Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 19: Seven Mysteries

In this week’s episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, we remain in the Magic World in order whilst Mirai and Riko seek out the Magic Academy’s headmaster to talk about the power Haa has called forth from the Linkle Smartome previously.

This episode starts directly after the events of the previous one, in which Haa is hungry due to having exhausted her power. Naturally, this means it’s time to eat.

Haa eating

I’m not sure, but I think Haa might have something important coming up soon…

Haa is what she eats

“You are what you eat.”

After eating, Haa goes for a nap.

Mirai, Riko and Mofurun arrive at the Magic Academy and discover that the headmaster has pulled a disappearing act. The deputy headmistress and Isaac suggest that the headmaster found whatever it was he was looking for. The headmaster did leave a message before he disappeared, but it doesn’t reveal his whereabouts.

For the first time in the series, we hear Dokurokushe speak.

Dokurokushe speaks

It only took 19 episodes…

Whilst this helps Batty to cast aside his doubts, I still have mine. Remember, everyone there is capable of using magic so I don’t think it would be too hard to make it appear that Dokurokushe is speaking.

Back in the Magic Academy, Mirai and Riko take the time to hang out with Emily, Kei and Jun. It’s only fair, considering they completely ignored them during the last episode. Even then, it’s only to gather information on the MIA headmaster.

Mirai, Riko & friends

If the teachers don’t know where the headmaster is, I doubt the students will either…

Their conversation turns to the ‘seven mysteries of the headmaster’. Since there might be a hint as to the headmaster’s whereabouts within the secrets, Mirai asks to hear them.
The first mystery is one we’ve heard before: nobody knows the true age of the headmaster.
Second is that nobody has ever seen him use magic – flying carpets and such are magical tools infused with magic, so those don’t count. Assuming he actually has a wand, nobody knows what it looks like.
Third is a mysterious woman’s voice being heard from the headmaster’s office at night – this is the crystal ball he uses for divination, pretty self-explanatory.
The mysteries from this point onwards are actually more like rumours. Regardless, number four is that he drink bitter tea.
The fifth rumour- sorry, mystery, states that the headmaster was popular in the Non-Magic World when he was younger. Considering the episode in which we saw Mirai’s grandmother’s past, this is probably accurate.
Sixth, the headmaster has never been into the deepest part of the library – you know, the part that Mirai and Riko went into way back in the fourth episode.
The girls don’t know the seventh mystery, but a certain teacher does.


Liz is fairly knowledgeable

On the tree that supports the Academy, there is a forbidden door that can only be opened by the headmaster. At least, that’s what the seventh mystery says. Liz also says that the headmaster possesses incredible power.
Mirai’s convinced that the forbidden door is the place where the headmaster has gone, so she takes off. Riko follows after her shortly afterwards.
Riko is reluctant to climb the tree, and there’s a sign telling students to not climb it.

Riko's reluctance

Caterpillars are the reason for Riko’s reluctance

Mirai decides to fly up rather than climb, but the tree has other ideas.

When trees attack

Turns out the tree is related to Harry Potter‘s Whomping Willow

Riko’s left to search for Mirai and Mofurun on her own, eventually finding them. We also see that Magic World caterpillars are slightly larger than the ones from the Non-Magic World.

Caterpillar chase

Riko’s reluctance seems fairly justified now

After escaping the caterpillar, Haa wakes up and they find themselves standing right by their objective: the forbidden door.

The forbidden door

Apparently there’s some kind of joke to this door, but it was lost in translation for whoever done the subs seen here…

Mirai and Riko try to open the forbidden door, but it has none of that. There’s no time to dwell on it though, as Batty shows up. He combines the powers of Sparda and Gamettsu with his own and takes on a new form.

Batty's fused form

Batty combined with the powers of Sparda and Gamettsu

Mirai and Riko transform, and they use Sapphire Style for this fight.

Miracle Kick

Miracle Kick!

Magical Kick

Magical Kick!

During the fight, Batty targets the Linkle Smartome. Naturally, Miracle and Magical have no intention of letting him touch it.

Ora ora ora

Ora ora ora! Actually, in Splash Star there is a character who quite literally says that – possibly in the film, though my memory is fairly hazy. Regardless, there’s definitely a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure reference in there somewhere

Throughout the battle, Batty pretty much has the upper hand. Of course, this quickly changes due to a certain fairy interfering.

Haa has had enough

Harming Haa’s two mamas is proving to be a bad idea – I can only imagine what the consequences will be in a few episodes’ time…

Anyway, Haa’s outburst dispels the surrounding darkness and the tree protects Haa and Mofurun from Batty. Miracle and Magical seize the opportunity to finish off Batty with their PreCure Sapphire Smartish attack. With the enemy defeated, Mirai and Riko gain another new Linkle Stone.


