Maho Girls PreCure Episode 11: The Debut of Topaz Style

This week’s episode of PreCure is set at a boring, non-magical school. Fortunately, this episode is neither of those things as we are introduced to the Topaz Style for the first time.

Before we get to the school stuff, Riko meets the rest of Mirai’s family.

Riko meets Mirai's Family

Here’s Riko meeting her future in-laws

Oh, and the deputy headmistress of the Magic Academy also showed up to take care of some things for Riko – namely, getting her a place at a school and lodgings.

Riko's new school

Naturally, Tsunagi First Middle School is the one that Mirai attends

As for lodgings, the deputy headmistress has something in mind. However, Kyoko has a better idea.

Kyoko lets Riko stay.jpg

Riko clearly has the approval of Mirai’s mother

Mirai shows Riko to her room, where they’ll probably be making sweet, sweet magic later on – er, sorry, got a little carried away there. The deputy headmistress also comes along, and tells them that they can’t reveal their magic to the non-magical folk – yep, we’re operating on Harry Potter rules here. The deputy headmistress departs, using her magical flying umbrella… yeah.

Izayoi moon

Remember this, it’s going to come up again a bit later

Riko opens her suitcase, which contains a year’s worth of luggage, and a crystal ball. Turns out she actually has a name.


Riko didn’t even know her name until now…

The headmaster can communicate with Mirai and Riko through Cassie, and he’s pretty shocked to hear that they discovered a Linkle Stone immediately upon arriving in the Non-Magic World.


Anyway, the topic of conversation moves around to school, which Mirai and Riko will start the following day. Mofurun and Haa want to go with them, but the rules regarding magic make it tough for a sentient teddy bear and a fairy to go out in public… This leaves Mofurun feeling down.

The next day comes, and like many other magical girls before them, Mirai and Riko start running late. They eventually cave and use their brooms to get to school, just presuming that nobody will see them.

A student spots Mirai and Riko flying

They were spotted… I also suspect this is going to become a running gag

Mirai and Riko arrive at the school unknowingly accompanied by Mofurun and Haa. I suppose it’s time to introduce a couple of Mirai’s classmates.


First up, Mayumi




..and Souta. Mirai and Mayumi don’t sound too enthusiastic about being in the same class with him again…

I still like the Magic Academy students much more. Anyway, classes start and in a move that will surprise nobody, Riko transfers into Mirai’s class. Mayumi thinks Riko is cute. The whole class is shocked to discover that Mirai and Riko are living together. Oh, and remember that thing with the moon?

Riko Izayoi

Yep, Riko adopts the surname ‘Izayoi’ – the phase the moon was in when she first met Mirai

The student who saw Mirai and Riko on their brooms arrives late, and she gets to witness a second magical event.

Riko and Natsuki spot Mofurun and Haa

Oh, the student’s name is Natsuki – and again, more evidence of a running gag

So, Mofurun and Haa go and explore the school whilst Mirai and Riko are stuck in class. It isn’t long before the bear and the fairy stumble upon a Linkle Stone – the Topaz, to be more specific. However, they’re not the only ones.


Gamettsu will be our villain for this week

Mofurun makes a run for the Topaz before Gamettsu can grab it. When Mofurun grabs the Topaz and runs for it, Gamettsu takes that as a challenge and summons this week’s Yokubarl.

Monster of the Week

Grass and Flying

Despite a valiant attempt to get away, Gamettsu grabs Mofurun. However, Mofurun refuses to give up the Linkle Stone, and he tells Haa to get away.


School ends, and Haa leads Mirai and Riko to Gamettsu and Mofurun. Mofurun ends up activating the power of the Topaz, which means it’s time for a new transformation.

Topaz Style Transformation

I’ve been looking forward to this for a while

Topaz Style Transformation 2

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – Maho Girls PreCure! is spoiling us

Topaz PreCure

A new Style, but what abilities does it possess?

