Pretty Cure Pairings

So I’ve ranked Pretty Cure by season based on my own personal tastes, and I always mention how the main reason I’m watching it is for the yuri subtext. With that in mind, I figure a post to talk about the various pairings would probably be a good idea.
As you may have guessed, the pairings I will talk about will strictly be yuri – I know there’s potential straight pairings as well, but I have no personal interest in them.
This is just to discuss the various pairings, so I’m not ranking them or anything. However, I’ll probably mention when I’m talking about a favourite.
Also, the pictures featured in this post were found on danbooru (a NSFW imageboard, though the images in this post are SFW), and the caption for each image will have the artist’s name.

Nagisa Misumi (Cure Black) and Honoka Yukishiro (Cure White)

Cure Black & Cure White by Seiji Kikuchi

By Kikuchi Seiji

Well, might as well start with the premier Cures, from Futari wa Pretty Cure. They definitely deserve a mention for being the first, though there are several factors that put a dampener on this pairing in the main series.
Still, Nagisa and Honoka could be considered the fan-preferred couple for this season – with them playing lead roles in Romeo and Juliet, and the pair sharing a bed at one point providing some pretty good reasons for having them together.

Saki Hyuuga (Cure Bloom/Cure Bright) & Mai Mishou (Cure Bright/Cure Windy)

Saki & Mai by Yukihiko Azuma

By Azuma Yukihiko

For characters who start of as expies of Nagisa and Honoka, it’s only natural that there’d be yuri subtext between the two. Fortunately, they do go on to become their own characters, but retain that yuri subtext. Heck, the non-serial movie is almost entirely devoted to the relationship between Saki and Mai. Should probably also mention the first ending theme with all the shots of Saki and Mai holding hands.
Saki does show interest towards Mai’s older brother, though nothing much really happens with that as far as I recall.
I happen to prefer Splash Star to the first two seasons, so naturally when it comes to couples I prefer Saki and Mai to Nagisa and Honoka.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go!Go! does have some yuri subtext, but ultimately it was pretty negligible. So let’s just move on.

Love Momozono (Cure Peach) and Setsuna Higashi (Cure Passion)

Cure Peach & Cure Passion by aoi-a

By aoi-a

From Fresh Pretty Cure!, Cure Passion officially debuts around the halfway point. To say too much more would spoil things, but basically she ends up living together with Love and her family, and Love is there to offer advice and comfort when Setsuna needs it.
A pretty good pairing, though there are others that I think are better.


Yuri Tsukikage (Cure Moonlight) and Momoka Kurumi

Yuri & Momoka by negom

By negom

Ah, a pairing between a Cure and a civilian – though that civilian is the older sister of Erika Kurumi, AKA Cure Marine. Yuri and Momoka attend the same school, and have some rather nice moments together.


Tsubomi Hanasaki (Cure Blossom) and Erika Kurumi (Cure Marine)

Tsubomi & Erika by bakusai.jpg

By bakusai

Since HeartCatch starts with two Cures, it’s only natural for there to be les yay between the two. Actually, Tsubomi could be paired up with practically any of the other characters, the Cures in particular. When it comes down to it, I think she’s best paired up with Erika, though being at Yuri’s side during the climactic battle also provides a solid argument for that pairing.


Hibiki Houjou (Cure Melody) and Kanade Minamino (Cure Rhythm)

Hibiki & Kanade by minatsuki randoseru

By minatsuki randoseru

From Suite PreCure♪, we have quite possibly one of the best couples in the franchise – though still not my personal favourite.
Anyway, the two argue like a married couple, Kanade’s father says he bakes cakes for his wife and Kanade repeats that almost word for word about Hibiki, there’s a point where Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm have what could be considered an accidental kiss, a female villain infiltrates their school and we get what looks like a love triangle situation, their transformation and the opening theme… yeah, just a couple of things to justify this pairing, then.


Hummy and Seiren

Hummy & Seiren by kurochiroko

By kurochiroko

How about some love between mascots? Maybe a weird inclusion, but hey, why the heck not? Anyway, turns out trying to make Hummy suffer in front of Seiren is a rather bad idea – this acts as catalyst for an event that I won’t spoil here; though I suspect it’s easy enough to guess considering this is Pretty Cure.
Regardless, definitely a more unusual pairing, but one that deserves recognition anyway.


Akane Hino (Cure Sunny), Nao Midorikawa (Cure March) and Reika Aoki (Cure Beauty)

RGB Trio by negom.jpg

By negom

Did I say pairs? Well, Smile PreCure! gives us the RGB Trio. If you want pairs, I suppose you could go for the Nissan Combination (Akane and Nao) or 8:40 (Nao and Reika), but why not put all three characters together?
There’s an episode dedicated to the Nissan Combination (thus named because Sunny and March are both names of Nissan-brand vehicles), and it seems this was a catalyst for creating a fan-preferred couple.
Oh, and 8:40 refers to moments between Nao and Reika that tend to happen around the eight minutes and forty seconds mark.
Talking of Reika, there’s an episode based on fairy tails where she gets to be the handsome prince who dances with Cinderella-Miyuki… and Yayoi quite likes Prince Reika as well.


Miyuki Hoshizora (Cure Happy) and Nico

Miyuki & Nico by gumichoco

By gumichoco

Nico is a movie-only character, appearing in Smile PreCure! The Movie: Big Mismatch in a Picture Book!, but hey, she provides some les yay so why not acknowledge her here?
Nico’s isn’t particularly nice at first, but there’s a pretty good reason for this. As the movie goes on, she gets better and even declares her love for Miyuki. Though the movies tend to be non-canon, it’s definitely worth watching this one for that.


Next up, we dive into the stealth yuri harem that is DokiDoki! PreCure – my personal favourite iteration of Pretty Cure, and also the one with my favourite pairing. Now, let’s take a look at the six different girls that have feelings for Mana Aida (Cure Heart).

Mana's Harem by minatsuki randoseru

By minatsuki randoseru

Rikka Hishikawa (Cure Diamond)
First up, Mana’s close and devoted childhood friend, Rikka. Mana feels she can do so much more with the support of Rikka. Rikka also gets called Mana’s wife at one point. Rikka also gets jealous over the growing friendship between Mana and Makoto.
Mana can get back into Rikka’s good graces by saying ‘I love you’. Oh, and the pair have slept together at least once… the list doesn’t end there, either.

Alice Yotsuba (Cure Rosetta)
Also a childhood friend of Mana’s, and she feels the same jealousy over the friendship between Mana and Makoto as Rikka. In a flashback, Mana caught Alice much like one might expect a prince to catch a falling princess, and Alice is motivated to fight for Mana after recalling her words from when they were younger. Oh, and Alice is the one who looks after Mana in the infirmary. Not as much here as for other characters, but still…

Makoto Kenzaki (Cure Sword)
Mana pretty much fangirls over Makoto, and can be seen as having a crush on her. They decorate a rice omelette with a heart together, Mana and Makoto get described as Ai’s mama and papa, Makoto doesn’t like the idea of Regina befriending Mana. The two also eat a rice omelette together, which Mana is happy about.

Aguri Madoka (Cure Ace)
There’s a point where Aguri leans on Mana’s head for no reason, they all share their shaved ice together – ‘Super Special Delicious Sweets’, an experience that Mana shared with Regina before, Aguri becomes the sparrow to Mana’s prince and they also dance together.

Or is it Sharuru? Well, however you spell it, Mana hugs Charle, Charle does everything for Mana and they sleep in the same bedroom.

Ah, here’s quite possibly my most favourite non-Cure character in the entire franchise. She also happens to be my favourite character to pair Mana with, and the following will show why this is:
It starts with Regina declaring that Mana belongs to her, Cure Heart gives a speech that sets Regina’s heart racing, episode 21 has Regina say three words, episode 22 shows them sleeping together in the same bed whilst holding hands. Cure Heart loses her will to fight for reasons pertaining to Regina, though she is able to get it back thanks to her love for her harem.
The final few episodes really take the cake when it comes to Mana and Regina, though.

There isn’t just Mana’s harem, either. Makoto gets moments with Marie Ange and Alice, there’s also Aguri and her classmate and ‘most precious friend’ Eru.
To sum it up, DokiDoki! PreCure is a goldmine for yuri fans. That’s part of what makes it my personal favourite iteration of the Pretty Cure franchise, along with the myth arc that runs through it.

