Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 7: The Little Mermaids

This week’s episode of Maho Girls PreCure! takes place under the sea, and introduces a new Style.

Well, might as well start where the episode itself did: with the introduction of another teacher.


The teacher for this week is Loretta

Loretta close-up

…and here’s a closer view

The class follows Loretta underwater, where Mirai does the whole being surprised she can breathe underwater thing that you see fairly often – their teacher cast a spell beforehand so everybody could breathe underwater. Anyway, they arrive at their destination shortly afterwards.

Mermaid Village

The Mermaid Village

The class’s presence attract the attention of three young mermaids, but I’ll get to them when they introduce themselves proper.
Loretta explains that mermaids rarely venture above the surface of the sea as it has a ‘scary reputation’.

Anyway, the time for their lesson arrives. With speech being an important aspect of magic, Loretta’s lesson is for the students to master it.

Haa & a crab

Haa plays whilst the students are in their lesson

Clam shells

The main goal of the lesson: to get those shells open

Jun tries to open hers using force, and Riko attempts talking to her one – neither are successful. Loretta tells them that first the girls will need to open up before the clams will.

The students take a break, with Jun wondering off somewhere to explore. Mirai adn Riko sample some of the underwater food, with Riko’s attempt at using magic to transform a fruit into juice resulting in making it into a firework instead. This catches the attention of the three young mermaids from earlier.

Three young mermaids

From left to right: Dorothy, Nancy and Sissy

The three young mermaids say that there’s actually a whole bunch of them, not just the four we’ve seen. The others just happen to be hiding, due to the whole ‘scary reputation’ of the world above the sea’s surface. Mirai offers to show them some more magic, but it doesn’t really work out. However, Mofurun shows off some magic of his own.

Mofurun's dance

Even sealife can’t resist Mofurun’s dance

Mirai, Riko and the mermaids get to know each other a little better. The mermaids offer to show Mirai and Riko something cool; a treasure that the mermaids have been protecting.

Before we get to that, Yamoh reports to Dokurokoshe that he has detected a Linkle Stone in the Mermaid Village. Gamettsu, being a turtle, is the one who goes after it.

Mermaid Village's treasure

The Mermaid Village’s treasure

Of course, this is going to be important. Oh, and Jun appears upon hearing the word ‘treasure’. The Mermaid Village has been protecting that clam for ages, and it has a backstory to it.
The clam’s mouth use to be open, and mermaids use to fly in the air as well as swim in the sea.

Flying mermaids

See? Flying mermaids

Mermaids would mingle with surface dwellers, but that came to a stop when they stopped flying through the sky. This caused the clam to shut its mouth. Riko reads the inscription you see up there, which goes like this: ‘When light hath returned to our hearts, the Mermaids of Light shall return and lead us all o’er the world once more.’ (Though I suspect this will be translated in a few different ways by the fansubbers, but you get the idea).

Gamettsu arrives and causes tremors, which Mirai and Riko go to investigate. Jun and Mofurun remain behind with the mermaids. Elsewhere, Loretta instructs Isaac and the other students to stay put whilst she goes to investigate. Naturally, Mirai and Riko are first to encounter Gamettsu.

Monster of the week

Here’s this week’s Yokubarl

Mirai and Riko try to transform, but are unable to do so with Mofurun still in the grips of Dorothy. Of course, Dorothy doesn’t know better, so she refuses to allow him to go. Gamettsu takes Mirai and Riko not transforming as an insult. Despite coming under fire from the Yokubarl, the two girls stand up to it.

Holding hands

Mirai and Riko holding hands tends to lead to big things

Mirai & Riko

This is a catalyst for an event

Mirai and Riko’s clam shells open up, and all of the mermaids start praying. A blue light bathes the village, and Mofurun detects a sweet smell. Turns out the Mermaid Village’s treasure is something quite useful.

Sapphire Linkle Stone

The Sapphire Linkle Stone

Mirai and Riko receive the Sapphire, which means transformation time.

Sapphire Style transformation

Sapphire Style Transformation

Sapphire Style transformation 2

Sapphire Style PreCure

Cure Miracle & Cure Magical, Sapphire Style

Now, this Style is my favourite when it comes to design, but what ability does it bestow? Well…

Flying PreCure

The reason they can fly? Mermaids

So, yeah, I would have to say that this is my favourite Style overall – though it might be better to reserve judgement until I’ve seen all of them. For now, though, this is my favourite from what we’ve seen. Anyway, battle ensues, with the two Cures having an uncanny resemblance to the legendary Mermaids of Light. Of course, they have a flashy finishing move – let’s face it, it wouldn’t be PreCure without those.

Sapphire Smartish

Transforming, attacking – the two need to get somewhat intimate to do anything

Sapphire Smartish attack

Sapphire Smartish looks really similar to Gardevoir’s Synergy Burst attack from Pokkén Tournament – well, this part of it at least

Anyway, the Yokubarl is defeated and Gamettsu retreats. Loretta allows Mirai and Riko to keep the Sapphire.

Impressed mermaids

These mermaids know what’s up

Anyway, Mirai tells Dorothy, Nancy and Sissy that they’re friends now, and then everyone else arrives. Mirai and Riko pass their test, with the other students keen not to fall behind.

Now I’ve finally seen it in action, I really like the Sapphire Style. What’s more, we also got some more Magic World lore, which I think is pretty great. Seven episodes in, and we’ve had magic (naturally), fairies, dragons, mermaids and a few legends for good measure. Basically, a lot of stuff that fantasy fans, like myself, can certainly enjoy.

Next time, we look to the skies as the focus is on pegasi.

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10 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 7: The Little Mermaids

  1. OG-Man says:

    I cannot add much else. You know how I feel by this point. I LOVE MOFURUN, MiraRiko should kiss already, Sapphire Style became my new fav and it was surprising that it beat Ruby Style, the finishers are amazing and both Liz and Loretta are sexy.

    Can’t wait for the PreCure X MLP crossover next week.

  2. josefcd904 says:

    Of their transformations so far I see it as this.
    Diamond: Basic, easy to use and start. Mostly strength
    Ruby: Fire control, and fire stuff.
    Sapphire: Flight.

    Topaz it feels like that could be more defense or lightening, for whatever reason that is what I am thinking.

    Emerald will more than likely be that final form they gain at the end of the series to beat the “Last Boss” character.

    So far I do like Sapphire the most. Although their original transformation seems to be lacking more and more with each new one. I am sure something will happen that makes them important again.

    • Rory says:

      For the moment, we only know what the Topaz Style looks like – its ability could be anything. After all, who would have guessed they would gain flight from a gem often associated with water?
      I suspect you’re right about Emerald.
      Here’s a theory about their basic forms: maybe they can only use the other, non-transformation Linkle Stones in their normal forms, which would give them more variety as they gather more of them.

      • josefcd904 says:

        Yeah, that was my theory too for their basic form. Also maybe, since at some point they will be going back to that Mundane Realm, maybe the basic form can only work there. Although that is unlikely.
        The other stones probably will not just be connected to the basic, but the others, it just adds more to the basic is what I am assume.

    • MarkS00N says:

      I think Dia is Balance, Ruby is strength (its first accomplishment is throw away a Yokubaru from below, its final attack sent the Precure to Yokubaru instead of push Yokubaru away from the Precure) , Shappic (he he) is speed (the animation is considerably faster when the Precure dodge Yokubaru attack, and the “here! here!” cliche is usually used when you try to show that your character is faster than the enemy), so I think Topaz will generally be long range (maybe in its episode there will be no close range attack at all or the enemy is so far away that Precure need to outrange it)…

  3. MarkS00N says:

    I love how Mirai seems to be so obsess with Riko, she always comes for Riko, run to Riko when they are separated, beg Riko to be on her side, smile first to Riko, and all…
    Reminds me of Mana in second half Precure where she goes “Regina!” all over…

    And “Together we aren’t afraid”, huh? This is on top of last episode where Mirai said, “If it’s not Riko, I’d hate that!”…
    Why, aren’t you two act all lovely dovey with one another…

    Geez, I want to put my yuri enthusiasm to myself, but if you two being this gay, I can’t help but squee…
    This season slowly but surely creep climb in to my number one rank…

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