Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 3: Shopping Trip

I totally considered ‘Diagon Alley’ for the title, but I made that reference at the end of the episode 2 post. Anyway, Mirai and Riko go shopping for school supplies in this episode and manage to pick up a new PreCure form. Let’s take a look.

The episode opens with Mirai calling her grandmother through the headmaster’s crystal ball and telling her everything that has happened and that she will be studying at the Magic Academy. Mirai’s grandmother is perfectly fine with all this and doesn’t question any of it – I’d guess she’s probably aware of the Magic World.

Mirai and Riko take a flying carpet to the Magic Merchant Alley.

Magic Merchant Alley Approach

For all your magical item needs, visit Magic Merchant Alley!

At the centre of the town is a statue of a cat holding a lantern. Inside the lantern burns the Passion Flame, which is an old legend associated with the town.

Mr Hook

Mr. Hook – an old man who can ramble on for hours about legends

After that, shopping ensues. First stop, a clothes shop.

Monsieur Francis

The most famous man in the Alley, Monsieur Francois

Mirai in Uniform

Mirai in her new Magic Academy uniform

Elsewhere, the headmaster suspects that the awakening of the PreCure’s power is connected to the Linkle Stone Emerald, whilst the deputy headmistress is less than pleased that Mirai has been allowed to enrol in the Academy.

Mirai and Riko stop off for a frozen clementine – a minor thing, but worth mentioning considering later events of this episode. Anyway, next stop for picking up supplies is the broom shop.
Oh, we also learn that the headmaster is older than he looks, and his crystal ball is quite snarky – I found that quite funny.

Broom Shop

I wonder if they’ve got a Firebolt?


The owner of Gustav’s Broom Closet.

There’s some information here that suggests Riko is something of a loner – or at least, she was until she met Mirai. Definitely looking forward to seeing the relationship between Mirai and Riko develop as the series continues on. A break for snacks follow, where Riko says she wants to become an excellent magician and Mirai doesn’t really have anything to strive for.

Colour-changing waterfalls.jpg

Those waterfalls behind them change colour, which I thought was pretty neat

After their discussion, Mirai’s Diamond Linkle Stone is snatched away from her.


Here’s another antagonist, Sparda

Sparda demands to know where the Linkle Stone Emerald is. Of course, nobody knows at this point, but Mirai would refuse even if she did know. The monster of the week gets summoned.

episode 3 monster of the week

It’s a fusion of a rock and a frozen clementine

Since Mirai is without her Diamond, the girls are unable to transform. We get a small Indiana Jones chase sequence, except this rock is sentient. The girls end up at the statue of the cat holding the Passion Flame, and Riko’s anger at the town being destroyed awakens the Ruby Linkle Stone, allowing Mirai and Riko to transform.


Transformation sequence

Ruby PreCure

Ruby PreCure

So it looks like the PreCure get new forms depending on which Linkle Stone they use to transform. This suggests to me that we’ll be sticking with only two PreCure for the series, since they’ll have multiple forms. Of course, I could be wrong – it’s still early days.
Cure Miracle and Cure Magical are able to lift and throw the monster of the week, shatter the rock with their fists and defrost the clementine with their kicks.

PreCure Ruby Passionale

Power by Miracle and Magical’s crimson passion

Sparda retreats, and the damage to the town is fixed after the battle. Miracle and Magical take off afterwards, returning to Gustav’s Broom Closet. Of course, they’re no longer in their transformed state when they arrive.

Mirai & