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Ah, geez, you go out to pick up some shopping, and then come back to discover that your all-time favourite anime will be returning with not one, but two new seasons. Yep, both a fourth and fifth season of Symphogear have been green-lit, as announced at the Symphogear Live 2016 event.
In addition to that, apparently a video game is also in production – so, yeah, some really quite brilliant news for a Symphogear fan like myself.

Bearing all that in mind, what would I like to see from the new seasons? Well, we’re going to get more excellent music, great fight sequences and just sheer absurdity – I wonder if they’ll be able to top punching K2 and causing it to lose its status as the world’s second highest mountain. That was just the beginning of the third season, no less.
As for new stuff… well, hopefully there’ll be new Symphogear users. After all, there are a lot of legendary artefacts on which the new armours could be based. I would also like to see Miku step up as a Symphogear user again; we know she’s capable of it.
Talking of Miku… she and Hibiki need to have an on-screen lip lock – it just needs to be once, but that’s probably one of the things I want to see most. The pair are amongst my favourite anime couples, so it would be nice to see them take their relationship a bit further.
The next season might take place somewhere in Europe, since I seem to recall it being mentioned towards the end of GX. Who knows?

As for the video game in production… well, in an ideal world it will be a multiplatform title with an international release. But we don’t live in an ideal world, so it’ll probably be on Sony’s consoles and not easily available outside of Japan, or maybe just another smart phone game. Still, one can hope.
It does beg the question though, which genre would best capture the spirit of Symphogear? Rhythm action could work, but a hack-and-slasher (plus guns and fists- you get the idea) along the lines of Dynasty Warriors might be the way they go.
Of course, you’ve got to include the music – after all, it’s a key part of activating the Symphogears. Honestly, there’s so many possibilities at this point and I’m sure more than a few fans out there have envisioned their own perfect Symphogear game.

So yeah, good news for lovers of Symphogear. I eagerly anticipate those next seasons.

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