Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 9

All right, the weekend has rolled around, therefore it’s time for me to be taking a look at another volume of manga. I’m still continuing with Soul Eater, and as you can see from the title, I’ll be focusing on the ninth volume. At the end of the previous volume, a character that was previously defeated in battle returned and made Crona’s life more difficult. Volume 9 of Soul Eater contains five chapters – numbers thirty-two to thirty-five, plus a bonus chapter.

Soul Eater Volume 9

Crona’s loyalties are torn as Medusa regroups and plots to beat both DWMA and her sister, Arachne, in the arms race for Eibon’s demon tools. As the madness of the Kishin continues to spread, Maka, Black☆Star, and Kid begin even more rigorous training to master their weapons and work together as a team. Will they be ready to face Arachnophobia in time for their next mission? Or will internal strife tear them apart?!

Chapter 32 is called ‘The Corner of the Room’, and opens with Death the Kid doing some research into Eibon. Shinigami also presents Justin Law with a new mission.
The main focus of the chapter is on Crona and Ragnarok, as they carry out Medusa’s plan. It involves Marie, simply because she’s the one who tends to be around Stein, who is very susceptible to the Kishin’s madness…

We then take a break from the main plot for a chapter, with the bonus chapter ‘Legend of the Holy Sword’. It focuses on the ‘worst meister ever’, Hero. He’s a student who is down on his luck and constantly pushed around by everyone else. Well, that’s the case until he makes Excalibur his partner…
Oh, and we also get to see Kilik Rung’s weapon partners – Kilik appeared briefly during the anniversary celebration, as one of the students who was trapped in Free’s barrier. Anyway, Kilik’s weapons are Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder – just like Kid, he has two weapons.
Anyway, this chapter’s pretty much inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but it is pretty silly. Excalibur does appear again in the future, and there are a few other characters introduced here who will appear more often.

Normal service resumes with chapter 33, ‘Retaliation Class’. As you may be able to guess, this pretty much serves as a chapter full of training for Maka, Black☆Star, Kid and their weapon partners. Stein acts as their teacher for the class, and they eventually grow stronger.
The chapter ends with Arachnophobia declaring war on the DWMA as they go after more demon tools.

Chapter 34 is ‘”BREW” – The Tempest (Part 1)’. A small force consisting of DWMA students and teachers arrives on an island where BREW is located. Of course, the main characters and their partners make up part of that force. Stein and Marie are also present, and there’s actually a few other DWMA students as well.
Already mentioned before is Kiik Rung and his partners Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder. We also have Ox Ford with his partner Harvar D. Eclair. Finally, the last pair are a couple of characters you’ll be familiar with if you’ve seen/read Soul Eater NOT!: Kim Diehl and her partner Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupre, the demon lamp.
On the island, BREW is located inside a magnetic storm – Stein and Marie are the ones who choose to retrieve the demon tool, whilst the others engage Arachnophobia in battle.
It doesn’t take long for battles to break out – Sid has the samurai Mifune in his sights, whilst Justin Law has a second encounter with Giriko.
Things don’t quite go as planned – Maka, Black☆Star, Kid and their partners follow Stein and Marie into the magnetic storm once Maka can no longer detect their souls. Kilik, Ox and Jacqueline remain outside.

Chapter 35, ‘”BREW” – The Tempest (Part 2)’ begins with Maka, Black☆Star and Kid entering the magnetic storm. The interior of the storm contains an imprint of the memories of the events that happened their before.
The battles outside the storm continue to rage on, We get to see what Kilik, Ox and Kim are capable of with their partners, and they’re no slouches when it comes to combat.
Inside the storm, Maka and co. meet with Stein and Marie. With Stein and Marie’s time inside the magnetic field running short, the students take over the search for the demon tool. They also encounter Mosquito. Before they can fight, one of the images of the past steps out before them. It is none other than Eibon himself.
That’s where the chapter, and this volume, ends.

Well, this volume of Soul Eater begins with seeds of madness being planted, before throwing us head-first into another action-packed arc. It’s also nice to see other DWMA students get some action, and the unique abilities their weapons grant to them. An enjoyable volume, with the bonus of a somewhat silly extra chapter.
Next time, the battle for the demon tool BREW.

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