Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 4: L-space

Bonus points for anyone who can identify what the reference in the title is. Anyway, classes start this week.

The episode kicks off with Mirai and Riko in the Magic Academy’s library. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a magical school without forbidden areas.

Forbidden Door


Behind that door is the Forest of Knowledge, a ‘labyrinthine part of the library’. The headmaster tells them not to go in there, but I’m pretty sure you can guess what will end up happening. Anyway, the headmaster shows the girls a book which contains information on the Linkle Stones.

Linkle Stones.jpg

Here’s this season’s MacGuffins

The Emerald is the greatest of the Linkle stones. Four lights guard the Emerald, and those lights are sustained by seven more – the ‘Twelve Lights’. Of course, Mirai and Riko have the Diamond and Ruby Linkle Stones thus far, two of the Guardian Lights. The headmaster says that the girls will probably be drawn towards the Emerald, and I suspect he’s correct.

With that done, supplementary classes start the following day. Time to introduce some new characters.


First is Emily, who is scared of everything


Jun, one who tends to skip classes


And finally, Kei, the forgetful one

So three new characters, and there’s already speculation about them becoming Cures in the near future. Whilst I think it would be pretty neat to stick with only two Cures a la Splash Star throughout the whole run, I wouldn’t mind if that speculation does turn out to be true.
Anyway, Mirai introduces herself to her fellow students, telling them that she comes from the Non-Magic World. The teacher shows up shortly afterwards.

Mr Isaac

Mr. Isaac, who managed to get lost in the school despite his experience…

Six Tests

Supplementary classes consist of six tests

The first test is to catch the paper butterflies. Whilst everybody else gets their own butterfly to chase down, Mirai and Riko have to share as they need to work together. This was the headmaster’s decision.
Mirai is eager to get started and dives straight into looking for the butterflies, whilst Riko would prefer to spend some time thinking about how to complete the task. Mirai’s method results in her finding the butterflies fairly quickly, though only through coincidence. The butterflies fly away, and Riko and Jun give chase… well, Riko’s flight is short-lived.

Jun catches a butterfly

Jun is first to catch her butterfly

Emily Catches a butterfly

Emily’s second, after being scared by a spider

Kei Catches a Butterfly

..and Kei is third, through a complete coincidence…

This just leaves Mirai and Riko to find their butterfly.

We get a glimpse of Yamoh (the lizard fellow) reporting to Dokuroxy. We also see the next enemy that the girls will be fighting.

Anyway, Mirai returns to the library and the butterfly goes into the Forest of Knowledge – naturally. Of course, Mirai follows it in, despite the headmaster’s earlier warning.

Forest of Knowledge

Inside the Forest of Knowledge

Things start shifting around, and Mirai gets trapped.

Mofurun speaks the truth

Mofurun can see that Mirai and Riko need each other

Anyway, after Mofurun’s talk, Riko chases after Mirai. It’s at this point the next antagonist shows up.


The magic warrior, Gamets. I get the feeling he’s a loyal servant to Dokuroxy…

Gamets attacks Mirai, and she can’t do much else but run without Riko at her side. Of course, Riko is trying to find Mirai.

Reunited Mirai and Riko

Mirai and Riko reunite

Mirai thanks Riko

Not the first time Mirai has thanked Riko

Gamets calls forth the monster of the week.


Or ‘Yokubaaru’ if you want to stick with the Japanese name

Whenever Mirai and Riko hold hands, a green light glows. They notice it and fly towards with the yokubaaru in hot pursuit. The light is emitted from a book, which glows brightly and saves them from getting attacked by the yokubaaru. However, it doesn’t give up that easily, so transformation time! Oh, and they’re back to their Diamond forms this time. Cure Magical spends too much time thinking, whilst Miracle goes for the ‘feel, don’t think’ approach.

Miracle Punch!

Mirai’s method gets results

Riko Acting, not Thinking

Magical starts getting the idea

Magical Miracle Kick!

That’s teamwork

Miracle and Magical finish the yokubaaru off with their PreCure Diamond Eternal attack and Gamets retreats.

Mirai and Riko catch their butterfly, and the book they found warps them outside. However, the book’s magic doesn’t end there. A flower blooms from the book and…

A baby born from a book

A baby is born. Her name is Ha-chan.

We’ve seen baby mascots before in Fresh, HeartCatch and DokiDoki, though we don’t really know much about this one just yet. Ha-chan is definitely somewhat reminiscent of DokiDoki‘s Ai, though. Anyway, the episode ends there. Next time, we have an icy island and something of a tradition where the two main characters have an argument – of course, I suspect this will only help to strengthen Mirai and Riko’s relationship in the end.

So this episode gave us an idea of what the PreCure need to collect, as well as introducing Ha-chan. Oh, and can’t forget about the other Magic Academy students – potentially characters who could go on to become new Cures. Of course, that’s only speculation at this point. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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4 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 4: L-space

  1. OG-Man says:

    Ah so you too did not make a “procreation” reference. I thought I was the only one who didn’t notice the “magic yuri baby”.

    There will most likely be a new Cure(s) but will it be one (or more) of those three? We’ll have to wait and see.

    Anyway onward to the lovers quarrel next week.

    • Rory says:

      The thought had crossed my mind, but alas, a missed opportunity. Still, I might slip in a ‘two mamas’ reference next time. Something similar happened in DokiDoki, as well.

      The fact that Emily, Jun and Kei have yellow, blue and red hair respectively could possibly indicate that they will become Cures in the future – or maybe they’re just there as a tease and we’ll be sticking with two Cures throughout the run.

      Nothing like a little conflict to strengthen a relationship.

  2. MarkS00N says:

    Four episodes in, and they already have two kids…
    That’s why you have protection when you handholding your partner, folks!

    Commenting on OG-man above, I think most people don’t realize the baby making thing, maybe my google just to tight so my imagination run wild…
    Though to be fair, I think I also the first person who think Mofurun to be their first kid (haven’t seen anyone said about it beside me), so I just have wife~wife theme running around my head every time I see this show…

    Back to the episode itself, Mofurun is jut like me when I was a child when my dad and mom has problem and in turn trying to be with me instead of with each other…
    Back then I used to say, “you know, the person you love is him/her (depend on who with me at the time), I maybe the result of your love, but don’t forget that I won’t exist if both of you don’t come together and in love with one another”…
    So, good job cadet Mofurun! Keep Mirai and Riko together! And make sure they hold each other’s hand tight!

    For non-yuri element, I am surprised the monster take the form of shark when the general combines two book…
    I thought the monster going to be in book form, but the show keep delivering in surprising me…

    • Rory says:

      That book did glow whenever Mirai and Riko held hands, so you’re definitely onto something with the whole ‘baby making thing’. I like your thinking with the ‘wife~wife’ theme, and have to agree that it is certainly fitting based on what we’ve seen so far.

      As for the monster of the week, they were in a library filled with infinite knowledge and all that Gamets could conjure up was a shark… surely there must have been a few eldritch abominations contained within at least one of those tomes. Though considering this is Pretty Cure, I doubt we’d see something like that… this early on, anyway.

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