Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 8: I Believe I Can Fly

So this week is the penultimate test for Mirai and Riko. Last time they had a test underwater, this time things take to the skies as the test is all about flying on their broomsticks.

So the goal this time around is to get a photograph with a pegasus. Of course, since this is the Magic World, photographs aren’t done with a camera.

Magic photo quill

A magic quill is the item used for photos

Mirai & Riko Photo

Here’s the photo

Anyway, since pegasi fly, the girls need to catch up with them on their brooms. Riko and Emily aren’t too keen about that, whereas Mirai just wants to see a pegasus. Apparently they can only be found deep in the woods, so naturally several show up almost immediately.


Right on cue

In her excitement, Mirai throws herself off the flying carpet, forgetting that she isn’t exactly fly on her broom just yet. The titles roll and then Mirai lands in the woods – we don’t see it, it just cuts to all the students there.

In the woods, Kei tells the others of a rumour about a flower that lures in creatures with its sweet smell.

Kei telling the rumour

…and then eating them, or so the rumour goes

Riko isn’t impressed by the rumour, so she takes off. Naturally, Mirai follows after her and the two get separated from the others.

Mirai and Riko separated from the others

As long as Mirai and Riko are together, everything will be okay

A butterfly passes by, which catches Haa’s attention.

Haa attempts to fly

Hasn’t quite got it just yet, though

Haa’s attempts to fly motivate Mirai, which Riko finds amusing. Then a pegasus flies overhead.


Pegasi seem to be camera (or should that be magic quill?) shy

Mirai tries to give chase on her broom, with both Mofurun and Haa. She drops Haa, but Riko catches her, and then Mirai starts to fall. Despite still carrying Haa, Riko saves her. They both give chase to the pegasus after steadying themselves, but it proves fruitless. Mirai tries to catch it by playing a game.

That pointing game.jpg

I’m sure there’s a name for this, but I don’t know it

Riko moves in whilst Mirai is distracting the pegasus, but drops the magic quill. Haa tries to grab it.

Falling Haa

This is a very good reason for not taking babies on flying brooms

Mirai manages to catch Haa, but immediately starts falling aftewards. Riko’s attempt to save Mirai ends up with both of them falling.

The pair of them end up in the woods. Mirai says that she was able to fly so well because saving Haa was her focus. Of course, Mirai wasn’t the only one who flew well, albeit for a short time.

Mofurun tells it like it is

Riko’s desire to help her other half allows her to fly well


All you need to do to fly a broom

Mofurun smells a sweet smell, and then the girls hear a noise close to them. They go to investigate.

Injured pegasus baby

A small injured pegasus

They go to get a photo with it, but realise that its injured. Meanwhile, Mofurun runs off, following the sweet scent. When Mirai realises, she chases after him.

Healing Flower

Remember that rumour? Yeah, only half-true

Mirai thinks the plant will eat Mofurun, but it actually turns out be a healing plant instead. With that knowledge, they use some flowers from the field to heal the little pegasus. It’s mother shows up shortly afterwards.

Mother Pegasus

Mother pegasus

With the two pegasi united, the Pink Tourmaline Linkle Stone awakens. Much like the Aquamarine before it, it’s a supporting Linkle Stone so no new transformations this time.

Pink Tourmaline

That’s another one for the collection

Of course, turns out the bad guys aren’t far away. Their foes this time is Sparda, who had been watching them.

Obtaining a new Linkle Stone means testing out its power, which means feeding Haa.

Haa Flies

Two proud mothers watch on as their child flies for the first time

Haa can only manage a short burst of flight for the time being, but I imagine it won’t be long before she’s hovering around as she pleases. Mirai remembers they’re supposed to be getting a photo with a pegasus, but Sparda shows up before that can happen.

Sparda cuts the flowers around them, a move which only serves to tick off the mother pegasus.

Sparda vs Pegasus

Take a wild guess how this confrontation turns out

Monster of the Week

Here’s the Yokubarl for this week

Small rant time: the fansubs here just happen to be the first available, which is why I use them. However, the way they translate the monster of the week’s name bugs me, as the Japanese name is derived from the Japanese for ‘covet’ if I recall correctly, which is why I think the translation of ‘Covettor’ I’ve seen elsewhere is much better. Of course, it’s totally up to the subber what they use, but I’ll be sticking with ‘Yokubarl’, as shown on the official website.

Anyway, back to the episode. Mirai and Riko transform, using Diamond Style, but they can’t bring themselves to harm the Yokubarl. Since someone has to try something, the baby pegasus jumps in.

Baby pegasus approaches Yokubarl

Guess how this confrontation ends…

So it turns out trying to enslave something that is not an inanimate object isn’t a very good idea, particularly when its offspring endangers itself.

There's a time and place...

The middle of a battle isn’t the time for that, Cure Magical!

The Pink Tourmaline starts glowing, and since it came from the healing flower, I’m sure you can guess what happens next. Well, Cure Magical has to distract the Yokubarl first.

Pointing game again

Maybe all pegasi are susceptible to this?

Magical uses the Pink Tourmaline and separates the mother pegasus from the Yokubarl, leaving it ready for their finishing move. Sparda takes off, as usual.

With everything back to normal, Mirai and Riko get their photo with the pegasus and pass their second-to-last test.

Photo get

A commemoration of the completion of the penultimate test

There’s a slight sense of melancholy as the girls realise that there’s only one test left, but they don’t stay down for too long.

An all right episode, though I’d have to say not my favourite of the bunch. Haa levelled up, and Mirai and Riko are still great together. Oh, and there’s further evidence suggesting that my theory about the supporting (or sustaining, whichever you prefer) Linkle Stones can only be used by the Cures in Diamond Style to be correct. We’ll have to see what the future holds regarding that.

Next time, Liz returns for the final test. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing that.

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