzune was set up, whilst Haruka was facing her past in a witch’s labyrinth.
In this second volume, there are a total of six chapters, from number five to number ten.
Puella Magi Suzune Magica Volume 2
Starting with the blurb:
Suzune Amano is a hard-working middle school student, but her ever-smiling face conceals a dark secret – that she’s a magical-girl assassin. As the magical girls of the town are picked off one after another, the remaining few fall into despair. In their darkest hour, what path must these girls take…?

Chapter 5, ‘Regret’, kicks off with a flashback to how Haruka became a magical girl, and what exactly her wish was.
The battle against Suzune ends anticlimactically when she uses an ability to slip away.
Haruka fights against the witch. She claims victory, but it comes at a price. This chapter ends with Suzune approaching Haruka.

In chapter 6, ‘Transmogrification’, Arisa and Matsuri catch up to Suzune. Arisa apologises to Haruka for her words before, but that’s not enough to save Haruka from her fate.
Of course, Arisa and Matsuri react to this in a predictable manner – particularly if you’re familiar with the franchise.
Suzune winds up fighting a witch, and she reveals some truths about magical girls to Arisa and Matsuri. Kyubey drops by at the end of this chapter.

‘Truth’ is the title of chapter 7. Kyubey gives a rather familiar speech about the magical girl system at the beginning. Suzune chooses to leave after that.
Kyubey reveals to Arisa and Matsuri how Suzune first became a magical girl, and that her powers aren’t exactly as they seem.
In Suzune’s past, she knew another magical girl called Tsubaki. Suzune looked up to her and wanted to be like her – and I’m sure those of you familiar with the franchise can guess exactly where this flashback goes.

In chapter 8, ‘Compensation’, Arisa reacts rather… negatively to Kyubey’s words.
In this chapter, Arisa thinks back to Chisato’s wish. Everything about this flashback – the story, the visuals – is incredibly similar to Kyoko’s story from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
Arisa comes to regret her decision to become a magical girl.
This chapter ends with Kyubey talking to Suzune – he is not able to comprehend human emotion.

‘Presence’ is the title of chapter 9, which starts with Suzune having a nightmare about Tsubaki.
Elsewhere, Arisa, starts picking fights with anyone who bumps into her. Matsuri stops her, and we learn that she has no regrets about becoming a magical girl.
Regardless, Arisa swears that she’ll kill Suzune. Arisa leaves after that.
As Matsuri thinks about what she does, she has a strange feeling.
This chapter ends with Kyubey conversing with a mysterious magical girl who seems to be targeting Suzune.

In chapter 10, ‘Resolve’, Arisa confronts Suzune. Even though Arisa knows of Suzune’s past, she’s intent on taking out Suzune.
Elsewhere Matsuri feels like she’s forgotten something. She recalls hazy memories of Suzune as a child…
Suzune tells Arisa she’s fine being labelled as a villain.
The chapter ends with Matsuri regaining memories, and the aforementioned mysterious magical girl approaching her.

With that, the second volume comes to a close. It treads some incredibly familiar territory, practically taking key points from Puella Magi Madoka Magica and just having them happen to a different set of characters.
A lot of this volume is pretty typical stuff for this franchise, though once again I feel that the action scenes were enjoyable enough, if brief. Kind of a shame that Suzune retreated from the first battle in this volume, and then stopped to talk during the confrontation against Arisa.
Next time, the third and final volume. Maybe things will stop being obvious imitation of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the final few chapters will tell a unique tale within the franchise.
Of course, you’ll have to wait until next time to see if that turns out to be the case or not.

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