Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 14

Volume 13 of Soul Eater saw the start of the action as the DWMA students continue to infiltrate Baba Yaga Castle, even giving Black☆Star some new powers after a trip to Japan for some training.
In this volume, the 14th in total, the spotlight falls in Kid for a while as he too gains a new power.
There’s a total of five chapters in this volume, starting with the fifty-third and ending with the fifty-seventh. Oh, and Excalibur is on the cover of this one for some reason, despite the fact he doesn’t actually appear in this volume…

Soul Eater Volume 14

As ever, starting with the blurb:
When “BREW” activates during his battle with Mosquito, Kid’s soul wavelength is amplified to a whole new level! But once Mosquito has recovered from the shock of seeing the real “BREW” in action, he redoubles his efforts to destroy the young shinigami before the intruders from DWMA unlock the way to the Spider Queen Room. Will Kid’s awakened power be enough to defeat Mosquito’s deadly form?!

So as I’ve said, this volume kicks off with chapter 53, which is called ‘Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 8)’. This entire chapter focuses on the battle between Kid and Mosquito, so the blurb in the paragraph above this one pretty much summarises what happens here. Both Kid and Mosquito pull out some pretty great abilities, and Liz and Patty get an upgrade too.
Oh, and the chapter ends with Kilik casting aside his disguise in a room full of demon tool soldiers.

Chapter 54, ‘Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 9)’ shows us that Kid’s new ability comes at a cost to his father.
Of course, we also get to see Kilik unleash havoc together with Fire and Thunder in the demon tool soldier room. He ends up fighting some more… unique foes. Things take a turn for the worse when Fire and Thunder end up preoccupied with a demon tool soldier that looks like a plush toy…
Elsewhere, Eruka and Mizune carry out their part of their mission.
Ox, Harvar, Kim and Jackie end up appearing to help out Kilik and they are able to complete the mission.
The way forward opens up for Maka, Soul and Medusa. They immediately suffer a magical attack, rendering them useless.

‘Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 10)’ is the name of chapter 55. We get to see the ogre that dwells within Soul’s inner world again, and a flashback that shows he has an older brother called Wes Evans.
Maka is able to bring Soul out of his stupor, which she does in true Maka style. Arachne’s magic is more mental than physical, which was why Medusa chose Maka for the mission. With all three recovered, they continue moving towards Arachne. Things take an interesting turn when they finally meet her.
Whilst that happens, Mosquito goes to the security operations room, which is where Eibon happens to be. Mosquito is less than happy about the orders Eibon had been giving and the two prepare to fight.
Kid stumbles upon the scene.

In Chapter 56, ‘Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 11)’, Mosquito confronts Eibon. The battle doesn’t last very long, and we also discover that the man calling himself Eibon is actually called Noah.
Regardless, Kid realises that Noah poses a great threat. Kid tries to retreat, but Noah outmanoeuvres him and draws Kid into a book, thus making him part of Noah’s collection. That book will be important later on down the line, try to remember it. Liz and Patty are spared the same fate, and they quickly realise that they don’t stand a chance against Noah.
The action shifts to outside Baba Yaga Castle, where Black☆Star continues to fight Masamune. It is at this point that we get to see just how much Black☆Star has grown since his last encounter with Mifune.

Chapter 57, ‘Operation Capture Baba Yaga castle (Part 12)’ closes out the volume. Black☆Star has cast aside all doubt, and Mifune is perfectly aware that this battle may be his last.
Things then briefly switch over to Maka, Soul and Medusa as they try to figure out just what has happened with the whole Arachne situation.
Back to Black☆Star and Mifune, we get a commentary from Sid as he watches that battle unfold.
We actually learn a little more about Black☆Star’s history here as well, including a glimpse of baby Black☆Star. After that, the fight between Black☆Star and Mifune concludes in extremely bloody fashion. This is also how the volume ends.

As with all the other volumes that have a strong focus on action, this is a very enjoyable instalment of Soul Eater. Whilst it is pretty great seeing Kid’s new powers, the battle between Black☆Star and Mifune is arguably one of the greatest that Soul Eater has to offer.
Both are willing to put everything on the line, and the pair fight on more or less equal terms – particularly towards the end of their fight where the blood starts flying.
A sense of anticipation is also built up as Maka, Soul and Medusa move ever closer towards Arachne, and we are also introduced to a powerful new foe in the form of Noah.
Next time, the climax of the ‘Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle’ arc.

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