Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 24: Sleeping Rearrangement

Maho Girls PreCure! moves on to its 24th episode, which means we’re roughly around the halfway point of the entire series.
When the inevitable Yokubarl fight comes around, will Miracle and Magical actually be able to do anything this time? Read on and find out.

The plot of this episode revolves around Kotoha – more specifically, sorting out a new bedroom for her.

Mirai, Mofurun and Kotoha

Mirai hasn’t been getting a lot of sleep due to sharing a bed with Kotoha

Kyoko suggests they turn the attic in their house into Kotoha’s bedroom.


The attic is used for storage, and everything is covered in dust

Kotoha starts using magic to clean the place up. Riko is somewhat exasperated to see Kotoha’s incredible efficiency with magic.

The scene switches to Yamoh, who is still intent on obtaining the Emerald.
After that, we see the headmaster discussing the Emerald and that new enemy that showed up previously with the crystal ball.

Back to Kotoha’s room, and the cleaning is done.

Kotoha's room

She also changed the walls, but doesn’t have any furniture yet

Once again, Kotoha simply magics up the furniture she needs for her room. After all that magic, Kotoha leaves to grab a drink. Riko can’t help but feel a bit down.


Children grow up so fast

Even with the furniture added in, Mirai can’t help but feel that Kotoha’s room is missing something. Mofurun is no longer in the room when Mirai asks for her opinion on it.

Mofurun trying to help

Mofurun trying to help out

Mofurun tells Mirai that she doesn’t feel very useful, being small and unable to use magic…

Elsewhere, Kotoha sees Mirai’s father working hard. She tries to use some magic to make things easier for him, but Riko puts a stop to that.

Riko gives Kotoha a lesson

Riko passes on some words of wisdom

Both Riko and Kotoha help out Mirai’s dad with his work. Meanwhile, Mirai reassures Mofurun that she has been helping her out a lot. Their conversation inspires Mofurun to come up with something for the finishing touches on Kotoha’s room.

Riko and Kotoha finish their work, and Kotoha discovers that working up a sweat can make things taste better.


A missed opportunity for a Haa-stache, if you ask me…

We also see what Mofurun planned for Kotoha’s room.

Kotoha's room, with beads

The decoration isn’t quite finished yet, though

The girls decide to go out on a shopping trip. Of course, Yamoh tails them once they’re outside. It doesn’t take long for him to confront them and demand the Emerald. Naturally, the girls refuse which must mean it’s time for the monster of the week.

Monster of the Week

Er… I don’t know, maybe a Fighting type?

Transformation time – they go for Ruby Style for this battle.

Miracle & Magical

At least they’re not getting overwhelmed…

Miracle and Magical actually manage to put up a bit of a fight against this Yokubarl. Then Kotoha transforms.

Miracle, Magical & Felice

Miracle and Magical might as well just go home at this point… also notice that Cure Felice has wings here

Felice single-handedly halts the Yokubarl’s attack, and tells Yamoh that he could never possess the Emerald since there is a limit to the power of magic. Miracle and Magical use their Ruby Passionale attack – not as a finisher, but to hold the enemy still so Felice can finish it off with Emerald Reincarnation. Yamoh retreats after that.

Miracle, Magica, Felice & Mofurun

Miracle, Magical, Felice and Mofurun together – one happy family

Back at their home, Mirai, Riko, Kotoha and Mofurun finish decorating Kotoha’s room.

Kotoha's room complete

Kotoha’s room complete

Kotoha gives Mirai, Riko and Mofurun some necklaces she made herself, and the episode ends with her saying that she’s looking forward to their adventures.

These past couple of episodes have been transitions towards the next major arc, I feel. Felice still outclasses Miracle and Magical, and Yamoh is still around. I suspect that Yamoh’s ultimate defeat will be the trigger for the next wave of enemies (probably led by Rabu). Hopefully it won’t take too long for Miracle and Magical to be able to fight as equals alongside Felice.
This episode is pretty much just some harmless fun, with the typical PreCure stuff thrown in.

Next time, a beach episode which includes a couple of the Non-Magic World characters. Will be interesting to see how Kotoha interacts with them.

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