Thoughts on Soul Eater NOT! Volume 3

Remember how last weekend I said normal service would be resumed for my thoughts on manga posts? Turns out I may have been lying a bit. Well, you did get my first impressions of the summer 2016 anime post instead yesterday.
Back to Soul Eater NOT!, and I’ll be looking at the third volume of the manga. Things seem to have taken a darker turn at the end of volume two – just don’t expect them to stay that way.
The third volume contains five chapters – from sixteen to twenty – as well as six ‘Soul Eater JOT!’ chapters. I’ll cover those chapters as usual as and when they come up.
Soul Eater NOT! Volume 3
The attack on Eternal Feather is a cruel reminder that there is very real danger out there for the weapons and meisters of DWMA. Tsugumi is more determined than ever to develop her skills so that she can defend her friends in the future. But the road ahead is filled with challenges… and silliness!

Before I get into it, I just want to say that this third volume is relatively thin compared to the others in the series.

Volume 3 kicks off with chapter 16, ‘NOT of the Dead!’. Tsugumi wakes up in hospital, and is told that there’s no need to worry about Eternal Feather.
Akane and Clay discuss the incident with Soul and Maka.
Stein makes his Soul Eater NOT! debut, and he is just as eccentric as ever. This chapter makes it pretty easy to see why Stein is one of my favourite Soul Eater characters.

Chapter 17 is called ‘Coming Home!’, and opens with Stein talking to Sid over the phone. Sid tells Stein he should work at the DWMA, but Stein turns him down.
At the dorm, Tsugumi and Anya scatter water to make things cooler.
Meanwhile, Kim and Jacqueline split up.
Eternal Feather returns, followed by Jacqueline and Meme. Jacqueline tells the others what happened between herself and Kim. The girls suggest giving it some time.

Up next is ‘Soul Eater JOT! 1’, where we learn of Death City’s special type of food. Kim invites Jackie out to several places after school, and we get to see that those who have been raised in Death City have a particular way of speaking.

In ‘Soul Eater JOT! 2’, Jacqueline has some doubts about Kim’s age, Anya is actually shorter than Meme and Tsugumi, Meme starts calling Tsugumi and Anya by the correct names, and Kim comes up with a cute story.

Following that is chapter 18 ‘Committee Work!”, in which Tsugumi, Meme and Anya join the extra-curricular lesson solicitation committee. We also see Mira Naigus’ first appearance in Soul Eater NOT! here, as well as the woman only known as ‘Auntie’.
Whilst working, Tsugumi still wonders why Meme and Anya have joined the DWMA – they haven’t revealed their reasons yet.

‘Soul Eater JOT! 3’ comes up next. A class for weapons only results in Clay trying to distract Tsugumi from figuring out his actual mission, Clay asks Akane for help after it gets out of control, Eternal Feather becomes a ‘Death Child’, Tsugumi seeks Eternal Feather’s help for finding out what boys are feeling and Akane gives Tsugumi some advice.

Following directly on from that is ‘Soul Eater JOT! 4’. This part features sleeve protectors, Soul being fake, bad jokes, Kana’s original tarot cards and more Death Child speak.

Chapter 19, ‘Three-Man Baseball!’ brings us back to Soul Eater NOT! proper. Tsugumi, Meme and Anya stumble upon a baseball bat, ball and glove. Anya doesn’t know what baseball is, but Tsugumi decides they should play some together. After explaining how it works to Anya, they do just that.
Tsugumi pitches, Anya hits it by thrusting the bat forward and Meme is able to catch it using some impressive skill.

Up next, ‘Soul Eater JOT! 5’. Liz and Patty get bored, Tsugumi and Meme engage in some finger whistling, a masked man wielding a chainsaw appears and Anya prepares to open her own store at the Death Bazaar.

‘Amnesia!’ is the title of chapter 20. Meme has come into possession of loads of items, but with no memories of any of it. Concerned by her memory loss becoming more frequent, she asks around to try and remember something.
Things work out in the end, but Meme is worried about forgetting her friends…

Volume 3 closes with ‘Soul Eater JOT! 6’. Anya isn’t able to sell much at the Death Bazaar, Meme is able to study in her sleep, Misery sends in an audition form for Tsugumi to play the part of Mary in for the stage adaptation of Commoners of Flanders, the girls write letters home and Tsugumi receives a rejection letter.

This volume of Soul Eater NOT! returns back to the typical slice-of-life stuff, something that is made even more apparent with the ‘Soul Eater JOT!’ chapters. Stein’s appearance here is hilarious and pretty much the highlight of this entire volume.
All in all, there isn’t too much that really happens in this volume, but that’s pretty typical of a slice-of-life series. Has plenty of cute and funny moments, though.

The preview for volume 4 is mostly just Tsugumi, Meme, Anya, Kim and Jackie smiling. Kim does get teary-eyed at one point, too.

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