Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 16: The First Boss

In this week’s episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, some familiar faces from the Magic World return and one of the villains makes a last stand. With that in mind, I’ll be freely writing about that particular event so I recommend checking the episode out if you don’t want things spoiled for you before reading this post.
With that said, let’s take a look at what happens in this episode.

All right, let’s start where the episode did with the re-introduction of those familiar faces.

Emily, Kei and Jun return

Emily, Kei and Jun are back, though they’re not the only ones


The girls are accompanied by the Magic World tailor, Francois

So everyone goes out to spend some time together, with the Magic World students freely using their magic in public places… you’d think Francois would at least tell them to not do that.

Elsewhere, the objective of the villains changes. Currently, they are no longer targeting the Emerald Linkle Stone.

Yamoh wants the Linkle Smartome

‘It’ being the Linkle Smartome

Dokurokushe is now after the Linkle Smartome, which means that the villains will now begin to actively target Mirai and Riko rather than just happening to be in the area where they’ve detected a Linkle Stone.

Emily, Kei and Jun continue to be awed at almost everything in the Non-Magic World. They’ve also improved their magic, something which begins to play on Riko’s mind. The group also bumps into two girls from Mirai’s school.

Mayumi and Katsuki

I won’t read too much into why Mayumi and Katsuki were together, but I suspect there will be people out there who will

Oh, I should also mention that Jun is rather fond of muggle Non-Magic World culture and possesses a fair bit of knowledge about it. Anyway, Francois invites Mayumi and Katsuki to go along with them and we get several events where the existence of magic is almost revealed to Mayumi and Katsuki.

Photo from a booth

A perfectly normal photo, without any magical beings in it whatsoever…

Also, with the group using a photo booth, I think now’s a great time for some trivia. PreCure is a pun-based title. ‘Purikura’, short for ‘Print Club’ is the name given to photo booths like the one used in this episode. Of course, the pronunciation of that world is similar to the way the Japanese pronounce PreCure. This piece of trivia is totally useless, but I’ve always been a big fan of useless information.

Anyway, Haa’s appearance in the photo doesn’t escape the notice of Katsuki. We also learn that many people in the Non-Magic World actually come from the Magic World – Francois points a couple of them out. This little piece of information holds some pretty great potential in my opinion, and might possibly have some connection to the plot of the next episode…

Francois thinks back to his first Non-Magic World visit

Francois is able to pick up on Riko’s doubts

So it turns out that Francois had similar feelings to Riko during his first visit to the Non-Magic World. He assures her that she’ll be able to learn things she wouldn’t be able to in the Magic Academy. Mirai also chimes in, because she is Riko’s other half after all.

Mirai reassures Riko

‘…there’s no such thing as wasted effort.’ Riko had worries about falling behind, but some reassuring words were all she needed to overcome them

After Mirai tells Riko that she serves as her inspiration, Sparda shows up.

Sparda appears

The Linkle Smartome

Obviously, Mirai and Riko can’t fight in a public place, so they lead Sparda away, in a manner that’s not very subtle…

Riko and Mirai on a broom

Mirai potentially had her own broom with her as well, but maybe she just wanted an excuse to embrace Riko

Sparda chases after Mirai and Riko, eventually bringing them down on top of a building with her web.

Haa tries to protect Mirai and Riko

Haa wants to protect her two mamas

Of course, as she is at the moment, Haa isn’t exactly much of a threat.

Mirai and Riko refuse to relinquish the Smartome

Possibly one day Haa will stand alongside these two during a fight, but for now they’ll be protecting her

For this week’s battle, we get something a little different. We still get a Yokubarl, but its called forth with a magical cane. Sparda happened to have prepared a helicopter earlier, but what does she fuse it with?

Well, you have to wait a few minutes to find out, because dark clouds need to spread out over the city and Mirai and Riko have to transform. They go for Sapphire Style, because their foe is in the sky. We then get to see their enemy for this week.

Yokubarl Sparda

Sparda turns herself into a Yokubarl – I’d say Bug and Flying types

Sparda unleashes a lot of power, which she is unable to control. She also delivers quite a beatdown to Cure Miracle and Cure Magical, presumably empowered by the darkness that they are fighting in.

Mofurun and Haa can’t do much else other than watch. Well, that’s how it appears, but…

The Smartome glows...

It seems Haa has some hidden powers

Light pierces darkness

Haa can bring light to the darkest of times…

With Haa clearing away some of the darkness, Miracle and Magical bring the battle to an end. We also have a slight addition to the usual Sapphire Smartish finisher.


More evidence strongly suggesting that Haa will become a Cure

With that, the first of the named antagonists has been defeated. Whether it will be for good or not, I don’t know – if it is, then that’s another cue that Maho Girls PreCure! is taking from the first few seasons. I’d totally be up for that.

Defeated Sparda

Probably Sparda’s true form

Dokurokushe isn’t too happy about the defeat of Sparda, though still remains totally mute.

Dokurokushe's book

I suspect that this tome will be somewhat important

After the battle, everyone reunites. Francois and the Magic Academy students return to the Magic World, though not without Mayumi and Katsuki spotting a flying carpet…

A fairly enjoyable episode, but that seems to always be the case. It was definitely great seeing the Magic Academy students again, though I would have liked to see more interaction between them and the Non-Magic World girls.
Francois was there too – that was a fairly pleasant surprise, and gives me hope for seeing Loretta again.
Though Haa got an entire episode focused on her previously, seeing her actually confront Sparda was neat and there’s also the powers she’s be using – without any influence from the Linkle Stones.
If anything major is going to happen with Haa, I’m going to hazard a guess that it will be within the next ten episodes. Still, there’ll be plenty to keep us entertained until then.

Next time, looks like we’ll be learning a bit more about a character’s past, and there’ll also be invisibility cloaks. The Harry Potter parallels just keep coming…

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2 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 16: The First Boss

  1. OG-Man says:

    Will Katsuki still be sane by show’s end?

    Every time I watch this show the writers are like “Subtlety? What’s that?”

    Haa was badass! I look forward to seeing how much more badass she can be.

    I got Fresh PreCure flashbacks after Sparda’s defeat.

    • Rory says:

      Only time will tell if Katsuki will keep her sanity.

      It seems the seasons where subtlety is thrown out the window makes for some of the best.

      Yeah, Haa confronting Sparda was a great moment for her. She may only be a small fairy for now, but I’m sure that’ll change in due course.

      Whilst there are similarities to Fresh, I’d say this season has a lot more in common with Splash Star. You’ll see what I mean once you get around to watching it.

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