Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 6: Sisterly Love

This week in PreCure, the next test is overseen by a substitute teacher – someone that Riko happens to know fairly well.


Introducing Riko’s older sister, Liz.

Being one of the best wand users in the Magic Academy, Liz’s class involves practising wand skills. Their task is to cast magic to manipulate water. Liz leads by example.

Liz manipulating water

She’s just showing off…

Anyway, the task the students have to complete this time is to manipulate the water and hold it for ten seconds – the students have doubts about whether they can do it or not. However, Mirai enthusiastically volunteers. She tries, but doesn’t succeed.

Liz giving Mirai pointers

Liz offers Mirai some advice

Mirai, Emily, Kei and Jun are able to change the water’s form, but they can’t hold its shape for ten seconds.

Student's water manipulation

Flowers for Emily, boots for Jun and the backpack for Kei

Riko then tries it, immediately trying to conjure an elephant riding a ball just like her sister did. Of course, it doesn’t work.

Riko trying to imitate Liz

Not a wise idea to try advanced techniques right off the bat

The students keep it up, though Riko struggles the most. Mirai suggests she should take a break, whilst Liz tells her that she needs to focus.

Riko looks up to Liz

Riko really looks up to her older sister

Riko doubts her ability, but Liz offers her reassurance.

Liz reassures Riko

Liz has faith in her younger sister

Of course, Riko being Riko, she misinterprets Liz’s words and runs off. Naturally, Mirai chases after her.

Mirai chases after Riko

Mirai will always be there for Riko

Liz follows Mirai, and lets her know a little about the past. Riko would go everywhere with Liz, but…

Liz starting school

Alas, things change.

As a result of that, Riko became more aloof towards her sister. However, Liz’s faith in her never wavered. After hearing that, Mirai says she’ll bring Riko back. Liz returns to the other students, whilst Sparda spies on her.

Riko goes up to the school’s roof, where she allows her self-doubt to get the better of her.

Riko about to throw her wand

Riko’s ready to throw her wand away

However, Haa starts crying, stopping Riko from going through with it. She feeds the baby fairy

The Haa-stache

The return of what has been dubbed the ‘Haa-stache’

Riko’s other half finds her on the roof. Riko tells Mirai that she really admires her sisters, and that the pendant that allows her to transform originally belonged to Liz. Riko says that Liz should have kept it and become PreCure instead of her, but Mirai won’t hear of it.

Mirai comforting Riko

Mirai won’t allow her partner to doubt herself

Riko is the only for Mirai

‘Riko, you’re the only one for me!’

Before Riko can say anything to Mirai’s confession, the monster of the week appears where Liz and the other students are.

Monster of the Week

Here’s this week’s Yokubarl

Liz summons a magic carpet to take the students to safety, whilst she confronts the Yokubarl alone. The students escape, but Liz is taken out almost instantly. It also turns out the attack was a case of mistaken identity. Mirai and Riko fly to the scene on a broom, and transform.

Miracle and Magical attack

Harming those who are close to the PreCure is always a bad idea

During the battle, Cure Magical admits that she does love her sister, and that she intends to surpass her – I mean, I’d say that becoming a legendary magician probably qualifies her for that, but I suppose they’ll be keeping that on the down-low for the time being. The Aquamarine the Cures picked up in the previous episode reacts to Magical’s sisterly love.

Magical uses ice magic

Cure Magical uses ice magic powered by sisterly love

The Cures finish of the Yokubarl and Sparda retreats. The Cures stick around until Liz wakes up and take off when she does. With that confrontation over, the lesson resumes.

Lessons resume.jpg

These four are able to complete the task

Though Mirai passes the task, Riko still feels the need to do it as well – she has a sense of pride. Riko tries something a little simpler, and actually manages to use some advanced magic.

Riko's ice magic

Even advanced students find ice magic tricky

With that, everyone passes the test. None seem more ecstatic about it then Mirai.


A nice celebratory hug

Turns out Riko had received her wand from a tree blessed by the stars, and we get a quick flashback showing her receiving it.

Riko receiving her wand

Even at birth, Riko was destined for great things

Liz felt that Riko would become an excellent magician, which was the reason she gave her the pendant. She also recognises that Riko needs a close friend to keep her motivated.

Good friends

Friends don’t come any closer than Mirai here, both figuratively and literally

This episode introduced us to Riko’s sister and revealed a little more about her past, whilst also showing that the relationship between the two Cures is as strong as ever. Wouldn’t mind seeing more from Liz in future episodes, and I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of Mirai and Riko together.

Next time, singing, mermaids and a new Style. I think the new Style that will be introduced is my favourite design-wise, but I don’t exactly know what abilities it will provide just yet. Guess I’ll just have to wait until next time.

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5 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 6: Sisterly Love

  1. OG-Man says:

    Curse Spider Lady and her Yokubar for ruining a magical moment! Oh well, as long as Toei doesn’t do what they usually do it’ll only be a matter of time before the two tie the knot.

    I too am excited to see what their new Style will be like.

    • Rory says:

      Villains can always be counted on to show up at just the wrong time… well, I’m sure they’ll get whats coming to them later down the line. Hoping for Toei not to be Toei might be a stretch, but they can’t do anything to stop fans’ interpretations of the relationship between Mirai and Riko.

      • OG-Man says:

        Their day of reckoning will be one to anticipate.

        Sad but true. It’s almost inevitable that there will be a FRI (Forced Romantic Interest).

  2. cirno9fan says:

    Hm….after watchign this episode and paying more close attention to the chants/etc, I am more in the camp that we won’t get more precure. We might get like one more, but the chances seem kinda low. Still, you never know with Precure!

    I’m sure we’ll see more of Liz. Her being a family member of Riko makes that pretty likely.

    • Rory says:

      I believe that the show will stick with just two, based on the colours of the different Styles.

      Liz is pretty great, I’d be happy to see more from her in the future.

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