Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 6

Volume 6 of Soul Eater continues right where volume 5 left off, continuing the ‘Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration’. Well, there’s more than one fight happening, but that is the title that all the chapters in this volume use. This volume contains a total of four chapters; numbers nineteen to twenty-two.

Soul Eater Volume 6
As ever, kicking things off with the blurb:
Death the Kid and Black☆Star race after Free and Eruka, ready to whatever it takes to stop the Black Blood before it is used to revive the slumbering First Kishin. Meanwhile, Maka has allowed herself to slip into madness in an effort to reach Crona’s troubled soul. In addition to being horribly embarrassing, her actions carry a great risk. If Maka can’t find Crona fast, she too will be consumed by madness!

In chapter 19, ‘A Fight to Death at the Anniversary Celebration (Part 4)’, Death the Kid starts catching up with Eruka and Free. Free opts to stay behind to hold him off.
Maka’s fight against Crona continues. Maka is without any inhibitions. Though she’s crazy on the outside, in an inner world she approaches Crona’s soul.
Also continuing is the fight between Stein and Medusa. Spirit also gets mad over the way in which Medusa treated her child.
The conflict between Maka and Crona draws to a close at the end of the chapter.

‘A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration (Part 5)’ is the name of the 20th chapter. With her fight over, Maka rushes off after Black☆Star and Kid.
Talking of Kid, he encounters Free. Fighting an immortal foe proves to be a challenge for him, and getting distracted by broken pillars and statues doesn’t help.
Black☆Star suddenly shows up, snapping Kid out of his funk. Black☆Star fights against Free. Kid quickly realises that the enemy before them is just a ‘hologram of some sort’. Free had been using his magic to project an image of himself to delay his opponents.
Free and Eruka arrive at the Sealed Shrine, where the First Kishin is located. Being so close to the First Kishin results in both Free and Eruka hallucinating, and the visions they have are quite horrifying. When they recover, the Kishin is in their sights.

Chapter 21, ‘A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration (Part 6) opens with Stein’s fight against Medusa. There’s also a flashback in which we see Spirit keeping Stein in line – if Stein got his way, he would dissect innocent people.
However, that obsession is his way of harnessing madness. He ends up in a stalemate with Medusa.
Free and Eruka prepare the Black Blood to awaken the First Kishin, but Kid arrives before they can do anything. Not even the son of the Grim Reaper can resist the First Kishin’s madness, so he ends up hallucinating as well.
Kid manages to overcome the illusion, and Black☆Star also arrives. Black☆Star goes after Eruka, with the Black Blood being his target. Despite claiming his sixth sense is dull, even Black☆Star succumbs to the First Kishin’s madness. Eruka was able to achieve her goal.
Stein and Medusa’s fight also comes to a conclusion. Meanwhile, the First Kishin starts to emerge…

‘A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration (Part 7)’ is the title of chapter 21. It is where the Kishin Asura first appears. Black☆Star and Kid’s attempts to harm Asura fail spectacularly. Asura takes off, but not without Maka and managing to hitch a ride.
The fight between Blair and Mizune comes to a halt when Asura emerges from the ground. Maka falls, but Soul is able to save her.
Shinigami’s seal tries to restrain Asura, but he is easily able to break out of it. However, Shinigami himself arrives and engages in combat against Asura. Asura ultimately chooses to retreat.
With Asura gone for the time being, Shinigami decides to have all Death Weapons from across the continents gather at Death City.

So the sixth volume of Soul Eater concludes the anniversary celebration stuff, and it does it in spectacular fashion with the introduction of the series’ big bad, Asura. The conclusions of Maka vs. Crona and Stein vs. Medusa are also spectacular – everything that happens in both volumes 5 and 6 definitely make them highlights of the series – so far, at least.

Next time, I might take a look at more Soul Eater, or, since we’ve come to the end of a major story arc, I may take a look at something else. I guess you’ll find out which I’ve decided on next time.

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