Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 5

All right, last week I took a break from looking at manga due to several anime announcements and the fact I was elsewhere, but now I will resume sharing my thoughts on Soul Eater. Volume 4 featured a couple of fights between the DWMA and their enemies, but volume 5 features the series’ first major arc. There are four chapters (fifteen to eighteen) in the fifth volume, and all revolve around the DWMA’s anniversary celebration.

Soul Eater Volume 5
Starting with the blurb:
On the night of the DWMA’s anniversary celebration, every meister and weapon in Death City has gathered at the school for an evening of music and dancing. Little do they know that the witch Medusa is about to crash the Shinigami-sama’s party. Trapping the meisters inside, the witch makes her way to the chamber where the First Kishin is imprisoned. Will the few meisters who’ve escaped be enough to prevent Medusa from rousing the madness that slumbers far below in the Kishin’s domain?

The title of chapter 15 is ‘The Anniversary Celebration’, and that is exactly what happens during it. Well, the chapter starts with Medusa with her allies, ready to carry out their plan.
As for the celebration itself, everyone gets dressed up for the event. It doesn’t take long for Black☆Star and Death the Kid to get into a fight, Soul blows the dance off and Spirit embarrasses Maka. Oh, and Stein dances with Medusa and reveals that he knows that she is a witch. Sid also returns, moments before Medusa puts her plan into action.
Free uses his magic to erect a barrier to prevent the DWMA from interfering with their plan, but Sid’s quick thinking means that the main cast are free to go after them. Stein explains that Medusa’s target is the first Kishin under the DWMA. The chapter ends with the students changing into their normal clothes and insisting on going with Stein after Medusa.

Chapter 16 is called ‘A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration (Part 1)’. Get used to seeing that title.
The chapter begins with Shinigami just flat out explaining about the Kishin under the DWMA to everyone who’s trapped in Free’s barrier. That includes Kilik, who will become more important later on.
The first Kishin is called Asura, and Shinigami sealed him in a bag of his own skin. We also see a flashback where Shinigami looks more like the traditional depiction of Death.
Whilst Stein leads Maka’s group towards Medusa, he explains that Shinigami anchored his soul to Death City to suppress the Kishin and he could only move by giving the land feet – it’s a throwaway suggestion in the manga, but the anime takes the idea and runs with it.
In the city itself, the Mizune sisters encounter Blair. She’s not too happy to discover that they’ve injured someone who gives her free food…
Stein’s group meets with Spirit, and then they encounter Medusa shortly afterwards. Stein provides a strategy for them; all the students make it past Medusa, whilst Stein engages her in combat. Kid is first to make it through, with Black☆Star and Maka following shortly afterwards.
Kid goes on ahead, but Maka and Black☆Star encounter Crona. Maka chooses to fight the enemy before them, as she intends to get revenge for the injury Soul received during their first encounter.

The title of chapter 17 is ‘A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration (Part 2)’. The beginning of the chapter focuses on the fight between Maka and Crona, whilst Black☆Star takes off to catch up with Kid.
Stein and Spirit’s fight against Medusa also continues, and she also tells them that Crona is actually her real child, not one she abducted.
Talking of Crona, Maka doesn’t fare so well in her battle. She and Soul use Soul Resonance, which causes the black blood to stir.

Chapter 18, ‘A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration (Part 3)’ features Maka and Soul unleashing all they’ve got against Crona. Turns out Crona is extremely resilient.
We also see a glimpse of Blair’s fight against the Mizune sisters – the five sisters merge together into a single form, which Blair responds to by transforming into her human form. The two ladies then start groping each other…
Back to Crona, we get a glimpse into their past. When Crona was younger, Medusa had told Crona to kill a rabbit. Crona refused and was punished, but eventually came round to doing as they were told. With Maka at Crona’s mercy, Crona was reminded of that time.
Things shift to Soul’s ‘inner world’, where the ogre thing tells him to succumb to madness. Soul refuses, but Maka manages to show up. She convinces Soul to use the power offered to him.
Back in reality, Maka pretty much turns insane, resulting in one of my favourite sequences. Whenever the black blood takes control, it tends to be pretty spectacular as the characters fight with no inhibitions.
And if you were wondering where Kid was, he almost catches up to Free and Eruka, but is waylaid by the latter’s tadpole bombs. Oh, and Free and Eruka draw very close to the Kishin…

An action-packed volume of Soul Eater marks the start of a major arc. You can tell it’s a major arc, because it lasts for more than two chapters and most of the chapter titles are the same. The character get to show off their newfound abilities, though none more so than Maka and Soul.
In the next volume, everyone continues to fight. Well, what did you expect?

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