Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 11

All right, weekend time again which means I’ll be looking at a couple more volumes of manga. I’m still continuing on with Soul Eater, and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
Anyways, the eleventh volume of Soul Eater contains five chapters, from number 40 to number 44. The previous volume ended with Stein’s arrest after the murder of B.J.

Soul Eater Volume 11
Despite the fact that Mifune, Angela and Mosquito appear on the cover, only one of them shows up in this volume and it’s only a brief appearance…

Kicking things off with the blurb:
Arachnophobia has taken the offensive, using “BREW” to threaten anyone who stands in their way. In the wake of the attacks that follow, DWMA sends its top students to quell the madness and gather information wherever they can. But the madness is spreading much quicker and is stronger than they had anticipated. When confronted by an incarnation of the kishin’s madness itself, will Maka and Soul fall victim to the sinister Clown’s manipulations?

Chapter 40 is titled ‘Resolve’, and it follows directly on from Stein’s arrest. It actually turns out that Spirit and Sid don’t believe Stein was responsible for the murder, and they take him to a graveyard. They allow Stein to go, because they know that he’s the only one capable of catching the true killer – he is also accompanied by Marie. This means that the others concoct a false report for Shinigami.
We also have Black☆Star and Tsubaki departing on a trip to Japan, whilst Eruka tries to convince Crona to make a break for it. However, due to making friends, Crona refuses to go.
We also see Maka trying to come to terms with Crona’s actions in the previous volume. When she goes to see Crona, Crona is absent – man, talking about Crona without gender pronouns is tough – but what do you expect when the mangaka himself has no clue as to Crona’s actual gender…?

Chapter 41, ‘The Clown (Part 1)’, begins with a few students picking up some extracurricular activities from an assignment board – there’s a fair few jobs concerning Arachnophobia.
Most importantly, Maka chooses an assignment that takes place in Russia, and requires someone with a strong soul perception ability. Maka and Soul team up with Kid and his partners for this mission. Oh, and Blair’s there too.
The group splits into two teams as they investigate the factory in Russia – Maka, Soul and Blair in one team, and Death the Kid, Liz and Patty in the other.
Maka’s group is the first to discover the enemy: the Flying Dutchman, who Kid previously fought.
The chapter ends with the introduction of a new foe: ‘The Clown’.

‘The Clown (Part 2)’ is the title of chapter 42, though the title page mislabels it as chapter 41… another instance of an error, huh. Anyway, it turns out the foe has the same wavelength as Asura himself.
The Flying Dutchman watches the battle, at least until Blair shows up and snatches his hat.
Maka’s confrontation against the Clown causes her to become unresponsive, and then we get a flashback combined with hallucinations. There’s also two pages of nothing but complete black.
Soul is able to pull her out of that state through use of his piano in his inner world, and things take a turn in the battle as Maka’s signature attack gets an upgrade.

Chaqpter 43, which is correctly identified as such on its title page, is ‘The Clown (Part 3)’. There’s a part where Blair continues to taunt the Flying Dutchman – she does all this while in cat form.
With their new ability, Maka and Soul are able to fight more effectively against the Clown. It’s quite an epic battle, as tends to be the case in these things when a new power is introduced.
After the completion of the mission, we see Sid reporting to Shinigami. He openly admits that they let Stein go, whilst also bringing some information about a few students.
The chapter ends with a Witch Mass, with Kim and her partner Jackie in attendance.

The last chapter of this volume is the 44th, called ‘The Choice’. This is where we learn a little more about Kim – again, information you’ll be aware of if you’re familiar with Soul Eater Not!. Jackie promises to stick by her no matter what – just don’t expect the same kind of yuri subtext displayed in Soul Eater Not! here…
Anyway, the DWMA goes after the witches hiding in Death City. Students also return from their assignments, with Kim and Jackie among them. When they realise what’s going on, they make a run for it. When they’re seemingly alone and have nowhere to go, they encounter Arachnophobia’s Mosquito…
Also, Medusa shows up in Death City, willingly being imprisoned. The reason she’s appeared? To offer a deal.

That’s all for this volume. We’re introduced to a new foe in the form of the Clown, and Maka and Soul grow a little bit as well. Things take an interesting twist with the revelations in the last chapter, particularly with the stuff concerning Kim and Jackie, and Medusa’s return to the DWMA.

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