Rory’s Reviews: Three Leaves, Three Colors

Three Leaves, Three Colors
Three Leaves, Three Colors (or Sansha Sanyou) is a 12 episode slice of life comedy anime adapted from the manga written by Cherry Arai. The three main characters all have the kanji for leaf in their names when they are written out in Japanese, hence the title.
The anime was directed by Yasuhiro Kimura, written by Hidoaki Koyasu and produced at Doga Kobo.

Being a slice of life series, there is no plot to speak of here. Instead, as you may be aware, the focus is simply on the daily lives of a handful of characters – in this case, there are three who serve as the main characters.

First is Futaba Odagiri, the girl on the left in the above image. She is described as a ‘walking black hole’. Her appetite is huge, and she takes on food challenges in restaurants simply to be fed to an extent that satisfies her. As a result, she has been banned from many restaurants. While she isn’t too great at studying, she is good at cooking.

On the right hand side is Teru Hayama. She is the class representative of the class that she and Futaba are in. Teru acts nicely towards other people but is actually mean towards them. This is particularly true towards one other girl in particular, though there are certain subjects that they get along on – namely, cats. When it comes to sports, she doesn’t do very well.

Finally, in the middle is Yoko Nishikawa. She is a former rich girl. Despite leading a frugal life, she still has an air of nobility about her due to her demeanour and manner of speech. She is often seen eating bread crusts, because they are cheap.

Naturally, those three aren’t the only characters. Some of the other characters are more interesting than others, though as the series continues on it’s just a case of getting used to them – Yamaji being the prime example. He’s a former servant of the Nishikawa family, and is never far away from Yoko even when she’s at school. This does seem rather questionable, but he has no malicious intent and he’s not the worst character in the world.

Three Leaves, Three Colors‘ comedy is enjoyable – arguably Teru’s mean-spiritedness is the best example of this, though Futaba’s appetite sparks some great moments – particularly funny is whenever she is eating what appears to be an entire loaf of bread.

As far as slice of life anime goes, this is pretty standard – its settings are commonly seen in other slice of life shows, there’s cute girls doing cute things and the soundtrack tends to fit the mood. It doesn’t really have a unique selling point like BAKUON!!‘s motorcycles or Anne-Happy‘s misfortune, but it is a very serviceable slice of life show.

Score: 7/10
Three Leaves, Three Colors provides an enjoyable experience, whilst not really having anything to make it stand out as truly unique. Not for those who don’t enjoy slice of life shows, but definitely worth checking out for those who do.

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