It’s the Amethyst

Haa’s exertion of power makes her hungry, so Riko uses the Amethyst to provide some food for her.

Haa eating again

Haa has quite an appetite now, huh?

Another transformation

Always nice to have a nice healthy glow

Elsewhere, we see Batty’s fate.

Batty defeated

Looks like Batty isn’t out just yet

Back to the girls, and Haa goes back to sleep immediately after eating. I’m almost certain there’s a good reason for this, but what?

The Amethyst then unlocks the forbidden door for Mirai and Riko, allowing them to pass through. The episode ends with Mirai and Riko preparing to open the door.

This episode looked like it was going to be Batty’s last stand, but he didn’t suffer the same fate as Sparda and Gamettsu after fighting the Cures in his transformed state. I suspect he’ll be returning again in the near future.
There’s also the mystery of the headmaster’s whereabouts, as well as whatever it was he was seeking – though I suspect it might be the Emerald.
Here’s some speculation for you: the headmaster and Dokurokushe are connected in some way – perhaps the light and dark halves of one being that was split. Dokurokushe isn’t very active, and the headmaster has never been seen using magic… both are supposed to be extremely powerful, though. There’s still also the possibility of Yamoh actually being the mastermind – though we have had that kind of thing happen in a previous season.
The fight between the Sapphire Cures and Batty wasn’t too bad, but I still think Gamettsu had the best last stand thus far.
Still, this was a good episode and being set in the Magic World meant we got to see some of the best characters, even it was only fairly briefly.

Next time, we get to see what awaits behind the forbidden door.

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5 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 19: Seven Mysteries

  1. cirno9fan says:

    “The fight between the Sapphire Cures and Batty wasn’t too bad, but I still think Gamettsu had the best last stand thus far.”
    I can agree, but looks like Batty has one last fight left in him, so he may really top them all. I hope they use Topaz on that fight. I love that form~

    yeah, sorry about the joke. I seriously don’t get what they were going for. Searched up all sorts of words and stuff, and I couldn’t get what they were getting at. I’ve gotten the jokes thus far, but that one really threw me off. The other way you could read “akazu no tobira” is “unopened door” but still not really sure how that relates exactly. Next time I’ll research harder and won’t give up.

    I might go with Smartome in the future, but it’s hard to say. I should probably, no reason not to.

    That out of the way, yeah, i’m seriously thinking Yamou is the one behind it all. I was actually entertaining a crazy theory that the Headmaster will be the fourth Cure a couple days back. The theory of the Headmaster and Dokurokushe being linked is a pretty good one.

    I also really think that gathering all the Linkle Stones will cause a collapse in the Magic World. They’re likely the stones that support the world.

    We’ll just have to see!

    • Rory says:

      Considering Sapphire Style was used to defeat Sparda and Ruby for Gamettsu, it would make sense for Batty to fall to Topaz Style. That does leave Dia as well, but we’ve also got Yamoh left too – assuming he is just a minion..

      The thing with the door was pretty much just a throwaway joke, there’s probably no need to worry about it. I’m just grateful for the subs.

      I suspect we’ll learn a bit more about the headmaster and Dokurokushe in the next episode – there was definitely some things in the preview that got me curious.

      I’m not sure if gathering the Linkle Stones would have any negative effects on the Magical World – I’d like to think they would have at least hinted towards that if it was the case. Still, I could be proven wrong – as you’ve pretty much said, only time will tell.

  2. OG-Man says:

    After the episode I had a theory that Dokurokushe could be the Headmaster in disguise. You know, a split personality thing but him being split in two halves rather than two minds in the same body makes more sense. One thing is for sure, Yamou is most likely the mastermind.

    It makes sense that Super Batty’s fight wasn’t as awesome because while Super Gamets wanted to go all out against the Cures Batty focused on retrieving the Smartome and Haa.

    One thing is for sure as Vampko and I discussed, it is usually around this time in PreCure shows, episode 19 or 20, when something big is about to happen.

    • OG-Man says:

      I meant cirno9fan. He and Vampko are the same as I’m sure you noticed.

      • Rory says:

        Yeah, there’s definitely something there that suggests a connection between the headmaster and Dokurokushe. Yamoh being the mastermind definitely seems likely.

        As cirno9fan has said, it looks like Batty will get at least one more fight. Whether he’ll still have the same objective by the time his last stand happens or not I don’t know, but here’s hoping it will be one worth watching.

        These last few episodes have been building up to ‘that’ event, so I suspect we’re going to get some despair from the next couple before a shining ray of hope pierces the darkness. I also suspect we’ll be introduced to some new enemy generals fairly soon as well, possibly after ‘that’ event.

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