BanG Dream! Anime Due for 2017

So I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, and happened upon a tweet from Crunchyroll that caught my attention – ‘”BanG Dream!” TV Anime Rocks Out in 2017″. Now, being someone who loves rock music, I decided to check it out.

BanG Dream

So BanG Dream! is a mixed media project about girls forming a rock band. It consists of animation music videos, comics and live events where the voice actors perform as their characters in the band Poppin’ Party.
Now another form of media can be added to that list: an anime series.
The plot of the anime will follow Kasumi Toyama, a high school student who decides to become a jukebox hero after purchasing a star-shaped guitar from a second-hand store.

The main staff for the anime are as follows:

  • Director: Atsushi Ootsuki
  • Original story: Kou Nakamura
  • Series composition: Yuniko Ayakawa
  • Original character design: Hitowa
  • Character design: Matsuko Nita
  • Music producer: Noriyasu Agematsu, Junpei Fujita
  • Animation production: ISSEN x XEBEC

Then we have the members of the girls’ rock band, Poppin’ Party:

  • Kasumi Toyama on vocals and guitar, voiced by Aimi
  • Tae Hanazono on lead guitar, voiced by Sae Ootsuka
  • Rimi Ushigome on bass guitar, voiced by Rimi Nishimoto
  • Saaya Oohashi on drums, voiced by Ayaka Oohashi
  • Arisa Ichigaya on keyboard, voiced by Ayasa Itou

There’s a website you can visit here, and I’ve embedded a video below featuring Poppin’ Party’s first single, ‘Yes! BanG_Dream’.

Noriyasu Agematsu is also involved in the music production for Symphogear, so that’s another thing that draws me towards this anime in addition to the cute girls and rock music.

The anime is due to air sometime in 2017.

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