Maho Girls PreCure Episode 10: Return to the Non-Magic World

This episode of Maho Girls PreCure picks up directly from where the previous one left off, with Mirai and Riko on the train. Their destination is the Non-Magic World.

Riko explains that the headmaster of the Magic Academy told her that a Linkle Stone will probably appear in the Non-Magic World.

Riko explains

She quickly changes that to ‘asked’…

Anyway, Riko got the Headmaster’s permission to go to the Non Magic World together with Mirai. We then get one of the stranger scenes of the series, so far.

Riko in a shell

Apparently you can get a good night’s sleep in one of these…

Mofurun and Haa are able to slip into theirs fairly easily, but Mirai…

Mirai in a shell

I wonder if these shell things will ever be mentioned again?

The opening theme rolls, and it’s back to normal – no All Stars previews here. Anyway, afterwards, we see the Headmaster and the crystal ball saying that Mirai and Riko will be in for some tough times – you know, the standard territory that comes with being PreCure.

Mirai and Riko arrive in the Non-Magic World, and the first thing they happen upon?

Mirai and Riko arriving in the Non-Magic World

A Linkle Stone – more specifically, the Topaz

Before they can pick it up, a crow swoops down, grabs it and flies off.

Haa gives chase

Haa is first to give chase

Riko does the same, getting onto her broom in an open, public place. It doesn’t show anybody reacting. Mirai ends up staying behind as her broom is in her trunk, which she is unable to open.

Riko catches up to Haa, and then falls off her broom because she’s too hungry. She falls-Riko did not fallSorry, Riko ‘lands’ right in the middle of a busy road. Haa is scared by the vehicles and returns to the Linkle Smartome. Fortunately, someone takes note of Riko’s situation.

Someone notices Riko.jpg

It’s a character we haven’t seen since we were last in the Non-Magic World, I think

We cut to Yamoh reporting to the other villains, informing them that the next Linkle Stone will appear in the Non-Magic World. Each one of them seems insistent presenting the Emerald to their master.

Elsewhere, Mirai’s search for Riko begins. She follows Mofurun’s nose, but it isn’t a Linkle Stone he’s smelling – rather, just some sweet treats. Elsewhere, Riko is pulled to safety.

Kyoko Asahina

Since I haven’t done so properly yet, allow me to introduce Kyoko Asahina – Mirai’s mother. Riko doesn’t know this, yet.

Anyway, Kyoko takes Riko to her house to feed her. The pair end up talking about Mirai, though at this point they don’t know that they’re talking about the same person.

Mirai’s search continues, and she gets her hopes up when Mofurun smells another sweet scent.

The Topaz appears again

Oh, just the Topaz Linkle Stone. Nothing important…

Mirai almost walks off without the Stone, put that cat you can see gets to it before she can. The cat gets away, because Mirai’s too hungry to give chase – do either of these girls ever eat properly?

Mirai and Riko recall what I am going to refer to as their ‘first date’, and they both end up meeting each other at the strawberry-melon bread cart.

Mirai and Riko reunited

Eh, not quite intertwined fingers, but I’ll take it

Mofurun and Haa reunited

Including a picture of Haa and Mofurun here, just because.

With everyone reunited, Mirai and Riko happen upon the cat that stole the Topaz. It runs, they give chase and then the cat is caught. Not by Mirai or Riko, but by Sparda. A rogue cat hair makes her sneeze and drop the cat and the Topaz, but before anyone can grab the Linkle Stone, Sparda calls forth a Yokubarl.

Monster of the Week

Has Sparda been watching BAKUON!!?

Anyway, transformation time – and it’s not Topaz Style, yet. No, they go for Sapphire Style – which is fine by me, it is my favourite Style. The fight takes them into a public place, with innocent bystanders. Those bystanders make a run for it. Sparda insults the people of the Non-Magic World, which only angers Miracle and Magical. We then get a motorbike chase scene.

Motorcycle chase

Put another BAKUON!! reference here.

They take the fight to a side of a building, and the battle sequence that follows is actually really quite good. The whole thing where the Cures knock their opponent down, and then knock it back up definitely has shades of Dragon Ball Z about it – just another reason for me to like Sapphire Style, I guess.

A decisive blow

Ah, there’s the intertwined fingers! This is how Miracle and Magical make a decisive blow

Anyway, they finish off their foe with Sapphire Smartish and Sparda retreats. They claimed victory, but lost track of the Topaz.

Mirai and Riko return to the former’s home, where Riko comes to the realisation just who Mirai’s mother is. Kyoko herself returns shortly after they do.

Kyoko's mad

Mirai never explained her absence to her mum – only her grandmother knew she was away

The episode ends with the reveal that Riko isn’t the only person from the Magic World to arrive in the Non-Magic World.

Deputy headmaster

The deputy head of the Magic Academy, probably sent to keep an eye on Riko.

Well, better get used to the Non-Magic World now, because I suspect we’ll be here for a while. That’s kind of disappointing, but not unexpected. This episode was all right I guess – the fight against the Yokubarl was pretty cool.

