Magical Girl Raising Project Anime Details Revealed

Back in March, I shared some information about an upcoming anime called Magical Girl Raising Project. If you can’t remember that, click here to refresh your memory.
Now we have a PV, a theme song, a couple of cast members and when it will premiere. Read on for all that information.

Let’s start with a new visual:

So it looks like there’s going to be a fair few characters. Here’s details on two of them:

Snow White

Good-natured rookie magical girl, Snow White (CV: Nao Toyama)


Short-tempered magical ninja, Ripple (CV: Manami Numakura)

Manami Numakura will also be performing the anime’s opening theme, “Sakebe” (Shout), which is featured in the PV. I’ll include it here, but be aware that the video is region-locked for some countries, including the US. Totally fine here in the UK, though.

Here’s a Dailymotion video, as an alternative to YouTube:

Magical Girl Raising Project will premiere in October 2016. I’m really looking forward to this autumn season.

As for Magical Girl Raising Project, I was pretty much sold on its concept when I first read about it. With more information revealed, I’m definitely on board – especially with Ripple, the ninja magical girl.
We get a brief glimpse of the different characters in the PV, and I have to say that they look like an interesting bunch, though Ripple is my favourite based on design.

When October rolls around, will you be picking this up? Any thoughts on the PV? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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