Megumi Aino (Cure Lovely) and Hime Shirayuki (Cure Princess)

Cure Lovely & Cure Princess by senba hikari

By senba hikari

Though it felt like everyone had romantic feelings for everyone else at some point in HappinessCharge, this happens to be a fan-preferred couple even despite all the straight couples getting exposure.
Some highlights include Megumi and Hime holding hands, the pair cutting a cake together like at a wedding, Megumi saying she loves Hime and Megumi dreaming of Hime’s belly…
In the grand scheme of things, HappinessCharge wasn’t very good in my opinion, even with the yuri subtext, so I don’t really think much of this pairing.

Haruka Haruno (Cure Flora) and Minami Kaido (Cure Mermaid)

Haruka & Minami by edoya pochi

By edoya pochi

Yes, Kanata serves as a potential love interest for Haruka in Go! Princess PreCure, but I don’t care – in fact, it seems that Haruka is a launcher of a thousand ships, being paired with Yui, Minami, Kirara, Towa, Kanata, Close and Yuuki. It’s just that out of those potential pairings, I happen to believe she goes best with Minami.
This comes about from Haruka comforting Minami by holding her hand, as her fear of ghosts has rendered her unable to fight. In the same episode, Minami asks to have her first dance with Haruka, in front of the entire school. Haruka accepts, and there’s also the declaration of her being Minami’s knight.
Or how about when Minami’s self-proclaimed fiancee turns up and tries to separate Haruka from Minami – this only results in strengthening the bond between the two girls.

Kirara Amanogawa (Cure Twinkle) and Towa Akagi (Cure Scarlet)

Kirara & Towa by sharumon

By sharumon

Kirara tickling Towa in order to get her to smile, and the pair gazing into each other’s eyes for a long moment – an event from a single episode, but enough material I feel to justify shipping these two together. Oh, and they also happen to become roommates.

Mirai Asahina (Cure Miracle) and Riko (Cure Magical)

Mirai & Riko by puca-rasu

By puca-rasu

It’s only early days for Maho Girls PreCure!, but already Mirai and Riko are fast-establishing themselves as one of my favourite pairings. They need to be together to transform, and there is a lot of hand-holding going on. Their transformation sequences have them getting rather close, with the Ruby one being rather spectacular in that regard.
Also, Mirai needs Riko – not my words, but Mofurun’s. Oh, and I’m obligated to mention the birth of a magical baby fairy through the power of yuri, having missed the opportunity in my episodic post for episode 4.

So there we have it, that covers various pairings from the Pretty Cure franchise. Oh, and my top three look something like this, starting with my favourite:
Mana and Regina
Hibiki and Kanade
Mirai and Riko

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I enjoy writing, manga, anime and video games, so naturally here on my blog, you will find anime reviews, Nintendo news and other such things that I deem interesting.
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15 Responses to Pretty Cure Pairings

  1. OG-Man says:

    Reblogged this on The Yuri Nation and commented:
    Rory ranked the PreCure shows from lamest to coolest. Now my self-appointed PreCure analyst returns with his favorite pairings from all shows, including Mirai X Riko from Mahou Tsukai PreCure.

  2. cirno9fan says:

    That top three is my top three as well~

    Also, I’m surprised you didn’t talk about the movie and what happened between Hibiki and Kanade. That was one really ❤ scene

    Really liked Seiren and Hummy too ~

    I know it's not yuri, but Akane and Brian gets my single Precure Het Pairing award. Something about those two just really worked for me.

    No Miyuki and Yayoi love o(TヘTo) くぅ (my personal favorite pairing in Smile)

    Go Pri actually had a good amount of material for Kirara. She could have had her own mini-harem: Towa, her kouhai, and the self-proclaimed rival.

    • Rory says:

      What can I say? Those three pairings are great.

      Having taken in so much PreCure, I’m bound not to remember every last thing. Still, that’s where fans like yourself can fill in any missing details, like with the Suite PreCure film as mentioned here.
      Seiren and Hummy are really great, and the fact they are cats just adds to that.

