Top 10 PreCure Fights

So here’s another post to fill up that ‘Pretty Cure Stuff’ page I created a little while ago. As you can see, I’ll be focusing on some of the fights from the franchise. I’ve even created a video to go with it, though it is a YouTube video and probably very likely to be taken down due to copyright – or at least, that’s the impression I’m getting from YouTube these days. Regardless, it’s there for now.
I’ll be putting the video after the break, since it does contain spoilers – there’s also a warning at the beginning of the video as well. There will also be text-based spoilers, as I intend to talk a little about each scene. With that said, let’s dive in.

Number 10: Cure Aqua vs. Hadenya
Whilst Yes! PreCure 5 felt like a total slog to get through to me, I did enjoy the fight scenes. Of course, this one in particular sticks in the mind as the whole horseback duel thing is really quite cool. There’s also the fact that Cure Aqua wields her Aqua Ribbon like a sword – though I don’t think that use for it ever comes up again after that.

Number 9: Cure Melody, Cure Rhythm, Cure Beat & Cure Muse vs. Noise
Noise is the big bad in Suite PreCure, and this fight appears in an episode that has the title ‘The PreCure’s Final Fight’, despite the fact that there are another two episodes after it. Anyway, the girls are able to match the draconic Noise’s strength, with a couple of highlights being Cure Beat skidding along his tail and punching him in the head and Cure Muse kicking several pieces of pillar at him.

Number 8: Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, Cure Rosetta, Cure Sword & Cure Ace vs. Melan
The DokiDoki! Cures have to fight Melan in order to prove their strength. The dragon turns out to be a formidable foe, forcing the Cures to come together – but even then, the battle doesn’t exactly go their way.
All five Cures participate in the battle, determined to prove their worth. I enjoyed watching them work together as a team, even if the battle didn’t exactly go in their favour.

Number 7: Cure Peach vs. Eas
This fight is the climax of Eas’ character arc, and it’s pretty impressive. Cure Peach takes it upon herself to fight Eas, turning down help from her fellow Cures. What makes it better is the emotions that the combatants feel, with Peach actually crying as she trades blows with Eas – the two had become friends in their civilian forms.

Number 6: Forever Lovely vs. Red
Whilst I’m not too fond of HappinessCharge PreCure!, I’ll admit that this battle is impressive to watch. Cure Lovely’s eleventh-hour superpower transforms her into Forever Lovely, allowing her to fight on par with Red, who is a god. Yes, the finale has pretty much been done before by previous seasons and Forever Lovely won’t shut up about love, but the hand-to-hand combat on display here is impressive.

Number 5: Cure Flora vs. Close
Go! Princess PreCure‘s post-climax confrontation boasts some of the finest animation in the franchise to date, making it a joy to watch. I particularly like the way in which Cure Flora wields her staff. The way the battle ends is kind of abrupt, though – I much prefer the final villain to be outright defeated, as it gives a better sense of closure.

Number 4: Cure Beauty vs. Joker
Whilst Smile PreCure! was a more episodic affair than the other iterations of PreCure, that had no effect on showing some amazing fights. Cure Beauty taking on Joker is my favourite, simply for the fact that Beauty wields the ice sword she’s seen holding during the opening. Even better, it invokes a feeling of Unlimited Blade Works as when one blade shatters she grabs a new one – even dual-wielding at one point. Joker is also the best villain in Smile!, so it was great to see my favourite Smile! Cure take on my favourite villain.

Number 3: Cure Moonlight vs. Dark PreCure
I would probably say that Cure Moonlight is my favourite Cure in the entire franchise, and this battle is extremely personal for her. The clip I’ve chosen here is only part of the battle, but a particularly awesome part what with the music kicking in. HeartCatch PreCure! was certainly no slouch when it came to the fights… and I’m not done talking about it just yet.

Number 2: Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, Cure Sunshine and Cure Moonlight vs. Dune
The final battle of HeartCatch PreCure! is one heck of a spectacle, and it comes right after the fight between Moonlight and Dark PreCure. There’s an emotional event between the two, resulting in an extremely cathartic battle as the Cures pummel seven shades of the mucky stuff out of the big bad. Again, the clip is only part of the battle – the final fight takes on a grand scale and is a worthy end to an incredible season of PreCure.

Number 1: Cure Bright, Cure Windy, Michiru & Kaoru vs. Gohyan
I feel that Splash Star‘s final battle has not been surpassed by any other season of PreCure so far. The whole thing wouldn’t look out of place in Dragon Ball Z, and it only takes two episodes. The clip here is only part of the fight, but it’s all epic. You’ve got hand-to-hand combat, energy blasts everywhere and quite possibly the most powerful finisher the franchise has seen.
I particularly enjoy Michiru coming out of nowhere to deliver a kick to Gohyan’s chin, and the four girls combining their attacks to deliver a devastating blow.

There we have it – a few fight scenes that are far more impressive than those you might find in shonen anime. Of course, these are just my personal favourites from over 10 years worth of stuff – I’m fully aware that there are many others well worth mentioning. Can’t forget the films, either.
It’s not just the past stuff either – Maho Girls PreCure! is currently airing at time of writing, so I’m looking forward to seeing what that has in store for us. The producer of Splash Star was Takashi Washio, who is also responsible for producing Maho Girls PreCure!. I’m hoping this will result in an epic finale, though there’s a long wait to go before we get there – still, the stuff I’ve seen so far has been enjoyable.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    The only one I’ve so far was Mana’s harem vs Melan. Can almost never go wrong in epic battles against ancient dragons.

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