Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 14: ‘Hanamaru’

In this episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, we get some pretty standard school-based stuff mixed together with the weekly dose of magical girl combat. Let’s not waste any time and just dive right into the episode.

Mirai's test

Mirai isn’t so great at maths…

Yep, we’re doing one of these episodes. Mirai doesn’t score to well in a maths test, and thus has to take a make-up test. Riko, on the other hand, has no trouble with any subject. Once they’re out of class, Haa tries to draw the ‘hanamaru’ that’s on Riko’s test. This is important, so remember it.

Haa's 'hanamaru'

Haa’s first attempt

We get a small montage of Mirai performing well in the classes she actually has an interest in. After school, Mirai studies for her upcoming test whilst Haa continues to practice her drawing.

Haa practices drawing

Practice makes perfect

Mirai gets distracted from her studies, but Riko quite literally magics away the TV in order to have Mirai focus. Whether she’ll be able to bring it back or not later, though…

Back at school, Riko tries to help her other half study for the test, but then…

Mofurun smells a sweet scent

Mofurun smells something…

This leads to Mirai and Riko searching for a Linkle Stone, but they ultimately are not able to find anything. Riko suggests they weren’t able to find the Stone because it was telling Mirai that she needed to focus on her upcoming test.

In the sewers, Yamoh presents Gamettsu with a book that contains all the data Batty and Sparda had gathered on the Cures from their battles, but Gamettsu is too proud to use it.

Back to school once more, and Riko is called up to the board to answer some questions. Whilst Mirai believes Riko can effortlessly do anything, Mayumi notices that she sighs whenever the teacher calls her up.

Mayumi realises Riko works hard

Mayumi’s being particularly observant of Riko here.

The scene switches back to Mirai’s home again, and she finds Riko sleeping with a book open. Turns out Riko had been practising her writing – and it’s what she’s been writing that we’re interested in.

Mirai in Japanese

‘Mirai’, written over and over again

After this, Mirai starts studying more diligently.

On the day of Mirai’s test, Riko decides to do something to give Mirai a boost. It’s magical, so naturally that means that Katsuki notices it.


Ah, Running Gag Girl.

But what is it that Riko has done that catches her attention?

Good Luck Mirai

Just some incredibly subtle magical sky-writing

Naturally, Katsuki has questions for Mirai, but Mirai dances around the subject. Shortly afterwards, the teacher arrives and its time for Mirai to take her test.

Mirai finishes her test, and meets up with Riko afterwards. Gamettsu also appears, and summons the monster of the week for this episode.

Monster of the Week

Err… Dark type maybe? I dunno…

For the transformation, we get Dia Style Cures – yep, the base form. We also get to see the powers of two of the Linkle Stones they have gathered previously. Up first, the Tanzanite.


This is basically just Flash, or if you want a similar move from another Toei franchise, then Solar Flare

Miracle performs this one, whilst Magical gets in on the fun with the Peridot.


I’d say this one is Leaf Storm

With the yokubarl at their mercy, Miracle and Magical use PreCure Diamond Eternal to finish it off. Naturally, Gamettsu retreats.

We get to see the results of Mirai’s test afterwards.

Mirai and Riko

Mirai was able to do well because she saw Riko giving 110%…

Remember Haa’s ‘hanamaru’ drawings from earlier? Well, turns out she’s also improved.

Haa's perfect 'hanamaru'

This is also the trigger for a thing

The Lunar Linkle Stone, Moonstone

The ‘thing’ being the appearance of a new ‘Linkle Stone’

That’s it for this episode.

I’ve seen this type of episode done before, and I’m sure I’m going to see it again in the future. Still, the interactions between Mirai and Riko are as enjoyable as ever, particularly with the segments that focused on writing. Haa is also great in this episode, and it was great seeing the Cures utilise their new Linkle Stones in battle.

Next time, PreCure hits a milestone episode, with Haa as the main focus. Want to know what that milestone is? Then keep an eye out for my coverage of episode 15.

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6 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 14: ‘Hanamaru’

  1. OG-Man says:

    Never get tired of Mirai and Riko doing a terrible job at hiding their love for one another.

    So pumped for Haa getting the spotlight next time.

  2. OG-Man says:

    Also that stare, oh how wonderful.

  3. MarkS00N says:

    The sub for Mahou has been late for several episodes now, so I resort to watch raw before sub for the episode appear…
    And even without sub (thus understand nothing) I can feel the yuri ooze from the episode (especially Riko’s Mirai)…
    Ah, what a wonderful season this has been…

    • Rory says:

      I’ve been pretty tempted to watch the raw episodes as well. I managed to find the patience to hold off though, and I’d say it was worth the wait.

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