Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 18

Soul Eater‘s eighteenth volume is set entirely within the Book of Eibon, as members of the group Spartoi delve into its pages in order to rescue Kid. Oh, and they all got gender-swapped at the end of the previous volume.
There’s a total of four chapters in this volume, taking us from number seventy-three up through to seventy-six.
Soul Eater Volume 18
The blurb:
As Kid struggles against the madness deep in the Book of Eibon, a group of Spartoi members race to rescue their friend. Through page after page of Lust, Gluttony, and Envy, the students must conquer the seduction of their own fears and desires to reach the final chapter! Will their efforts be enough to give this tale a happy ending?!

‘Salvage (Part 2)’ is the title of chapter 73. The Spartoi group adjust to their new genders as they travel through the first chapter of the Book of Eibon: Lust. They encounter a succubus, but Blair loses none of her seductiveness as a man.
Chapter two in the Book of Eibon is Gluttony, which involves a lot of food. Oh, and the character remain gender-swapped for the time being – they will eventually revert back to normal, though it takes longer for those possess the most lust. The group comes up against a pig monster who intends to eat them, but Black☆Star, Liz and Kilik are also quite hungry…
This chapter ends with Maka finding herself alone in the DWMA… with a girl telling her that she isn’t good enough to be Soul’s partner. Welcome to the Book of Eibon’s third chapter, Envy.

Chapter 74 is ‘Salvage (Part 3)’, and this is the point where Maka goes back to being female, though she has more pressing concerns. Soul reunites with her.
The rest of the Spartoi group end up in chapter 4, Wrath. At this point, Tsubaki and Liz are the only ones who haven’t gone back to their original genders.
Naturally, there’s a lot of anger and shouting, made even worse when a certain legendary sword shows up once more.
There’s also a fourth wall joke here, which is actually quite funny.
They move on to the fifth chapter, Pride, after that.
Meanwhile, Maka and Soul unknowingly approach an enemy they’ve fought before. They do this by going through Sloth, the sixth chapter of the Book of Eibon.

‘Salvage (Part 4)’ is the name of chapter 75. Maka has some quite major doubts, but that familiar foe appears before them. Maka’s mind isn’t on the fight, so Soul decides to take on their opponent solo.
In the seventh chapter, Greed, Liz and Tsubaki finally turn back to normal.
Outside the Book in the real world, DWMA forces approach Noah’s hideout.
Soul fights his opponent, but he is unable to do much on his own. Seeing this, Maka’s is able to steel herself.
In the deepest part of the Book, the great old one challenges Kid to test out his new power of ‘nothingness’.

Chapter 76 is ‘Salvage (Part 5)’. With Maka finally back in the right frame of mind, she and Soul unite to fight their foe. Soul demonstrates a new technique and they bring down their foe – or so they think. Turns out their opponent isn’t alone either.
The Greed chapter is the last one the group has to go through to get to Kid, and Black☆Star makes it clear that what he wants is power. When the time comes to finally move on to where Kid is, Black☆Star goes alone.
Black☆Star meets Kid, but Kid isn’t exactly keen to return home…

This volume is great – the different chapters of the Book of Eibon make for some rather neat moments. The highlight of this particular volume is probably the battle that Maka and Soul have against an old foe, as we’re still seeing just seeing what Soul is capable of as a Death Weapon.
That fight will continue in the next volume, though I think it’s pretty obvious that Black☆Star and Death the Kid will be the highlight there.

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