Some Maho Girls PreCure! Tidbits

This is just a post to share a few bits of information about Maho Girls PreCure! that I found interesting – maybe you already know these things, but I’d figure I’d create this post anyway.
Actually, something of a warning – the designs for the Cure Miracle and Cure Magical’s other forms are on the official website, and I shall be sharing them here. If you’d rather wait to see them in action on the actual show, you might just want to give up reading this post for now. There’s also a few other things I found interesting.

All right, first up, the full opening and ending themes for Maho Girls PreCure! have been available for roughly a week now – a quick search on YouTube should be sufficient if you’re interested in listening to them.

So most of this information comes from the official website, which you can find by clicking here. Naturally, it’s all in Japanese.

Well, I say ‘all’, but a quick look at the profiles of the antagonists reveals their names in English – though that’s the only thing, everything else is strictly Japanese.
First up is the big bad, who is ‘Dokurokoshe’. The bat-man is ‘Batty’, the spider-woman is ‘Sparda’, the turtle-dude is ‘Gamettsu’, the lizard-fellow is ‘Yamoh’ and the monsters of the week are called ‘Yokubarl’. I can’t say whether the fansubs will be consistent with these names, but that is how I shall be referring to them in the future since it’s what the official website gives us.

Next, I’m sure you’ve noticed the runes that appear occasionally. Turns out they actually translate into sentences, and the official website gives us this:


Apparently they don’t use punctuation in the Magic World.

Also worth mentioning are the series’ motifs. They are witches, gemstones and holding hands. The submotifs are love, justice, dreams and friendship.

Finally, the other forms. First up, Diamond and Ruby – the ones you’ll be familiar with if you’ve been watching the show so far.

Cure Miracle Diamond

Cure Miracle

Cure Magical Diamond

Cure Magical

Cure Miracle Ruby

Cure Miracle, Ruby Style

Cure Magical Ruby

Cure Magical, Ruby Style

With the familiar forms done, let’s look at the ones that haven’t appeared outside of the opening sequence at the time of writing. Up first, the Sapphire Style.

Cure Miracle Sapphire

Cure Miracle, Sapphire Style

Cure Magical Sapphire

Cure Magical, Sapphire Style

Finally, the Topaz Style.

Cure Miracle Topaz

Cure Miracle, Topaz Style

Cure Magical Topaz

Cure Magical, Topaz Style

Taking into consideration the colour schemes of the different Styles, it really seems like we’ll only be sticking with two Cures throughout the run of the show.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to share – just some small pieces of information that I thought were rather neat.


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