Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 15

In this volume of Soul Eater, the Baba Yaga Castle arc comes to a conclusion, and we get some stuff that that you won’t see in the anime adaptation. Yep, from this point on, all the manga stuff I will be discussing is just that – manga only.
Volume 15 contains a total of 5 chapters, starting with number 58 and finishing up with number 62.

Soul Eater Volume 15

Starting with the blurb, as usual:
Deep in the belly of Baba Yaga Castle, Maka, Soul, and Medusa prepare to face Arachne in her own chambers. Arachne has grown even stronger since their last meeting, and her intense madness threatens everyone in and around the castle. Soul must perform a string concerto that will move his audience to their very souls… or be caught in the witch’s net himself!

The first chapter in this volume is the 58th in total, which is called ‘Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 13)’. It kicks off with Maka, Soul and Medusa facing off against Arachne.
We also see the other DWMA forces in and around the castle start to become affected by Arachne’s madness.

Chapter 59, ‘Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 14)’ show us the DWMA forces trying to resist the madness wavelength, with Black☆Star taking the lead on that front. We also have a brief glimpse of Kid.
Being unaffected by the madness due to the Black Blood, Soul is able to use his piano-playing skills and Arachne’s web of madness to stop the other DWMA forces falling into madness.
This chapter ends with Maka gaining a new black dress as she prepares to take on Arachne.

‘Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 15)’ is the title of the 60th chapter, and actually the last chapter to bear that title. This is where the battle against Arachne concludes.
We also get to see DWMA’s monkey meister and his weapon partner in action briefly. Remember they were assigned to keep an eye on Medusa? That was a wise idea, because Medusa isn’t someone who should ever be trusted…
The mystery of Crona’s actual gender continues, despite the final page of this chapter showing an image of a fully naked Crona…

So now we’re done with Baba Yaga Castle, chapter 61 is ‘Beginning by Wrapping Things Up’. At the beginning of this chapter, Giriko finds he’s missed out on the battle and that Baba Yaga Castle has been abandoned. He is greeted by someone he’s fought against before, and that person is accompanied by a Clown.
Back in Death City, the DWMA students reflect on their battle, and Liz and Patty let everyone know just what happened to Kid. Shinigami also comes to an arrangement with Kim and Angela.
Elsewhere, Stein and Marie are able to track down the person responsible for the murder of BJ. They engage him in battle, but he makes a retreat.
This chapter ends with the introduction of the ‘DWMA Elite Youth Unit’.

Chapter 62 is ‘Startup’, which begins with Maka and Soul fighting serial killer Frey D. Sadoko in order to claim their 100th soul.
We see Liz sparring against other students – turns out she’s actually quite capable, she’s just never shown it due to being one of Kid’s partners.
Stein and Marie also return to the DWMA to report on the situation.
We’re also introduced to a new group of antagonists, with a few familiar faces. They announce their plan to assassinate Maka, which doesn’t best please Kid – he’s still stuck in the Book of Eibon at this point.
When Maka and Soul return from their mission, turns out that the ‘DWMA Elite Youth Unit’ has now been renamed ‘Spartoi’ – Stein had some input on that. Spartoi consists of most of the students who got the most focus during the Baba Yaga Castle stuff. The chapter ends with Soul eating a witch’s soul, which was being kept safe for him until he got the other souls he needed.

This volume of manga was great, with a fittingly epic conclusion for the infiltration of Baba Yaga Castle. Though Maka doesn’t possess the same physical strength as Kid or Black☆Star, it’s great to see that she too gains power that allows her to keep up with them. Well, I suppose Soul is the one who’s truly responsible for that, but Maka and Soul are a team.
With the introduction of a new group who actively seek Maka’s life, things are certainly going to get interesting.
In the next volume, we get to learn a little more about Noah and his cohorts.

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