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Anne-Happy is a 12 episode slice of life comedy anime, adapted from the manga written by Cotoji.
The director for the anime was Shin Ōnuma, whilst the writer was Hitoshi Tanaka. The studio that produced it was Silver Link.

Anne-Happy focuses on a specific class at Tennomifune Academy: Class 1-7. The students of this class all suffer with misfortune, so they have all been gathered together in order to overcome that misfortune and find their own happiness.

As tends to the case with slice of life anime, the focus is on five characters.
First is Anne Hanakoizumi, referred to as Hanako. Hanako just has terrible luck in general, often falling into rivers, getting attacked by animals (despite loving them) and other such events.
Ruri Hibarigaoka, referred to as Hibari, seems like the most normal girl out of the bunch. However, her misfortune is tragic love – she has an odd romantic obsession with a mascot used on construction signs.
Botan Kumegawa suffers from very poor health. She suffers constantly suffers injuries from the smallest things, with a handshake braking her bones being an example. She is also a negative person who gets depressed easily.
Hibiki Hagyu has no sense of direction whatsoever. Naturally this means she gets lost very easily, often resulting in her being late to school. She is also Ren’s childhood friend and clearly has feelings for her.
Finally, Ren Ekoda. Her misfortune is having females of any species indiscriminately attracted to her. This never seems to be an issue for her, but apparently it’s enough to qualify her for Class 1-7…

There’s also the teacher of Class 1-7, Miss Kodaira. At first she seems to be an incredibly harsh teacher, though over the course of the series it is shown that she has the students’ best interests at heart… sometimes. She isn’t someone you’d want to get on the wrong side of.
Anne-Happy also has a mascot character in the form of Timothy, a robotic rabbit butler.

The characters certainly make for an enjoyable bunch to watch, though some of this also comes from the situations Class 1-7 are put in.
For a slice of life series, Anne-Happy pretty much as everything you’d expect. However, it does go on to throw in some other elements that really help to make it stand out from the crowd, with the RPG and magical girl stuff arguably being the pinnacle. Those things happen to occur in the same episode, too.

There’s definitely something for the yuri fans in here as well, mostly thanks to Hibiki. Her feelings for Ren are an important part of her character, and the whole flashback dedicated to the time the two first met is brilliant.
There’s also some interaction between Ren and Hibiki later on that will definitely appeal to yuri fans, and certainly makes for a memorable scene.
The other girls have something between them too, but Hibiki and Ren are the shining examples.

There’s definitely plenty of humour available here, too. Whether it’s the absurd misfortunes Hanako suffers or the simple eye-catches, there’s probably something there that will tickle viewers.

One thing that’s not so great is the hinting towards Timothy’s true identity. There’s a certain character related to this, but the anime gives away very little about them. It would have been nice to see that expanded upon, maybe even have that character actually meet Hanako and the others face-to-face. Maybe the manga expanded on this character.

Anne-Happy‘s opening theme is on the catchy side of things, whilst the ending theme definitely earns point for cuteness. There’s also some pretty neat background music during the show.

Anne-Happy could have been another serviceable slice of life comedy show, but specific episodes helped it to stand out amongst the others – Ren and Hibiki’s flashback and the RPG/magical girl ones arguably being the best examples.

Score: 9/10
Watching the girls of Class 1-7 try to overcome their misfortunes is incredibly entertaining, thanks to an interesting mix of characters, enjoyable comedy and some rather impressive sequences. This arguably gives it broader appeal than just a standard slice of life show.

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  1. cirno9fan says:

    I dont’ have the manga, but I’m pretty sure that girl’s character JUST got expanded on in the latest volume (from looking at the cover featuring her). I’m guessing they didn’t want to condense things too much, and are waiting for season 2 for her big debut.

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