Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 10

Volume 9 of Soul Eater ended with a glance of the past and the person known as Eibon. Oh, and also with DWMA students confronting Mosquito, prepared to do battle for an important demon tool.
Volume 10 of Soul Eater contains four chapters, from number 36 to number 38 – hang on. In the contents, and title pages for the chapters, number 38 is repeated twice. This is an error, as the next volume opens with chapter 40.
So, volume 10 contains four chapters, 36 to 39 – I don’t know if this is just the case for my copy and it was fixed with ones printed later or whatever, but it’s there…
Soul Eater Volume 10
All right, starting with the blurb:
With Doctor Stein unable to carry on, Maka, Kid, and Black☆Star enter the magnetic field to take up the mission and locate the tempestuous demon tool known as “BREW.” Time is quickly running out as the three face off against Mosquito, struggling to harmonize their wavelengths within the magnetized vortex. They’ll be lucky to escape with their lives, let alone the demon tool!

Chapter 36, ‘”BREW” – The Tempest (Part 3)’ opens with Maka and her allies choosing to focus on fighting Mosquito – after all, the Eibon there is just a memory.
Elsewhere, the other DWMA students regroup, whilst Justin Law continues to fight Giriko.
DWMA and Arachnophobia aren’t the only ones on the island – Eruka and the Mizune sisters are acting under Medusa’s orders, and successfully achieving their mission.
Mosquito proves to be a tenacious foe, but Soul comes up with something.

Chapter 37, ‘”BREW” – The Tempest (Part 4)’, continues with the fight between Maka, Black☆Star and Kid against Mosquito. We get to see some incredible co-operation on their part. They’re able to claim victory, though Mosquito retreats.
The DWMA and Arachnophobia return to their respective bases of operations.
Mosquito reports that “BREW” no longer works to Arachne, but they are the only ones who know that – as far as the DWMA are concerned, Arachne is in possession of “BREW”.
However, the real “BREW” is in the hands of the third party who arrived on the island. The chapter ends with Shinigami calling in the ‘Internal Investigator’, as Stein further succumbs to madness, despite Marie’s calming influence. That investigator is a man who goes by the name of B.J.

Chapter 38, ‘Internal Investigation (Part 1)’ opens with Medusa communicating with Crona, and saying that something is about to go down at the DWMA.
B.J. begins his investigation, which involves questioning the staff of the DWMA. He doesn’t really make any progress until he talks to Marie. Events unfold that allow him to confirm that there is a spy in the DWMA.
Elsewhere, Black☆Star is told not to use the Uncanny Sword mode because it’s having a detrimental effect on his health – naturally, he ignores that. Black☆Star challenges Kid to a duel, because he wants to surpass the gods, and Kid has the body of a god.
We also have Maka engaging in some espionage of her own, where she overheads Crona meeting with Eruka, and that Medusa is still alive.

So despite the fact that is is labelled as ‘Chapter 38’ again, the next chapter is actually number 39. It is ‘Internal Investigation (Part 2)’, which opens with Maka reacting to what she just head, and running into a familiar little girl.
Spirit talks to Stein, the latter of which had been put under house arrest because he’s one of the main suspects of being the spy.
B.J. continues his investigation, which is made awkward by the fact that he’s Marie’s ex-boyfriend.
Black☆Star’s fight against Kid doesn’t go too well – his string of defeats had made him lose his self-confidence, allowing Kid to easily win.
Whilst Maka becomes conflicted about what she should do with the whole Crona and Medusa situation, B.J. makes his last appearance.
The volume ends with the reveal of B.J.’s murder, and the arrest of Stein.

I believe this volume marks the first time that Maka, Black☆Star and Kid fight a foe together, and it’s pretty great to watch them work together – even if their victory is hollow.
We also have Maka learning about Crona and Medusa – the only other person who got close to discovering that information was B.J., who was murdered.
The stuff with “BREW” makes for some interesting events, too – Arachne thinks she has it, whilst it is actually in the hands of someone else. The DWMA isn’t aware of this, yet.
Another interesting volume, which I guess is pretty consistent. What’s not consistent is the chapter numbering, but I suppose that’s just a misprint when it comes down to it.


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