Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 13: The Proof of Happiness

In this episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, a barbecue, four-leaf clovers and the return of a particular teacher. Let’s just dive straight in.

Friends in car

Mirai’s dad taking Mirai, Riko, Mayumi, Yuto and Souta out for a barbecue

Riko is amazed by the car’s automatic windows and the SatNav, though the whole point of this excursion is to experience a ‘simpler life without appliances’ or something like that. Once they arrive, there’s a couple of familiar faces waiting to greet Mirai and Riko. One is Kana Katsuki, their classmate who always happens to see Mirai and Riko doing magical stuff, whilst the other is Riko’s sister.


Rejoice, for Liz has returned!

She’s there to deliver a letter to Mirai and Riko, which is from the Magic Academy’s headmaster. The letter contains a hint from the crystal ball for the whereabouts of the next Linkle Stone. Whilst Riko is keen to find the Stone, a field of clovers grabs the attention of Mirai, Mofurun and Haa.

Mofurun and Ha

Mofurun and Haa just having fun

Mirai finds a four-leaf clover and tells Riko she should look for one as well. Riko wants to use magic to find it, but Mirai insists on doing so without it. Then Mofurun smells a sweet scent on the mountain, so Riko just gets her broom out to go and investigate. Mirai follows after her.

It’s not a Linkle Stone they find, but a beehive. Naturally, the bees aren’t too happy and a swarm of them start chasing the girls. As you’d expect, Kana spots them, though they’re too far away for her to identify. Mirai and Riko escape the bees with the help of a river.

Shortly afterwards, Batty shows up. He summons a yokubarl straight away, and Mirai and Riko transform into their Sapphire Style.

Monster of the Week

A Bug type

The battle unfolds, and I have to say that battles that involve the Sapphire Style have been pretty spectacular thus far. The Cures claim victory and then Batty retreats.

Mirai and Riko go back to searching through the field of clovers, where Riko realises that the letter from the headmaster was actually telling them to seek out the Linkle Stones without relying on magic. Right on cue, something gives off a light. Riko picks up a four-leaf clover and well…


It’s the Linkle Stone of Greenery, the Peridot

After adding another Linkle Stone to their collection, Mirai and Riko return to the others where Liz confirms that Riko was right about the letter. She also compliments Riko and says that she believes both Mirai and Riko will become excellent magicians in the future. We end with a glimpse of Riko’s parents, who knew she would be destined for great things.

Baby Riko and Parents

Baby Riko with her parents

From last week’s preview, I said I would like this episode and it turns out that I was right. Some pretty enjoyable stuff here with the return of Liz and the fight featuring the Sapphire Style. The bond between Mirai and Riko is as strong as ever, and they’ve even added a Linkle Stone to their collection.

Next week, the girls are back to school and faced with tests. Not the fun magical tests, though – your more typical maths and such. I’ll also mention we’re actually drawing near a milestone for PreCure in general, but you’ll have to wait a couple of episodes to see just what that is exactly.

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1 Response to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 13: The Proof of Happiness

  1. OG-Man says:

    The clover dood, the supreme clover.

    Liz was stunning as usual, Sapphire Style is bliss as usual and “running gag girl” is amusing. MiraRiko is love and will continue being love.

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