Maho Girls PreCure! Episodes 22 & 23: New and Familiar Faces

Previously in Maho Girls PreCure!, the first act came to a close in quite an impressive manner. To mark the start of the second act, the animation for the opening theme has changed and we also get a new ending theme.
More importantly, the Cures gain a new ally – well, said ally has been with them all along, but you’ll see what I mean when I get to it.

Episode 22 begins at school, where exam results reveal that Riko gained the highest score in the school. However, we’re more interested in the lass standing somewhere outside.

Lass in the woods

Hmm… I wonder who this could possibly be?

In the Magic Academy, the headmaster is back to his youthful self. He is also talking to someone about the Emerald. The person he’s communicating with isn’t properly introduced, but we do get enough of a glimpse of him to speculate on his identity.

Possibly Riko's father

I’m guessing Riko’s father

Whoever he is, he’s in the Non-Magic World.

Elsewhere in the Non-Magic World, we learn that the different locations in the Magic World have different seasons – the Magic Academy is always in spring, for example. Just another piece of lore there worth mentioning. Anyway, the girls go back home, where Kyoko realises that something has upset Mirai.

Kyoko thanks Riko

Whilst Mirai might not be so forthcoming about some things to her mother, she will always be able to talk to Riko

Mirai, Riko and Mofurun decide to go out later that night.

Moonlit Lake

Both Mirai and Riko have things they want to say here

Mirai asks if they should look for Haa again, despite the fact that they’ve looked all over. Riko considers returning to the Magic World in order to improve her magic and have a better chance of finding Haa. Before that, though, the girls have a day off.

Riko invites Mirai and Mofurun out

Riko invites the other two out

At the Magic Academy, Cassie has two new oracles. First, the revival of a horrific calamity. According to her, the ‘calamity to befall the land shall lead the Earth towards ruin and chaos.’

New Enemy

Here’s a new enemy

The second oracle says that a ‘strong life accompanied by the light will return.’

New Threat

Here’s a proper look at that new enemy – an evil genie

This enemy’s first order of business is to visit the site of the battle against Dokurokushe and bring back a familiar face.

Yamoh revived

Yamoh’s back

Turns out Dokurokushe hasn’t been completely vanquished, either.

Dokurokushe fragments

Dokurokushe’s power still remains…

Mirai and Riko go on a date, which naturally involves stopping to eat some food. Yamoh tracks them down, and brings out a Yokubarl that is infused with Dokurokushe’s power.

Monster of the Week

Bug and Flying type, methinks

The evil genie observes from a distance. Naturally, transformation time.

Diamond Style Cures

The girls go with Diamond Style for this battle

Cure Miracle and Cure Magical put up a valiant fight, but this new Yokubarl proves to be too much for them to handle. Mofurun tries to rally the Cures.


Behold, the mighty Mofustache!

The Cures get back up, and then the Linkle Smartome starts glowing. We then get to an event that has been much anticipated.

Haa with the Emerald

It’s happening!

Cure Felice

A blessing unto all forms of life, Cure Felice

Yep, Cure Felice officially debuts here. She steps up to fight the Yokubarl.

Felice stops the Yokubarl with one hand

Felice stops the Yokubarl single-handedly

Felice attacks

Cure Felice’s strength is impressive

Of course, Cure Felice has her own finishing move as well.

Flower Echo Wand

She uses the Flower Echo Wand

Flower Echo Wand with Emerald

Potentially she could set other Linkle Stones into the Wand…

PreCure Emerald Reincarnation

PreCure Emerald Reincarnation

Of course, Cure Felice defeats the Yokubarl, meaning it’s time for Yamoh to retreat. Before that, though, I just want to point something out.

Yamoh with bones

He’s only got four bones here.

This suggests to me that there’s a limit on the number of Dokurokushe-infused Yokubarl that Yamoh can summon. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see whether that is the case or not.

Anyway, the episode comes to an end confirming something that we all pretty much already knew: Cure Felice’s true identity is none other than Haa.

Adorable Haa

She’s back!

Now let’s just dive straight into episode 23.

So Mirai, Riko and Mofurun are reunited with Haa and everyone’s happy again.


This made me laugh

Haa and Riko hug

Riko gets in on the hugging action, too

Haa shows them that has the Emerald, and then Mirai and Riko have many questions for her. Before that, food.

Haa has quite an appetite

Being a Cure works up quite an appetite

When they ask Haa where she’s been, she doesn’t really know. She does, however, have a memory of a sea of flowers.

Everyone's happy at Haa's return

Now everyone can be together

Now they’ve found Haa and the Emerald, Riko realises that she and Haa may have to return to the Magic World. Mirai suggests they should go and ask the headmaster about it.

Mirai, Riko, Mofurun and Haa have always been together

The three mums have reunited with their child, there’s no way they’d let themselves be separated again

In the Magic Academy, the headmaster continues discussions with the man who is most likely Riko’s father.

Evil presence from a lamp

So if that evil genie came from a lamp, who released him?

Back in the Non-Magic World, the girls walk home and Haa has to adjust to not being a small fairy any more.

Haa adjusting to her new body

It wasn’t too long ago when Haa was smaller than Mofurun

Haa tries to fly

Haa can no longer fly – something she remembers only after trying to do so

She drops the Smartome. It ends up going through a small gap, and Haa tries to retrieve it – again, forgetting she’s no longer as small as she once was.


