Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 19

At the moment this post is published, I will be in London’s ExCel Centre for the MCM Comic Con. I’ll only be taking a look at one volume of manga this weekend – I’ll be getting several new things from the Comic Con and I intend to set time aside for those.
The single volume of manga for this time is Soul Eater volume 19. This volume concludes the trip into the Book of Eibon, where the characters had to overcome the seven deadly sins.
There are five chapters in this volume, starting with number seventy-seven and closing with eighty-one.
Soul Eater Volume 19
All right, starting with the blurb as ever:
In his madness, Death the Kid has embraced a new notion of “order”: Only in nothingness can there be true balance and equilibrium. But for Black☆Star, being on equal footing with anyone is not his style. Black☆Star has always wanted to “transcend the gods” – now his only chance may be to overpower his shinigami friend and take Death down if he wants to save him…!

Chapter 77 is called ‘Salvage (Part 6)’. Black☆Star comes face to face with Kid. They get in a brief scuffle until Black☆Star remembers he’s supposed to be bringing Kid home – and then the eldritch being interferes…
Maka and Soul’s fight against their opponent continues, and things do not go well for them. Their opponent possesses an incredible amount of murderous rage, though that turns out not to be ideal.

‘Salvage (Part 7)’ is the title of chapter 78. The action switches back to Black☆Star and Kid. With their conflicting views, the pair of them start to fight.
Meanwhile, in the Book of Eibon’s seventh chapter, Greed, Liz and Patty reminisce about how they first met Kid.

Chapter 79 is ‘Salvage (Part 8)’. Black☆Star and Kid put their differences aside and earn the recognition of the great old one.
Outside Noah’s hideout, Stein, Marie, Sid, Naigus and Tezca Tlipoca prepare to enter. Tezca Tlipoca leads the way, and meets with a terrible fate. They end up fighting worm-like monsters, and finally meet Noah face to face.
When Noah summons a manticore from the Book of Eibon (complete with Pokémon reference), the creature isn’t the only thing to emerge from the Book.
Spartoi stand before Noah, prepared to do battle.

‘Salvage (Part 9)’ is the title of the 80th chapter. Black☆Star and Kid leap into battle with their weapon partners, and ask the adults to watch their backs. Kid also requests the assistance of Maka and Soul. Kilik and Blair even get in on the action. The battle continues with Noah calling forth different monsters.

Volume 19 ends with chapter 81, ‘Salvage (Part 10)’. The last monster that Noah summons is a huge, intimidating foe. We get a great display of teamwork from the members of Spartoi here as they fight it. Kid also gains another power up during this fight.
This chapter, and the volume, ends with the reveal of the location of Asura.

Without a doubt the stars of this volume were Black☆Star and Death the Kid. It’s great to see how far they’ve come ever since their first encounter. Black☆Star’s early boasting doesn’t seem so arrogant any more.
Of course, they had to settle their differences in true shonen style, but that was an enjoyable battle so no complaints from me.
Talking of battles, the conclusion of Maka’s one within the Book of Eibon was a bit lame – though I suppose she did claim victory once, at least…
That’s made up for with the final battle of this arc, where Spartoi are really able to go to town against their giant foe and its master.
Actually, going back a bit before that, the moment where Spartoi leave the Book of Eibon and stand ready to face a foe who has dealt major blows to the DWMA elite is great.
With the reveal at the end of this volume, things are moving towards the final act.

In the next volume, we get more stuff dealing with the Black Blood, and characters connected to that. There’s also the ever-present threat of madness, too.

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