Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 16

Volume 15 concluded the epic battle at Baba Yaga Castle, as well as introducing new enemies. Oh, and the group ‘Spartoi’ was formed, which means volume 16 is going to contain some training.
There’s a total of five chapters in this volume, starting with sixty-three and finishing up with sixty-seven. I’ll also briefly mention that the plot is now manga-only.

Soul Eater Volume 16

Like the other members of the newly formed Spartoi unit, Maka and Soul undergo rigorous training, probing the boundaries of Soul’s hard-won new potential as a weapon. Maka’s soul perception ability has made her the enemy’s next target, and she and Soul will have to kick it up to a whole new level – and fast! Noah and his followers are coming, ready or not!

This volume starts with chapter 63, ‘Gonna Be an Angel’. The members of Spartoi undergo training. Due to Maka’s ‘Grigori’ soul (apparently only 1 in 50 million people possess that type of soul), she can gain the ability to fly. Of course, she needs Soul’s co-operation to do so and a lot of practice.
Black☆Star spars against Stein, whilst Liz and Patty practice at the firing range.
We also see Kid at the mercy of Gopher, loyal follower of Noah. At the end of the chapter, Gopher decides to actively go after Maka.

Chapter 64 is ‘Readiness’, which opens with Maka and Soul still honing their flight ability. We also see that Spirit informed Maka that the enemy would be targeting her.
There’s still a little discord between Soul and Maka, but that issue gets cast aside with Gopher appearing right before Maka. They engage in combat.
As they fight, Maka and Soul are able to put their differences aside and unlock the true potential of a Grigori soul.

‘Black Wings vs. White Wings’ is the title of chapter 65, and as you might expect, it continues with the battle between Maka and Gopher. This chapter also ends with a glimpse of Medusa and Crona.

Chapter 66, ‘The Witch’s Research (Part 1)’ takes place in Central Africa, where Kilik, Fire, Thunder and the Thompson sisters investigate a witch’s hideout. Kim and Jackie are also present, keeping watch from above. The research contains references to the Kishin, Black Blood and Crona…
Kilik comes under attack from villagers, though he quickly comes up against a bigger problem – a Black Clown.

‘The Witch’s Research (Part 2)’ is the title of chapter 67. Kilik fights the Black Clown, whilst Medusa observes the battle. We get to see a great show of teamwork as Kilik and his allies fight against the man-made Clown.
Elsewhere, Black☆Star and Tsubaki encounter Crona.

With this volume, it’s great seeing Maka and Soul continue to grow as weapon and meister. I also like the fact that Gopher doesn’t wait around to go after Maka – this gives her a chance to demonstrate her new ability, and it is Soul’s first battle as a Death Scythe. It does take them a little time to get the hang of it, but once they do, the fight against Gopher is great.
It’s also nice to see the spotlight fall on other characters from time to time – in this case, Kilik. The fight against the Black Clown is pretty impressive.

Next time, we’re going to see a fight between Black☆Star and Crona. Also, much like the stuff with “BREW”, we’re going to see three different factions face off against each other again.


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