Spring 2016 Anime: What I Will Be Watching

With the end of the winter season of anime bearing down on us, it’s about that time for me to share which anime series I will be watching during the next season. As per usual, the information I have on these shows comes from the AniChart and TV Tropes websites.

Ace Attorney

An anime adaptation of the Ace Attorney visual novels, covering the first two. I love the games, so I’m, hoping this adaptation will do them justice. I’m hoping that whoever is responsible for subtitles for this will be consistent with the English translations of the games. Usually I’d be against subtitles using differing translations, but I’m used to the English names.
Due to air from April 2nd.


A schoolgirl series, that focuses on unlucky girls. Oh, and that song used in the PV – which I’m assuming is the opening theme – is incredibly adorable. The manga this one is adapted from is called Unhappy Go Lucky!, and I’ve also seen this one referred to as Unhappy.
Due to air from April 7th, and will be available on Crunchyroll worldwide except for Asia.


A series about schoolgirls riding motorcycles. Not really much else to say, but I’m always up for a girls’ club anime.
Due to air from April 4th.

Flying Witch

Judging from the PV alone, this one is probably going to be a relaxed, easy-going series. I’m totally up for that, hence its inclusion on the list.
Due to air from April 9th.

Hai Furi

This one is set in Japan 100 years after other counties have been submerged. Coastal cities that were built up were launched into the sea and seaborne routes between them expanded. Expanded sea routes meant that people were needed to safeguard the sea, resulting in women seeking employment as ‘Blue Mermaids’. Two girls, Akeno Misako and Moeka China seek to become Blue Mermaids and enrol in Yokosuka’s Marine High School.
A pretty interesting concept for this one, and that’s what’s got me interested in watching it.
Due to air from April 9th.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable

The fourth part of the long-running series, focusing on Josuke Higashikata. Naturally, he’ll be encountering plenty of other Stand users, particularly with the introduction of a bow and arrows that can awaken Stands in people.
I enjoyed Stardust Crusaders, so I’m looking forward to seeing the next part, which is due to start from April 1st. It will be streamed by Crunchyroll, who also have the previous parts available.

Pan de Peace!
A schoolgirl series with a focus on bread – basically, an anime that will probably make me hungry whilst watching it.
Due to air from April 4th.

Sansha Sanyou

It’s like this season is trying to make up for the lack of schoolgirl series during the winter, which is fine by me. An adaptation of a comedy manga, so I’m hoping we’ll get a few laughs from this one.
Due to air from April 10th.

I’ll also continue watching Assassination Classroom, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, and, of course, Maho Girls PreCure!.

There are a few other shows I might pick up later on down the line, or marathon at the end of the season. For now, though, the shows listed above are the ones I’ll definitely make an effort to be watching.

About Rory

I enjoy writing, manga, anime and video games, so naturally here on my blog, you will find anime reviews, Nintendo news and other such things that I deem interesting.
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3 Responses to Spring 2016 Anime: What I Will Be Watching

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I still am baffled at why theyr’e going with “Anne Happy”….

    Anyway, good picks! I’ve got my eye on a good amount of these. Really sad that Pan Peace got the short treatment….

    Mayoiga is one show I’m really looking forward to. Seems to have a really interesting setup, with a rather huge cast. Though, that may change when I see a second PV….whenever it pops up….

    • OG-Man says:

      Anime titles are known for being weird so best not to question it.

      Very sad that is.

      Mayoiga looks like something to check out later on.

  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    Let us hope that Phoenix Wright is good. The 3DS titles are funny, but you can never tell when it comes to video game adaptations.

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