Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 3

The previous volume of Soul Eater introduced two antagonists in the form of Medusa and Crona, with the latter giving Soul a life-changing injury. In this volume, Black☆Star and Tsubaki have a major battle – though there’s the small matter of a legendary weapon before that.

Soul Eater Volume 3

The blurb:
Tsubaki and Black☆Star set off on their most difficult mission yet: a battle with the Uncanny Sword Masamune. But this fight holds personal significance for Tsubaki – their target is her older brother. Jealous of her inherited talents, Masamune is holding nothing back. Usually docile and complacent, Tsubaki must find the strength to overtake the Uncanny Sword before she too is sucked into the darkness.

This volume of the series contains four chapters, starting with chapter six and finishing up with chapter nine.

Chapter six is called ‘Holy Sword’. It begins with Soul recovering from the injury that he received from Crona, though the focus for this chapter is on Black☆Star and Death the Kid.
The pair of them go and seek out the Holy Sword Excalibur – the very same one from the Arthurian legend. Black☆Star and Kid do meet with Excalibur, but well – he defies expectations.
By the time the chapter ends, Soul is back on his feet.

Chapter seven is where the events mentioned in the blurb kick off. ‘Uncanny Sword (Part 1)’ begins with Tsubaki accepting the mission to put a stop to Masamune.She travels to Needle Village in East Asia together with Black☆Star. We learn a little about Black☆Star’s origin – he’s the sole survivor of the Star clan, and his presence isn’t tolerated due to that.
The Uncanny Sword possesses one of the villagers, so Black☆Star is drawn into a fight. He manages to claim victory, but Tsubaki still has some work to do.

Chapter eight ‘Uncanny Sword (Part 2)’ has Tsubaki confront Masamune in his inner world. Black☆Star is unable to do anything to help her in the real world, so he just sits and waits for her to come back – whilst the villagers beat him with sticks.
As Tsubaki continues to fight, Black☆Star recalls their first meeting. We also flashbacks of Tsubaki’s past to time she spent with her brother.
At the end of the chapter, Black☆Star and Tsubaki return to the DWMA, with a new ability for Tsubaki – one that proves too much for Black☆Star to handle at this point in the story.

Chapter nine is ‘Persevering Soul’, and opens with a witch mass. There are a few familiar faces in attendances, as well as a couple of new witches – Eruka and Mizune.
We also learn more about the effect that the black blood is having on Soul – a recurring dream that involves a little demon-type thing.
Stein gives Black☆Star a jug filled with water that sucks out the soul wavelength – he can use it to get used to Tsubaki’s new ability. Maka also wants to get stronger, though Stein informs her that she needs to find her own way.
A meeting between Medusa, Eruka and Mizune occurs, and it turns out Medusa has taken precautions against the other two witches.
The witches don’t go undetected, though Medusa keeps her identity secret from Stein and Maka when they arrive – though Stein has suspicions that a witch is hiding and observing them, particularly after the incident with Crona.
Once everyone’s gone, Medusa forcefully enlists Eruka to help her free the ‘Man with the Demon Eye’ from witch jail.

So despite featuring Death the Kid and the Thompson sisters on the cover, volume 3’s focus is on Black☆Star and Tsubaki. Both Soul and Tsubaki have received powerful new abilities, though both have their own drawbacks. More witches have been revealed, and we get an idea of how untrustworthy Medusa is – not even her fellow witches are safe from her.
Black☆Star’s goal of ‘surpassing the gods’ is made clear here, and that is what serves as his motivation throughout the series. He’s making some small steps towards that, but along the way he’s becoming a better character.

The next volume will have Maka and Soul unable to match wavelengths, and a jailbreak for the ‘Man with the Demon Eye’.


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