Next time, I’m guessing the episode will focus on Mofurun. We’ll also be seeing the debut of a new Style – I’m looking forward to both of those things. Oh, and we also get to see Mirai and Riko go to boring non-magical school. Well, I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later…

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12 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure Episode 10: Return to the Non-Magic World

  1. OG-Man says:

    Mirai and Riko’s mind and hearts are one. It fills my own with absolute joy.
    Good luck with your mom Mirai, you’re gonna need it.

    Mofurun and Haa having fun is eternal bliss.

    It’s all about Mofurun and Haa goodness next week. Screw boring Muggle school antics. Oh and of course I’m pumped to see if the new Style can surpass the awesomeness that is Sapphire Style.

    • Rory says:

      Mirai and Riko are certainly doing a lot to claim top spot as my favourite PreCure pairing. That’s impressive considering the whole relationship Mana and Regina had in DokiDoki.

      The mascots deserve recognition too – whilst Hummy will never be beaten as my favourite, Mofurun and Haa are certainly up there as a couple of the best.

      Going by the tiny amount that was shown in the preview, I’m getting a ‘barrier warrior’ vibe from the Topaz Style, along the same lines as Cure Rosetta. We’ll know for sure once we’ve seen the next episode, though.

      • OG-Man says:

        They’re giving HibiKana a run for their money that’s for sure. They haven’t yet reached Mana the Conqueror’s level but if they keep it up, ya never know.

        Your bias towards cats is like my bias towards bears.

        I’m psyched for the new Style and if it’s similar to Cure Rosetta’s, NICE! Four Styles for any occasion. Very cool!

  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    I want one of those shells!

  3. josefcd904 says:

    Besides wanting one of those shells. I have a few speculations for next week.
    For starters this series is relying on the duo, however probably around episode 20 another one will show up, since typically the final member shows up around that time. So my guess is next week some introduction to a possible new member.
    On another note I hope that they do go back to the magical world. They were in the magical world for almost 10 episodes and gave several characters there. So I will assume they will meet Mira’s friends for the next ten.
    Other than that I think because they switch with the stones, more stones will be in the non-magic world and magic world. So probably 2 more Cures may join them, one from the Magical and Non-Magical. But it would be interesting to see if this stays a duo, I think the last one that was a duo was, well over a decade ago with Splash Star (which I never seen). Either way we will probably see a hint or two coming up.

    • Rory says:

      I’m still firmly of the opinion that there won’t be any other Cures. This is due to the fact that Miracle and Magical’s different Styles cover the standard colour themes you tend to find in PreCure, which I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned before. It is only 10 episodes in though, we’ve still got plenty more to go.
      Splash Star was indeed the last series to feature a duo throughout its entire run, as well as multiple forms for the Cures. I strongly recommend checking out Splash Star if you’re ever able – it does take a while for it to grow into its own identity, but get past that and it’s great. It also has the best final battle of any PreCure, at least in my humble opinion.

      • josefcd904 says:

        True, the only real reason what makes me think this might stay a duo is because of the multiple forms. Should be interesting since it is still early in the series.

  4. cirno9fan says:

    The more I watch this,t he more I think the Gecko guy reminds me of Joker. I really don’t trust him, and that skeleton wizard guy really seems like nothing more than a puppet that gecko guy is operating to push his own agenda.

    These next episodes will be the real test on what the staff want with Mirai and Riko. So far it’s been absolutely amazing, but we all know what can happen.

    The next form looks very candy xD Should be interesting to see what power they get from it.

    • Rory says:

      Sounds similar to Splash Star’s Gohyan as well. You never know, maybe Dokurokushe will end up being the best villain we’ve ever seen in PreCure – or not, only time will tell.

      I have to admit to feel some slight trepidation about the next episodes, what with the setting taking place at non-magical school. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

      As I’ve said to OG-Man, I reckon Topaz Style will make them barrier warriors – this is based off the small part shown in the preview of the next episode, so I might end up being wrong. Though it does complement the abilities of their other Styles quite nicely if that is the case.

  5. MarkS00N says:

    I can’t help but think how yuri this season precure is, and I love that I live to see it…

    Also, the fact that Riko can meet Mirai’s mother without them knowing that they Riko is Mirai’s partner and Mirai’s mother is Mirai’s mother (or as I like to call it, Riko’s soon-to-be-mother-in-law), allow Riko to be herself without being weight by trying to look as good as possible and get nervous, so both can know each other rather well…
    A pretty good plan for a crow, I told you (Oh yeah, I totally believe the crow planned this, they are cunning as f*ck. Which mean I believe even the universe ship these two girls)…

    Now this episode confirm Blue = Speed, I can’t wait to know what Yellow is (seems to be trickster or some short from preview)…

    I still believe there will be no third precure, but as the OP return to normal, I now remember that Haa-chan should be able to change form in the future…
    So there might be no third precure, but Haa-chan might be able to power-up the precure attack or something similar…

    And have I said how yuri this season precure is, and I love that I live to see it?

    • Rory says:

      I think you forgot to mention how yuri this season’s PreCure is, and that you love that you can live to see it… maybe.
      Like I said to OG-Man on his post about this episode, we’ve been spoiled by this season of PreCure.
      Haa as an ally along the same lines as Shiny Luminous, from Max Heart… yeah, that’s a pretty good theory.

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