Maho Girls PreCure Episode 12: Starry Skies

In this weeks episode of Maho Girls PreCure, Riko adjusts to life in the Non Magic World, and then she goes on a stargazing date with Mirai.
I also want to take this moment to say that I’ve noticed something during the opening theme that may concern the Emerald Linkle Stone. Curious to find out what? Then read on.

I’m starting to suspect that the Emerald Linkle Stone will actually serve as a power-up for Haa rather than the PreCure, based on a small part in the opening. I could be wrong, we’ll just have to see when it gets to that point.

Anyway, time to talk about the actual episode. It begins with Riko waking up, quite serious about attending a non-magical school. Mirai, on the other hand, plays the role of a more typical magical girl – she sleeps in, at least until Riko wakes her.
Riko also makes a report to the headmaster of the Magic Academy, telling him that they found the Topaz.

Mirai and Riko walking to school

Naturally, the two of them walk to school together

Riko is eager to show off her ‘know-how’ to everyone. That phrase piques Haa’s curiosity, and well..

Haa wants to taste know-how

I bet it is

When Mirai and Riko arrive at school, Mirai casually greets her friends whilst Riko is a lot more formal about it. Riko’s attitude makes the other pupils think she’s somewhat hard to approach. Of course, since Mirai is close to her anyway, she doesn’t think that’s the case at all.

Mirai thinks Riko's easy to approach


As classes go on, Riko eagerly answers questions – it’s just that she’s a lot more used to things in the Magic World.

Riko naming stars

These are the names of the stars in the Magic World… not so much in our one, though

Following that, the class engages in some sporting activities. Mirai and her friends go for some volleyball, whilst Riko watches. Being super serious about learning about the Non Magic World, Riko takes off in order to do some research into volleyball.

Riko and Mofurun

After accidentally grabbing Mirai’s bag, she ends up accompanied by Mofurun

A small child sees Mofurun moving, but Riko is able to play it off. She then goes and finds a place where she can read up on volleyball in a book she just bought (if she had Mirai’s bag, did she use Mirai’s money? Or does Riko keep her cash on her person at all times? Who knows.) She and Mofurun use that balloon she’s holding to practice some volleyball moves – though Riko overdoes it a bit.

Mofurun massage

Riko gets a massage from Mofurun

We also get a glimpse of our villain for this week – it’s the spider lady herself, Sparda.


Cut to dinner time at the Asahina’s, and Mirai and Riko talk about how their school day was. We also learn that the family went stargazing together when Mirai was younger, though Mirai suddenly disappeared on them. They thought Mirai would be scared and crying, but by the time they found her she was all smiles.

Mirai inviting Riko stargazing

Mirai invites Riko to go stargazing with her

Cloudy skies

Completely covered by the clouds

On their way to go stargazing, Mirai admits that she was scared when she was alone during their stargazing trip. However, she also discovered the brilliant sight of the starry sky which cheered her up. This was because she stopped and took a moment to look around – something that she feels Riko should do in order to change her perspective.

Mirai wants to do fun stuff with Riko

Mirai wants to do fun stuff with Riko

Since the pair are on brooms, Mirai proposes that they fly above the clouds to look at the stars. Whilst I think that would have made for some pretty great imagery, Mirai runs into a problem.

Mirai caught in Sparda's web

Sparda manages to ruin another potentially great moment…

Naturally, Sparda responds to something being caught in her web, and we get this week’s Yokubarl.

Monster of the Week

It’s a big cloud with signs for sandals – err, maybe an ice or water type?

We get Ruby Style transformation this time, though it turns out its actually quite hard to hit a cloud.

Miracle fighting a cloud

Have you ever tried fighting a cloud? Turns out its not easy…

The yokubarl grows in size, but becomes slower allowing Miracle and Magical to run all over it. Using that to their advantage, they are able to finish it off. Sparda leaves, and all the clouds clear up.

Mirai and Riko stargazing

Mirai and Riko enjoy the starry sky together

A shining star

A star brighter than the others. Can you guess what it is?


Yep, its a new Linkle Stone. This one is the Linkle Stone of Space

Elsewhere, a girl gazes out her window and spots two shooting stars – though she quickly realise that they aren’t actually stars.

It's a running gag, all right

Natsuki here is pretty much just a running gag, for now

Anyway, Riko becomes more relaxed when she’s back at school, insisting on people calling her ‘Riko’ as opposed to ‘Izayoi’. She also asks if she can join in when they play volleyball. That’s it for this episode.

This episode was pretty good. We got the whole ‘fish out of water’ thing with Riko, though I guess she got over that by the end of the episode thanks to some advice from Mirai. More proof that those two belong together. Oh, and the stargazing together was pretty nice, too.

Next time, the return of an older sibling and the Sapphire Style – I can already say that I’m liking the next episode a lot.


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4 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure Episode 12: Starry Skies

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    Her becoming the third cure would be an interesting jump, as her evolutions haven’t really changed her size all that much each time, so it’d be a huge change. Still, it’s a pretty viable theory.

  3. cirno9fan says:

    Also, it really is a shame that we didn’t get to see the “world above the clouds” from their perspective. Maybe another time?

    • Rory says:

      Only time will tell if the Haa is a Cure theory is correct. Considering how things went in previous seasons, I suspect if any more Cures do appear in this one they’ll be revealed through leaks before we get any official information.

      We can blame Sparda for preventing Mirai and Riko not go above the clouds – though we did get some stargazing in the end, so I guess it almost balances out.

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