Maho Girls PreCure! Episodes 20 & 21: I’m Going in Raw

I’ve grown impatient. As such, I will be continuing what was supposed to be weekly coverage of Maho Girls PreCure!, but with raw episodes. This is due to a major event coming up in the anime, and I want to dedicate a single post to that.

I believe the groups who are subbing Maho Girls PreCure! have just had other things to focus on recently, but hopefully normal service will resume soon.

As such, I’ve watched the raw episodes and gathered information on them from around the net – I only have a basic understanding of Japanese, but it’s not too difficult to get the gist of things.

Now for some big red obnoxious letters:

This post will contain spoilers for episodes 20 and 21 of Maho Girls PreCure! – if you’re waiting for them to be subbed, don’t read this post unless you want things spoiled for you!

Got that? Good. Now, let’s take a look at the episodes.

We get to see the headmaster’s whereabouts at the beginning of the episode.

Headmaster confronts Dokurokushe

The headmaster confronts Dokurokushe and Yamoh. Batty also shows up.

After some shenanigans with that magic door, Mirai and Riko arrive on the scene as well.

Mirai & Riko arrive

Mirai and Riko arrive, then leave and then return again…

Of course, with their arrival, Dokurokushe targets the Linkle Smartome. The headmaster intervenes before he can grab it.

Headmaster ready to fight

We get to see the headmaster using magic in this episode

We also get a flashback revealing a little of Dokurokushe’s history.

Dokurokushe before dark magic

Dokurokushe before dabbling in dark magic

Pretty standard stuff here: Dokurokushe started to dabble in dark magic and ended up consumed by it. He was also the headmaster’s friend before his fall to the dark side. After this little revelation, the headmaster gets serious.

Headmaster & Cassie

The headmaster & Cassie, ready to fight

Batty tries to protect Dokurokushe, but is overpowered by the headmaster. The headmaster and Dokurokushe clash, though both have consequences for exerting their magical power.

Dokurokushe attacks

It would seem that dark magic is a great way to lose weight

Using magic exhausts Dokurokushe, whilst the headmaster… well, take a look for yourself:

Old headmaster

Turns out the headmaster was Dumbledore all along…oh, and Cassie grows old as well

At this point, Dokurokushe takes the Linkle Smartome from Riko. With Haa still sleeping inside, Mirai and Riko transform to get the Smartome back. They go with Ruby Style for this particular battle.

Miracle & Magical attack.jpg

Miracle and Magical’s attacks are powered by yuri

Dokurokushe pretty much overwhelms the pair. Miracle and Magical give a speech (probably about the power of friendship and how they will protect Haa) and attempt their finishing move. Dokurokushe just teleports everyone outside, cancelling their attack.
Oh, and the Emerald Linkle Stone starts to manifest. All the Linkle Stones come out, making Miracle and Magical revert back to normal, and then Batty tries to make a grab for the Emerald.

Batty defeated

Batty is defeated by the light of the Emerald… pretty lame way to go if you ask me.

This episode ends with Dokurokushe taking on a new form.

Dokurokushe powered up

Time for a boss battle.

Right, time for episode 21. As you might expect, the fight against Dokurokushe is the main focus here. Things are looking bleak for everywhere, what with darkness covering the land.

Magic Academy characters

Emily and Kei seem to have taken some inspiration from Mirai and Riko here…

Things may be grim, but Mirai and Riko always have time for hand-holding.

Mirai and Riko holding hands

There’s always time for this

We also get a whole hand-holding montage, just in case you forgot that Maho Girls PreCure! has been dripping in yuri subtext throughout its run. This hand-holding leads to Mirai and Riko transforming, this time using Diamond Style. Naturally, it’s time for a climactic fight.

Magical and Miracle kicking off each other

This fight is definitely one of the best thus far, particularly with moments like this one.

We also get a showcase of a few of the Linkle Stones’ combat abilities, and there’s some pretty great stuff on show here. The Cures have some impressive moves, but Dokurokushe isn’t a slouch, either.

Eye lasers

Eye lasers, which is just one of his techniques

Dokurokushe is able to power up further during the battle.

Yamoh offers his power

Yamoh offers his power to Dokurokushe

Dokurokushe bulks up

All that power causes Dokurokushe to bulk up

As the fight continues, Haa responds to Miracle and Magical’s powers from within Dokurokushe. As they use their finisher, Haa escapes from Dokurokushe and the Cures actually complete their finishing move this time.

Dokurokushe's final form

Dokurokushe has one last trick up his sleeve


Haa also happens to have a trick up hers

Haa is able to purify the evil, returning Dokurokushe back to his human form – his actual name is Kushi (or Kushe), by the way. I’m going to guess he passes on. Haa also disappears afterwards.

Despite the fact I was watching the episodes with no subtitles, I actually quite enjoyed what I saw. Of course, it was a climactic battle, and that’s pretty much one of the key things that drew me towards PreCure in the first place.
That fight against Dokurokushe has been the highlight of the season for me so far, particularly for the variety of techniques on display from all involved combatants.
I’m a little disappointed in Batty’s demise, but he did have a fairly enjoyable battle earlier on I suppose.

A lot of new stuff will be happening in the next episode, with a certain event being the thing I’m anticipating most. Here’s hoping that we won’t have to wait too long for subtitles this time around…


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One Response to Maho Girls PreCure! Episodes 20 & 21: I’m Going in Raw

  1. OG-Man says:

    The power of yuri once again conquered the darkness, proving that lesbians are just as great or better at saving the world than guys who do almost nothing to get lots of hot chicks drooling over him.

    Cures vs Dokurokushii was an AWESOME BATTLE!

    Can’t wait for the hyped event that took place in episode 22.

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