Rory’s Reviews: Pan de Peace!

Pan de Peace!
Pan de Peace! is a thirteen-episode slice of life anime adapted from the manga written by Emily. Each episode runs for a little over three minutes.
The anime was directed by Hatsuki Tsuji, produced by Matsuhashi Atsuitari and written by Momoko Murakami.

Pan de Peace! focuses on four girls who become ‘bread buddies’, and pretty much engages in the typical cute girls doing cute things formula. Naturally the cute things tend to be bread-based, such as eating or baking it.

Whilst the four characters featured in the image above are introduced fairly early on, there is also a fifth who joins them as part of the main cast. This character takes particular interest in Noa, the pink-haired girl. Believe it or not, Noa is the same age as the other characters.
Anyway, Noa’s petite stature and just general cuteness earns her a lot of affection from at least a couple of the girls, pretty much diving into yuri subtext territory.

Pan de Peace! does have one quite major flaw, at least for those who enjoy anime like this one – those who aren’t fond of cute girls doing cute things won’t find any joy here.
Anyway, that major flaw is the short length of the episodes. Each episodes ends before you know it, and it will leave the slice of life fans craving more (and maybe some bread, too…).

Score: 7/10
Whilst Pan de Peace! is perfectly serviceable when it comes to cute girls doing cute things, it is really let down by the short episode lengths. Still, for those who like that particular thing, it is enjoyable for the brief time it lasts.

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3 Responses to Rory’s Reviews: Pan de Peace!

  1. cirno9fan says:

    For me, I didn’t really enjoy it that much until Mai showed up. Just something about her introduction caused the show to really shift towards something I looked forward to every week.

    It was definitely way too short. It’s very unfortunate it got that sort of treatment. Hoping the next Cune(the magazine it’s published in) work ends up being an actual tv series.

    • Rory says:

      Mai was a great addition to the cast, without a doubt. Maybe it was because she increased the amount of yuri subtext, who knows?

  2. OG-Man says:

    A decent show with so much missed potential. As cirno9fan said, Mai’s debut is just what the show needed. Her cuteness, energy and yuri goodness gave Girls Club fans a reason to smile again while watching the show. Also Nao’s younger sister had her moments when she was around.

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