Thoughts on Soul Eater NOT! Volume 5

Volume 5 is the final volume of the Soul Eater NOT! series. In this volume, it’s time for a festival. This means a gathering of many people, making it easy for unscrupulous types to blend in…
Also, the time has come for Tsugumi to make her decision. Who will she end up choosing?
There are six chapters in this volume, starting with chapter twenty-six and concluding with the thirty-first chapter.
Soul Eater NOT! Volume 5
Ding-dong! Dead-dong! Class in in session, but even DWMA is preparing for the annual death festival held on Halloween. But while Death City is abuzz with excitement and delight, something sinister is brewing within its shadows… and it seems the girls’ carefree school days are in for a rude awakening with shocking betrayal! Can DWMA stop the nefarious witch Shaula Gorgon’s schemes before it’s too late? And will Tsugumi ever get to make her choice?! It’s a savage but super-fun conclusion!

With the blurb out of the way, let’s look at chapter 26, ‘Eternal Darkness’. During the night, Meme starts sleepwalking. Tsugumi and Anya follow her, and they end up at the DWMA.
After being discovered by Akane and Clay, Meme makes a break for it. Akane chases her, whilst Clay remains behind to explain the situation to Tsugumi and Anya.
Tsugumi and Anya find the resolve to chase after Meme once they’re aware of the situation.
The chapter ends with the reveal of how Sid ended up the way he did in the main series.

Chapter 27 is called ‘Death Fest! (Part 1)’. Akane and Clay reveal the truth about their mission, and Anya has to return home. Anya refuses, but it’s ultimately meaningless.
The Death Festival starts the next day. Tsugumi is put under curfew at the dormitory, whilst an escort arrives to take Anya to the airport.
During the festival, several locations come under attack from NOT students. Tsugumi hears this and attempts to leave the dormitory. Despite being stopped a couple of times, she ultimately receives the support of those people and leaves in order to find Meme and Anya.

‘Death Fest! (Part 2)’ is the title of chapter 28. Anya insists that she should be with Tsugumi, whilst Tsugumi enlists the help of Liz and Patty.
Tsugumi and Anya end up reunited.
Akane tells them Stein has developed an antidote for Shaula’s mind control, so they take off in order to pick it up. Akane and Clay go back to town in order to confront Shaula.
With the antidote in hand, Tsugumi and Anya start searching for Meme.

Chapter 29 is ‘Death Fest! (Part 3)’. Tsugumi and Anya are reunited with Meme, but Shaula is also present.
Fights break out in several locations, featuring a few familiar faces. Of course, the main focus is one Tsugumi and Anya fighting against their opponent. This is a fight that Tsugumi tries to bring to a close with a kiss.
After some heartfelt words, the main trio is properly reunited once again, and Shaula is in their sights.

In chapter 30, ‘Death Fest! (Part 4)’ Tsugumi finally makes her decision as to who should be her partner. Of course, Shaula has very little care for that stuff and she attacks.
Tsugumi, Meme and Anya fight against Shaula together. However, they are only NOT students and she is a witch – fortunately, Akane and Clay join the fight.
Tsugumi develops further as a weapon during this battle, and everyone prepares for a final push against Shaula.

Soul Eater NOT!‘s final chapter is called ‘It’s a Savage but Super-Fun Life♪’. The battle against Shaula continues. During the course of the battle, Tsugumi, Meme and Anya are able to use soul resonance. They launch a final attack.
Shinigami, Death the Kid and several Death Weapons also arrive.
Life for the DWMA just goes back to normal after the events of the Death Festival – well, at least until the events of the main Soul Eater manga.

That’s the final volume of Soul Eater NOT!, and the conclusion of the whole series.
The action really picked up with this final volume, and the final confrontation was enjoyable – Tsugumi completes her growth as a weapon, even managing to use a technique that certain EAT students struggled with at the beginning of Soul Eater.

As for the whole series, I really enjoyed it. Then again, I’ve always been a fan of slice-of-life series. The fact that it is set in the world of Soul Eater makes this hold even greater appeal for me, and the close relationship between the three lead characters will appeal to yuri fans.
Those who read (or watch) Soul Eater NOT! will be disappointed if they go into it expecting it to be exactly like the main series – it’s in the title, this is not Soul Eater.
Being a prequel, this is also a pretty good place to start with the Soul Eater franchise. If you pick it up afterwards, then it’s likely that you’ll probably enjoy the various cameos throughout.
Some characters, like Kim, are more than just cameos – they actually receive some character development. It’s neat to see how some characters acted before the events of the main series.

If you’re an open-minded Soul Eater fan, or just enjoy slice-of-life in general, then I would strongly recommend checking out Soul Eater NOT!.

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  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    I recently watched the anime adaptation. I thought it was okay. The cameos make me interested to check out the original, as the characters seem cool.

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