Top 10 Pretty Cure Fairies

Since I’ve ranked each series of PreCure from worst to best in my opinion and talked about my favourite pairings, I figured I’d make a new post dedicated to the mascot fairies. After all, there are one of the most important recurring elements of the show – heck, of any magical girl show.
I was thinking about ranking them all, but there’s way too many of them. That being the case, I’ll be presenting my personal top ten – and while we’re at it, I guess I’ll include some ‘dishonourable mentions’. Not all of the fairies were exactly tolerable…
I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but they might end up appearing. Talking of spoilers, the fairies that appear in this list are from Fresh, HeartCatch, Suite, Smile, DokiDoki!, Go! Princess and Maho Girls. If any spoilers do appear, it will be for these shows. With that in mind, let’s just dive right in.

Dishonourable Mentions
Well, let’s start off with some negativity… so, this won’t be a surprise to anyone who’s ready my previous PreCure posts, but I can’t stand the fairies from Yes! Pretty Cure 5. Coco and Nuts are the main culprits here due to their incredibly irritating voices. Milk can be annoying too, though she does go on to become the ‘sixth ranger’, Milky Rose. This is technically a spoiler, but well… it’s incredibly obvious.
Mepple and Mipple from Futari wa Pretty Cure can be annoying, but Pollun and Lullun are worse. Pollun actually gets better in Max Heart, but Lullun doesn’t.
Honestly, I feel like they didn’t really nail the mascot thing until Fresh Pretty Cure! – fortunately, things got a lot better from there onwards.

With that out of the way, let’s get on with the top ten.

10: Pop
At number 10 is Pop from Smile PreCure!. Though Candy is the main mascot for Smile, I just happen to prefer her brother. Pop has the spirit of a samurai, even having archaic speech patterns. He thinks of himself as a man and takes being called ‘cute’ an insult. He is also easily flustered when it comes to praise.

9: Coupé
Coupé appears in HeartCatch PreCure! and only has one single line of spoken dialogue during the entire run. As you can see, he isn’t your typical small and cute fairy (he towers over pretty much all of the characters), though he is immensely huggable. Coupé is the partner of Cure Flower – a retired Cure who has a connection to Tsubomi.
When Cure Blossom and Cure Marine are just starting out, Coupé is there to lend them a hand if the situation becomes bad.

8: Miss Siamour
Miss Siamour
From Go! Princess PreCure, Miss Siamour (or Miss Shamour depending on who you ask) is a Siamese cat fairy who teaches Haruka, Minami and Kirara how to be princesses. What I like about Miss Siamour is her use of gratuitous English. This is made even better by her voice actress, Mayumi Shintani – the voice of Kill la Kill‘s Nonon Jakuzure.
Miss Siamour is able to turn her hand to pretty much anything, and carry it off extremely well. Again, another fairy who is perfectly capable of fighting should the need arise.

7: Tarte
Fresh Pretty Cure! was something of a refresh for PreCure after Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. Tarte (or just Tart) was part of that – the first fairy mascot to look entirely like an animal. Interestingly, Tarte doesn’t actually possess any magical powers.
Tarte speaks with a Kansai regional accent, and insists that he’s ‘a very very cute fairy’ – don’t mistake him for a ferret or weasel. He also happens to suffer a lot of comedic abuse, despite being a fairy.

6: Sharuru
The partner of Mana Aida/Cure Heart from DokiDoki! PreCure. Sharuru is passionate and a hard worker. She gains the ability to transform into a human form over the course of the series, allowing to help Mana out with her responsibilities at school. Oh, and being a female character in DokiDoki! naturally means that some fans interpret her as part of Mana’s harem.

5: Davi
Another fairy from DokiDoki!, this time the partner of Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword. In her human form, she calls herself DB and acts as Makoto’s manager.
Davi is the oldest and thus most mature of the DokiDoki! fairies. She also serves as a mentor for the younger fairies.
Davi supports Makoto in her endeavours, though she feels that she should be more honest with herself. She also teases Makoto, though it’s her method for helping out. Also the only fairy to have been shown driving a car – this is in her human form, naturally.

4: Mofurun
The newest fairy on this list, hailing from Maho Girls PreCure!. It might be too early to put him on a top ten list, but I can’t deny that in the four episodes I’ve seen at the time of writing, Mofurun has proven himself to be a great character.
He starts the series as nothing more than a plain teddy bear, but when Mirai and Riko work their magic together he gains the ability to talk. He also recognises that Mirai and Riko need each other.

3: Cologne
My favourite fairy from HeartCatch PreCure! is one that has the least screentime – there’s a very good reason for this. Being a key part of Cure Moonlight’s story, I can’t really say too much without spoiling things.
I can, however, say that for some reason, his design really appeals to me. I don’t know what it is exactly, since all the HeartCatch fairies have a similar appearance.

2: Seiren
From Suite PreCure♪, Seiren is actually a mascot on the enemy’s side. She is a Fairy of Songs and a friend of Hummy’s – well, she was a friend of Hummy’s until Seiren became jealous of Hummy gaining the title of the annual singer of the Melody of Happiness.
Seiren is able to transform into human form, and again, can fight. She also gets over her jealousy of Hummy during the course of Suite, and can be very protective of her – in fact, endangering Hummy happens to be a catalyst for an event that I won’t spoil here.
Talking of Hummy…

1: Hummy
Another Fairy of Songs, again from Suite. Not the smartest fairy around, but arguably the kindest. Even after Seiren’s betrayal, Hummy feels no negativity towards her. It’s really quite heartwarming how much Hummy cares for Seiren.
The number one reason Hummy got the number one place, though? Simple: she’s a cat. I know there have been other cat mascots, but Hummy is easily the best one out of all of them. I also happen to have a bias towards cats, so, yeah… She also tends to end her sentences with ‘nya’, because she’s a cat.

There we have it – a top ten that I’ll probably look back on in the future and have changed my mind about the placements of some of the fairies. However, Seiren and Hummy are the best fairies, of that I have no doubt. Mofurun’s high up on the list, but something might happen that could change that – I’m content with the placement for now though.


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One Response to Top 10 Pretty Cure Fairies

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I also really like how Hummy helped even without using special powers. She just did catty things, and still proved really helpful. And she was just adorableness~

    So, yeah, I’m definitely agreeing with having her as #1 (I also have a cat bias xD)

    Dunno how I would rank the rest of the list, I haven’t seen as much as you, so it seems premature to rank them. Outside Hummy. I just know she’ll be my favorite even after having seen more Precure ❤

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