Even in this form, Haa is still incredibly adorable

Riko uses magic to retrieve the Smartome. Haa decides to do the same, and it turns out the Linkle Smartome’s stylus is actually a magic wand.

Haa casts a spell

See what I mean? Adorable

Mirai casts a spell, whilst Riko insists they need to hurry back. Mirai decides the best way to do that will be by broom. She’s against the idea at first.

Haa wants to fly

How can you say no to Haa?

They go flying, and Haa decides she wants her own broom. She uses a spell to create one of her own, despite the fact that Riko believes it should be impossible – not even the headmaster can use spells to create objects merely from thought.

Haa creates a broom

Haa seems to be incredibly talented with magic


‘Arienai’ – Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black’s catchphrase

Haa may be good at magic, but flying a broom… not so much.

Yamoh watches on from the ground, and the evil genie introduces himself proper.


New big bad, or just a minion? Too early to tell at this point.

Rabu's shadow

Rabu encourages Yamoh to use ‘that power’ to his heart’s content…

Haa crash-lands nearby, and has visions of that sea of flowers again. Oh, and Dokurokushe’s back… sort of.

Dokurokushe effigy

Yamoh’s pretty obsessed with Dokurokushe… methinks he isn’t quite the manipulative lizard I once thought he was

Some kids get Dokurokushe and Yamoh wet whilst playing with water pistols and water balloons. Yamoh scares them off and brings out the next Yokubarl.

Monster of the Week

A Water and Flying type, I’d guess

The Yokubarl attacks Haa. She tries to transform, but is unable to do so. With that, she goes for plan B: run. She spies somewhere where she could potentially hide, but well… she still isn’t quite used to her new body.

Haa gets stuck

Not an ideal situation to get stuck in

Mirai and Riko swoop in and are able to save Haa, and then they transform.

Topaz Style Cures

They choose Topaz Style

Despite the fact that Topaz Style proved to be incredibly effective in previous battles, Miracle and Magical are completely outmatched by this Yokubarl as well. Once again, it’s left to Haa to step up and face the Yokubarl. Haa’s desire to protect those she loves allows her to transform once again. Since she had always desired to protect her loved ones, that was why she chose to become a PreCure using the Emerald’s power.

Cure Felice

Harming Haa’s loved ones has become a really bad idea

Once again, Felice completely outclasses Miracle and Magical. However, the latter two do get to use their PreCure Topaz Esperanza attack, but it is Felice who finishes things off with her PreCure Emerald Reincarnation. After the battle, Yamoh retreats.

Once the girls get back home, they talk to the Headmaster and persuade him that they should all stay together.


The headmaster wouldn’t break up this family

The headmaster also says how words can be magic. After that conversation, Kyoko returns from shopping and allows Haa to stay with them. This is also where Haa adopts a new name: Kotoha Hanami. Kotoha comes from ‘words’ – words are magic, and the words that Mirai, Riko and Mofurun spoke to her made her who she is; and Hanami comes from flower (hana) and sea (umi). Riko came up with the surname for her. This episode ends with an introduction.

Kotoha Hanami introduces herself

Haa is now Kotoha Hanami

So due to circumstances we had to wait for these episodes, but it was definitely well worth it. Cure Felice’s introduction was great, and Haa is still as adorable as ever. That new foe, Rabu, didn’t really get up to much, but I have a theory for why that is.
Now, it’s probably safe to assume that Rabu was sealed in the lamp that the man who is probably Riko’s father discovered. I’m guessing that he was initially sealed in there by Kushe (that would be Dokurokushe before he turned evil, in case you forgot – though it might’ve happened after he was consumed by dark magic). The defeat of Dokurokushe weakened that seal, allowing Rabu to escape. However, as you saw from these episodes, some of Dokurokushe’s power still remains and there’s a faint dark presence remaining in the lamp.
I suspect Rabu is encouraging Yamoh to use Dokurokushe’s power in order to have the Cures fully destroy it in order to release the remaining power – the number of bones Yamoh possessed decreased after he summoned a Dokurokushe-infused Yokubarl.

That’s all just speculation, I might be completely wrong. Guess we’ll find out in a few episodes’ time.
Still, Cure Felice’s debut was spectacular – let’s just hope Miracle and Magical don’t have to wait too long for a power-up to get them on a level playing field with Felice.
Also, it’s entirely possible that Miracle and Magical could have access to an Emerald Style, whilst Felice would be able to use Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz. That’s something I would like to see, but whether it will happen or not I don’t know.
I’m liking the new opening and ending themes as well – well, the song for the opening is still the same one, just a different part. The ending theme is entirely new though, and pretty great.
Next time, the girls start sorting out a bedroom for Kotoha.


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5 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episodes 22 & 23: New and Familiar Faces

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Actually, the OP is a new song. It’s similar, but a lot of the lyrics are actually different.

    And, yeah, they really need a powerup of some sort, because Felice completely outclasses them embarrassingly. What they did on 23 was something Felice could have done with her bare hands no problem.

    • Rory says:

      Oops, guess I got that wrong with the opening theme. Think I prefer this new song, though.

      Miracle and Magical tried, at least… Yeah, they’ve got a lot of work to do.

  2. OG-Man says:

    Felice and Haa stole the show both episodes as we had hoped.
    The waiting game for the veteran Cures to find a power boost has begun.
    I am intrigued by what will happen when Yamoh runs out of bones.

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