Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 5: Icy Isle

This week on Maho Girls PreCure!, Mirai and Riko have a fight – something that has become a tradition in PreCure, particularly when there are only two Cures.
I also want to mention that the producer of this season of PreCure is Takashi Washio, who was previously responsible for producing Futari wa Pretty Cure, Max Heart, Splash Star and both seasons of Yes! Pretty Cure 5, as well as the second half of Go! Princess PreCure.
Here’s hoping the finale will be comparable to Splash Star‘s.
Anyway, let’s take a look at the episode.

Linkle Smartome

We learn a little more about the item the girls picked up last time

So naturally the Linkle Smartome (I’m just going to be consistent with the subs you see here) is a legendary item.

Crying Fairy Baby

Raising your voice results in a crying baby

Mirai and Riko can use their Linkle Stones with the Linkle Smartome to help look after the baby – in this case, the Diamond makes it produce some milk.

Mirai and Riko.jpg

Sure, they’re smiling at each other now…

Anyway, after being fed the baby returns to the tome. The whole fairy baby thing is more than a bit reminiscent of Chiffon from Fresh Pretty Cure!. The episode starts proper, and it’s time for the second test.

Magic kettle

A simple task… almost

Whilst making tea should be simple, turns out there’s more to the test.

Icy Isle

Icy Isle is where the lesson takes place

Cat ears

I approve of the cat ears – oh, and all they need to do is boil the kettle

Anyway, as you might expect, the bitter cold makes it extremely hard to concentrate on performing magic. None of the girls can quite get it on their first attempt, but Mirai has a suggestion.

Oshikura Manju.jpg

A chant to keep you warm

Riko and Jun have their doubts, though Jun warms up to the idea. Riko would rather concentrate on boiling the kettle with her magic. The other girls warm up, and Mirai is eager to try out her magic.


Apparently a small puff of steam equals success

Jun, Emily and Kei are also able to boil their kettles and everyone passes the test. Riko isn’t too happy as she did nothing.

Mirai and Riko are a pair

Turns only one of Mirai or Riko needs to pass, being a pair

Riko isn’t happy with that turn of events, and takes off. Naturally, Mirai and Mofurun follow after her.

Mirai did her best

A nice sentiment, but not what Riko wants to hear

Mirai and Riko argue with each other, but Mofurun smells a sweet scent and runs after it. The girls follow him.

After a quick scene showing the villains, we cut back to Mirai, Riko and Mofurun… and the two girls are still arguing.

I'm talking to the bear.jpg


Whilst arguing the girls take in the sights of the Icy Isle, including a Frost Volcano and the nails of an Ice Dragon. Turns out bickering like an old married couple has a negative effect on your kids…

The results of bickering

Clearly the baby isn’t a fan of Mirai and Riko not getting along

Mirai settles the baby, but the two girls haven’t settled their differences. Meanwhile, Batty spies on them and he’s rather pleased to see that they’re fighting. We also get a glimpse of the previously mentioned Ice Dragon.

Ice Dragon

This is the only time we see it in this episode

Turns out Ice Dragons fly high like that to avoid storms, so they can be used to tell when one is rolling in. Mirai, Riko and Mofurun seek shelter from the storm, but still continue their arguing.

Sheltered, but arguing

Take note of Riko’s hands

With Mirai realising that frostbite is creeping in on Riko’s fingers, she apologises. Mirai got caught up in being able to use magic that she didn’t consider Riko’s feelings, whilst Mirai let her jealousy get the better of her. Their little heart-to-heart puts them on better terms.

Warming up

Apparently that Oshikura Manju chant can stave off frostbite…

Time passes, and so does the storm, treating the girls and Mofurun to a view of an aurora.


Also turns out to be important to the plot

Thankful Mirai

Mirai’s thankful for how things have turned out

Tsundere Riko

Tsundere mode, engaged

A Linkle Stone falls from the aurora, and Mirai goes to grab it. She is watched by Batty, who summons the monster of the week.

Monster of the Week

Clearly an Ice and Flying type

The monster attacks Mirai before she can get near the Linkle Stone. Of course, Riko isn’t just going to stand there doing nothing.

Riko calling Mirai

The first time Riko has used Mirai’s name

That's the first time you've used my name

Told you.

Riko continues to be tsundere

‘I-it’s not like I like you or anything…’

The two continue ‘not fighting’ and transform into the Ruby PreCure. Batty leaves the monster of the week to deal with them whilst he makes a dash for the Linkle Stone.

Linked hearts

Mofurun can see that the pair do care for each other, even with all the arguing

So long, eh, yokubaru

This invokes memories of Super Mario 64

Mofurun is able to grab the Linkle Stone – it is the Ice Linkle Stone, Aquamarine. Miracle and Magical finish of the monster of the week and Batty retreats. The Aquamarine is one of the Linkle Stones that supports the Emerald.

Feelings in sync

That’s why they were able to acquire the Aquamarine


The fairy grows after they acquire the Aquamarine

They use the Ice Linkle Stone with the Linkle Smartome and produce some Sky Blue Soup for the fairy. They also decide that her name is ‘Haa’, clearly going for the Pokémon school of naming things based on what they say. In the end, Mirai and Riko start to get along better and even both use each other’s names on their own – Mirai drops the ‘-chan’ from Riko’s name, which shows that the two are growing closer.

You used my name, didn't you

Of course, Riko continues to be all tsundere about it

The episode ends with their teacher and the rest of the class arriving on a magic carpet to take them back.

So, the bond between Mirai and Riko grew in this episode, but naturally they had to have a conflict first. We also see that Riko can be tsundere, and a plot coupon was picked up.

Next time, Riko’s sister makes an appearance.

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5 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 5: Icy Isle

  1. cirno9fan says:

    “Apparently that Oshikura Manju chant can stave off frostbite…”
    it is a magical ‘spell’ from her grandma! I really do wonder if her grandma was in the magic school before? Speaking of, I wonder if Mirai will get to actually transfer to the school after all this? She definitely is able to use magic, even outside being a precure.

    • Rory says:

      I think it’s safe to say that Mirai’s grandmother is aware of the existence of the Magic World – it seems that old women in the PreCure universe tend to know more than they let on. The very first season gives us Honoka’s grandmother, though I would argue that the best example of this is Tsubomi’s grandmother in HeartCatch.
      Considering she has an aptitude for magic, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mirai does transfer into the Magic Academy – I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  2. OG-Man says:

    It is a known fact that down to Earth grandparents were secretly badasses in their heyday and I too predict the same for Mirai’s grandma.

  3. OG-Man says:

    I’d be somewhat disappointed if Mirai and Riko don’t end up married by show’s end…teehee.
    I love Ruby Mode so much, so very much.
    I see their daughter grows faster the closer her moms become. Yes I know it’s due to the Linkle Stones but everyone knows that’s the cover story.

    • Rory says:

      Mirai and Riko are made for each other, of that there is no doubt.
      I’m looking forward to seeing if the transformation sequences for the future forms can top Ruby in terms of gayness – I’m going to guess they’ll at least be equal.
      Like Mofurun said, Mirai and Riko wouldn’t have been able to get the Linkle Stone without their feelings being in sync, which in turn means that Haa wouldn’t have grown if her two mums hadn’t become closer.

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