Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 12

Continuing to look at the Soul Eater manga, I’ve now arrived at the twelfth volume. These volume contains the start of a new major arc, and this particular arc is actually the last one that appeared in the anime adaptation.
Yep, in the not too distant future, I’ll be talking about manga-only content for Soul Eater – I’ll mention when the anime diverges from the manga, since we’ve still got a little bit to go before we get to that point.
Anyway, volume 12 of Soul Eater contains four chapters – chapter 45 to chapter 48.
Soul Eater Volume 12
Naturally, I’ll be starting with the blurb:
As one young witch flees Death City, another has come back to DWMA hoping to strike a deal with Shinigami-sama. Medusa has already proven herself a traitor to the school, but the information she offers is critical to DWMA’s efforts to take down Arachnophobia and curb the spread of madness. Can Medusa be trusted to lead a team of students into the heart of enemy territory?!

Chapter 45 is called ‘The Deal’, and a lot of it shows how the students are reacting to the news that Kim is a witch. We also get equal opportunities fanservice with both female and male shower scenes.
Oh, and Maka also learns that Medusa is back – she tries to find out Crona’s whereabouts from her, but Medusa remains tight-lipped on that subject.
The title of the chapter refers to the proposal Medusa has for Shinigami – she wants to lead an operation to capture Arachnophobia’s base, Baba Yaga Castle.
The chapter ends with Kim and Jackie in Baba Yaga Castle, though they have doubts about actually joining Arachnophobia. However, Mosquito has the pair of them taken away to the ‘Morality Manipulation Machine’ demon tool – that’s not the first time it has been mentioned. Also, Arachne continues to develop her skills.

Chapter 46 is the start of a whole slew of chapters with the same title. That’s right, it marks the start of the next major arc. This chapter is called ‘Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 1)’, and it opens with Shinigami agreeing to Medusa’s terms.
According to Medusa’s wishes, a team of students is put together. The students are Maka, Ox, Kilik and their respective weapon partners, naturally. Despite the fact that Medusa will be taking command, the students begrudgingly agree to it – for their own personal reasons.
However, the DWMA decide to add Kid and his weapon partners to the team as well.
The operation takes Medusa’s group to the Amazon River Basin in South America. Naturally, the way is fraught with danger, which means we get to see Ox and Kilik in action, with support from Medusa.
The chapter ends with the group arriving at a tunnel that leads directly to Baba Yaga Castle.

Chapter 47, ‘Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 2)’ starts by introducing a ‘mysterious bear(?)’ and a mysterious monkey. Turns out the monkey- well, actually an ape – is a weapon meister and the other one is a death weapon – they were assigned to secretly follow the group, and Medusa is unaware of them.
The group continues to move towards Baba Yaga Castle, where Medusa realises that Kid is in possession of “BREW”. Medusa also informs the group that Arachnophobia have Kim and Jackie, and that Arachne had taken Crona hostage.
The group ends up donning Arachnophobia outfits and being split up, resulting in Maka having a close encounter with Giriko. Fortunately, Liz and Patty show up dressed as maids, thus preventing any trouble.
Ox, Kilik and their partners end up face-to-face with Mosquito, whilst Kid and Soul end up playing with the witch Angela.
Oddly enough, when the group reunites, they’re all actually happy for Medusa’s return…

The last chapter of the 12th volume is ‘Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle (Part 3)’. Medusa’s plan continues as she needs the group to split up again to take care two out of eight locks – the others will be dealt with by Medusa’s allies.
Ox, Harvar, Kilik, Thunder and Fire go for one lock, whilst Medusa asks Kid, Liz and Patty to go after the other.
As such, Maka takes over as the person responsible for monitoring Medusa.
Ox and Harvar end up breaking off on their own (with Kilik’s approval) in order to investigate a clue to Kim’s whereabouts. Ox ends up encountering Kim and Jackie… but well, things don’t go well.
Then an alarm goes off, and Mifune realises just who it is very quickly. The incoming intruder trips every sensor on his way to Baba Yaga Castle, much to the dismay of Sid. Of course, there could only be one character who would make such a brash entrance: it’s none other than Black☆Star.

Whilst there isn’t too much action in this volume compared to the previous ones, it is only the beginning of the ‘Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle’ arc – things have to be established.
Black☆Star vs. Mifune isn’t the only showdown that’s coming up, but it is the only one that’s teased in the preview of volume 13. Still, I’ll be talking about the upcoming battles as and when they happen, so keep an eye out for that. Also, don’t forget that the anime ends during this arc – maybe one day we’ll get a Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood style adaptation that faithfully follows the manga – I sincerely hope this proves to be the case one day.
Still, this volume is pretty good. Whilst Medusa freely supports the DWMA students in battle, its clear that they have mixed feelings about the whole situation- Maka in particular. You’re also left wondering what Medusa hopes to gain with this plan of hers, since she isn’t exactly the most trustworthy character out there…

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3 Responses to Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 12

  1. Anime_Girls_NYC says:

    Have you seen the show? Is the show close to the manga?

    • Rory says:

      Yeah, I’ve actually got the complete series on DVD. For the most part, the anime is faithful to the manga, right up until the stuff with Baba Yaga Castle – the anime does is its own thing part way through that arc, with the show ending much differently from how the manga goes.

      It’s a shame really, because there’s so much great stuff in future volumes that I would love to see animated.

      • Anime_Girls_NYC says:

        Good to know. It’s how it usually is. Manga has more details then the anime. Then the anime creates a few extra scenes to entertain the audience watching.

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