In my previous post, I guessed that the Topaz Style would turn the PreCure into barrier warriors, similar to Cure Rosetta in DokiDoki. Was I right? Well…

Topaz PreCure magic orbs

Their new ability involves these magic orbs

Topaz PreCure barriers

Called it! Though, there’s actually a bit more to this Style than just shields…

Topaz PreCure platforms

Those orbs can transform into different objects, such as platforms…

Topaz Cure Magical Boomerang

…or boomerangs…



Topaz Cure Miracle Hammer

…or a big ol’ hammer

As the Yokubarl attacks the PreCure, Mofurun and Haa also get caught up in the battle.

Haa using a barrier

The Cures aren’t the only ones who can use a barrier

Endangering Mofurun and Haa right in front of Miracle and Magical proves to be an extremely bad idea – after all, they are pretty much their children. Time for a new finishing move.

Topaz Style finishing move

This is just the preparation

Yokubarl at PreCure's mercy

With the Yokubarl at their mercy, the PreCure unleash their attack

PreCure Topaz Esperanza

Miracle and Magical hug, blast their enemy away and things explode – as in ‘lava erupting from the very Earth’ explode

As tends to be the case, Gamettsu retreats after the Yokubarl is defeated. What follows afterwards – well, remember the last time the Cures picked up a Guardian Linkle Stone?

Haa is evolving

What? Haa is evolving!

Haa has evolved!

Congratulations! Your Haa has evolved into talking Haa!

That’s right, with a new Linkle Stone, Haa evolves and gains the ability to talk. She tells Mirai and Riko that both she and Mofurun want to be with them, and it might just be one of the most adorable things thus far in Maho Girls PreCure! Mirai and Riko allow Mofurun and Haa to accompany them to school, on the condition that they stay out of sight.

I loved this episode. When you think about it, the Topaz Style has infinite possibilities thanks to those transforming magic orbs – here’s hoping we get to see more creative uses of them in the future. However, Sapphire Style is still my personal favourite – speed and flight are abilities I love seeing magical girls utilise. When it comes down to it, each Style is awesome in it’s own right.
Mofurun also got a lot of screentime this episode, and I’m sure I know at least one person who would have enjoyed that. His actions are certainly worthy of praise.
All in all, a great episode.

Next time, it looks like Riko will be getting the main focus, despite the fact that Mirai’s name is in the title…

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3 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure Episode 11: The Debut of Topaz Style

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I mean, i get why they won’t do it, but Topaz pretty much negates the point of any of the other styles. They could fly with Topaz giving them wings likely. And they have access to any weapon they want. Weapons which REALLY pack a punch. So strength isn’t terribly necessary. I think Dia might be the only one that has a use still, if it’s the only style that can use the helper stone powers (speaking of….when are they going to use those again? Heal the unicorn, but let the cat get blasted? Nice double standards >.>)

    Since they almost cleared out the first set of powerups, I’m interested what the next will consist of…

    • Rory says:

      I’m sure Topaz is balanced out in some way – this is only the first time we’ve seen it, and we don’t know its limitations just yet.
      If they use Topaz to give themselves wings, they’d have to rely on hand-to-hand combat – which naturally isn’t a problem, though I’d imagine Ruby Style would give their attacks more oomph. As for different types of weapons, I suspect the strength comes from the wielder rather than the weapon itself. When Cure Miracle used the hammer, it was formed by all four of the orbs combining, which left Magical without any weapons. This also suggests that there is a limit on the weapons they can produce.
      Or I could be wrong and the Topaz Style is just incredibly overpowered…

      I’m sure the other Styles will all get equal screentime in the future – or maybe we get an arc where the Cures become too reliant on one and the enemies come up with a counter for it. Anything could happen.

      Considering this is PreCure, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got their hands on a new magical item as their next powerup, simply for the fact that it will mean more merchandise.

      • cirno9fan says:

        Definitely it’ll be some new magic item, i’m just curious what it’ll be. Curious what new “legend” will pop up that the Precure have to deal with. Though, I am betting it’ll be related to Haa-chan, similar to how Candy worked as a “powerup” in Smile.

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