      Brian and Akane is a potential pairing, I’ll admit to that. Not to my personal taste, but there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging it. Also, Brian gets bonus points from me as he is from the UK.
      I never really even considered the MIyuki and Yayoi pairing… Well, that’s another potential pairing that works for me – it gives Miyuki someone to pair up with who is actually a canon character. Though I don’t think the film should be discounted, either.

      Kirara certainly had a decent share of characters to pair up with, including ‘HaruHaru’, though I definitely think she goes best with Towa.
      There was also Minami who could have been paired up with Asuka – a fine alternative choice for her if you’re not a fan of Minami x Haruka, like myself.

      • cirno9fan says:

        Yeah, Asuka was a good choice, even has a future outside school with her. Something you don’t get often.

        I really liked her with Towa too, but well, we didn’t get such a crazy ending to GoPri as we did Doki, so that pairing becomes quite the difficult to pull off. I think I’m leaning towards her “self-proclaimed rival” if Towa proves to be impossible. But you never know what could happen, and the story can continue however you want it really!

        I mean, there are LOTS of reasons that I could give for shipping the two, but one of my favorite reasons (not the strongest, but it’s so fun!) is: THEY STOOD IN LINE FOR GUNPLA TOGETHER!
        That giant robot episode was amazing!
        I don’t discount Niko, but she’s kinda in super uncanon world (the show already explained why Miyuki got into storybooks…but the story with Niko was a better background for her) I wouldn’t mind a doujin with Yayoi and Niko fighting over Miyuki 😉

        I’m more staunchly Reika and Nao ( So that’s probably why I went with Akane and Brian more easily. I just never really had any draw towards Nao and Akane.

        So sad we never got to see a Hummy human form. So much potential there. Ah well, then it leaves it up to imagination how she would look, and that’s not such a bad thing either. but still

  3. I can see myself falling for HibiKana a lot (though trying to separate Suite from Symphogear will be impossible now XD), but I might go old school with Nagisa and Honoka because they are aesthetically the most charming to me. Nao and Reika also look really great together from the fanart (and doujin I’ve read hue) I’ve seen, and yes, I too am curious about Mana’s harem (though my friends seem divided on whether Dokidoki! is actually any good or not).

    Thanks for this little tidbit, it definitely gives me a better impression of what to expect as far as pairings go for each series when I finally get to watching them.

    • Rory says:

      There are a lot of similarities between Suite PreCure and Symphogear, which I have mentioned before a couple of times, and the pairing between Hibiki and Kanade is great.
      Nagisa and Honoka definitely deserve acknowledgement, being the pair that kicked off Pretty Cure, though personally there are other pairings I prefer.

      As you can see, Nao and Reika also work quite well together in my opinion, and throwing in Akane to that mix just adds to the fun. Of course, fanart and doujin only help to reinforce these pairings, though there are a few couples that have a horribly low number of works devoted to them (Mana & Regina, for example).

      As for DokiDoki, I will admit that it isn’t without its flaws, but it’s still my personal favourite. Some find Mana to be a boring character, and she gets the most focus, but that doesn’t really bother me. If you decide to watch it for the yuri, then DokiDoki! will be most pleasing. So personally, I strongly recommend DokiDoki!, but in the end it comes down to each individual’s judgement whether they like or not.

      One thing to bear in mind is that this is mostly subtext at best. Though I suppose that subtext has given plenty of mileage for fanartists and doujin creators.

  4. MarkS00N says:

    Maybe because my first Precure is DokiDoki, but my favorite ‘pairing’ is Mana’s harem (yeah, all of them, can’t separate Mana from any of them and vice versa)…
    However, instead of talking about the pairing that already exist and popular, I am going to argue that Mana’s harem actually consist of seven ‘girls’ and not six…

    People seems to miss or forget (or my imagination is simply to active) that because Marie-Ange’s love is what make Regina and Aguri, whoever they fall in love with, means can make Marie-Ange fall in love…
    And because both Regina and Aguri eventually fall for Mana, the implication is clear to me, Marie-Ange is in love with Mana, or the very least if she get resurrected or interact with Mana for some times, she will fall for Mana…
    In fact, I firmly believe that the main reason why Marie-Ange isn’t resurrected by the end of the series, is because the studio can’t handle the controversy of age gap love that Mana and Marie-Ange going to have…

    Okay, I am not exactly serious with studio can’t handle controversy stuff, but I am serious with Marie-Ange is part of Mana harem…
    Such a shame nobody seems to share my thought, at least I’ve never seen the doujin…
    Oh well, it alives in my mind…

    • Rory says:

      Huh, now that is an interesting thought, though there’s the fact that Marie-Ange is stated to have a fiancé during the series. Putting that aside, Makoto would probably be the best person to pair up with Marie-Ange in the grand scheme of things.

