Thoughts on Pretty Cure All Stars DX: Everyone’s Friends☆the Collection of Miracles!

All right, I’ve spoken briefly about the first ever Pretty Cure All Stars, now its time to turn my focus to the first feature length film.
Pretty Cure All Stars DX: Everyone’s Friends☆the Collection of Miracles! was originally released on March 20th 2009, which was when Fresh Pretty Cure! was airing. As such, this is the first film to feature the Fresh Cures, with the exception of Cure Passion.
The film was directed by Takashi Otsuka and written by Kou Murayama. Of course, the studio that produced it was Toei Animation, as you would expect. The opening theme for this film is “Twinkle Cute! PreCure All Together♪” by Mayumi Gojo, whilst the ending theme is “PreCure, Miracle Deluxe” by Maya Kudou with Cure Deluxe.

All Stars DX
Series featured: Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo! & Fresh Pretty Cure!

In the first feature-length All Stars, a being known as Fusion starts going after the fairy mascots in a bid for power. He ends up fighting the different groups of PreCure, and absorbing their attacks to grow stronger. When he brings all that power together, the PreCure have to team up in order to take him down.


The big bad of All Stars DX, Fusion. This isn’t the only time he’ll be appearing…

Fusion is an enemy that just comes into existence – all we’re told about him is that he’s stronger than anything the Cures have ever fought before. Of course, for this kind of thing, I don’t think it matters – you just want to see the Cures team up and kick arse.

Naturally, the film starts with the Cures in their civilian forms before Fusion appears and forces them to transform. In fact, the Cures that appear transform on two different occasions – fortunately, the second time does away with stock footage. It’s acceptable once per episode, but having multiple transformations is going to take up a significant chunk of the film.
The stuff with the Cures in their civilian forms is all right I suppose – pretty typical stuff, though this format allows Cures to visit places from outside their respective continuities.
We also get some brief action in the form of the four different groups having separate skirmishes with Fusion, which only serve to empower him in the end… Naturally, it isn’t until things go really badly that the PreCure start doing what they do best.

Fusion & Monsters of the Week

Fusion with some Monsters of the Week – (from left to right) Zakenna (Max Heart), Uzaina (Splash Star), Kowaina (Yes! PreCure 5) & Hoshina (Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!)

Whilst a fight against a big bad is nothing to scoff at, my favourite action sequence comes from the Cures fighting against an army of Zakennas, Uzainas, Kowainas and Hoshinas. One moment in particular stands out for me, and it involves a Zakenna plane and the Max Heart theme tune.
Oh, and during those battles and the final one against Fusion, stock footage isn’t used for special attacks, giving the combat a much better flow. There is some of that earlier on in the film, because, hey, this is Pretty Cure.

Being the first feature-length All Stars, it would make sense that the fairies get some screentime as well; unfortunately those fairies happen to be the earlier ones and are less tolerable. Tarte is the only fairy mascot I don’t have any negative feelings towards here. Oh, and I suppose Chiffon’s all right.

The end credits are feature the Cures dancing – yep, pretty much just as you’d expect from PreCure end credits.

All of the All Stars are pretty much just fanservice – and not the type that involves very little or a lack of clothes. Seeing all the Cures come together to fight a powerful enemy will always be great, though I suppose if you’re not a fan of PreCure, this won’t do anything to change your mind about it.
I’ve mentioned it before, but it tends to be pretty spectacular when the Cures take on multiple foes – this film proves that.
As for the big bad… eh, they just happen to be there for the first few All Stars instalments. After all, you do need a threat that would seem capable of taking down a whole plethora of Cures. At least Fusion is actually a half-decent name, not unlike the big bad of DX2… but I’ll be talking about that in the appropriate post, not this one.

To summarise: if you like Pretty Cure, you’ll like the All Stars films. As a PreCure fan myself, I strongly recommend checking them out – even if you aren’t familiar with all of the Cures, there’ll be plenty of other familiar faces. This is particularly true in the later films where the number of Cures has grown exponentially.

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