      Still, if you feel Marie-Ange would work as part as Mana’s harem, then why not? You’ve certainly come up with an interesting theory for it.

      • MarkS00N says:

        And that’s one thing that make my imagination run really wild…
        Makoto like Marie-Ange, but she also like Mana, so what would happen if Marie-Ange also like Mana (And somehow Marie-Ange no longer with Joe)? Would it be NTR? But in Marie-Ange’s absent, isn’t Makota kinda find Mana to be the best second? Does it mean she is the first to NTR Marie-Ange? If that the case, is it fair to be jealous of Marie-Ange liking Mana? And if she jealous, would she jealous because Mana “steal” Marie-Ange away, or because Marie-Ange “steal” Mana away? Or should she be content because the person Marie-Ange fall in love with is the person she also fall in love with, so it is part of closed triangle love and at the moment when Mana is happen to be somewhere else, she will still with Marie-Ange anyway?

        I-I can’t contain these feeling, confusion, and excitement!!!

        Seriously, each time I add Marie-Ange to the mix, my mind is blown…

    • cirno9fan says:

      Well, personally, I think it’s VERY important to remember that it was said very clearly that Regina and Aguri had become their own persons, and were not Marie Ange at all, really. They started as two pieces of her heart, but they grew their own hearts and became their own individuals. So, I think ti’s a bit unfair to Regina, Aguri, and Marie to push this theory. I mean, it’s a fan theory, and it’s not hurting anyone, so you can continue doing whatever you do, but that’s my personal opinion on the matter.

      • MarkS00N says:

        >They started as two pieces of her heart, but they grew their own hearts and became their own individuals.

        I saw it the way children usually developed similar preference like their parents…
        So while yes, they developed in to their own person, the fact that BOTH of them fall to Mana, means that Mana fit certain criteria that both of them agree on (especially when they developed in to two very different people), a criteria that I am sure Marie-Ange would agree on…

        I am not trying to make Regina, Aguri, or Marie-Ange can’t have their own taste or choice, but we know that Regina, Aguri, and Marie-Ange have something in common to certain degree, which because DokiDoki’s theme is love, that something they have in common is their love (especially when one thing the final arc present is Regina’s and Aguri’s shared love for their father), I think it is fair to assume that Marie-Ange will find Mana appealing in same way that Regina and Aguri find Mana appealing…

      • cirno9fan says:

        That’s another point we’re not going to agree on: Aguri liking Mana like that. I mean, I get the “stealth yuri harem” thing, and I understand why people say it, but it’s not really something I go with. And Aguri is definitely not in this “harem” if there even was one.

        Feel free to disagree with me though, I’m a shipper. I ship. Harems are not my thing, even when they’re yuri. So I admit I have a bias.

        As for the other thing….I’ll stand by that they are their own persons, and just because one of them is in love with Mana, has no bearing on Marie, even if she somehow was given the chance to live. Though, I guess technically she was through Ai. By the time Ai grew up, Mana’d be pretty old though. And ruling the world probably, with her wife Regina 😛

    • Mana: Imma date and impregnate my entire Precure team
      Every Precure boy: Uhm… actually…
      Still Mana: Entire teams boys, ENTIRE. TEAM.

  5. Christian Appel says:

    My top 3 Precure yuri couples:

    1. Mana x Regina is canon, so there is no yuri harem.

    2. Mirai x Riko have a confirmed romantic relationship as two mothers in the manga, who raise up Haa-chan as their daughter, while Mofurun is like a big sister.

    3. If you watch the Hugtto x Futari wa Precure crossover movie, it is very clear that Nagisa x Honoka love each other, because Nagisa tells Hana that she loves Honoka and that she is the most precious/important person in her life. Not to mention the hug scene after Honoka transforms from a baby back to normal and Honoka catches Nagisa after a fall and Nagisa looks like she is blushing.

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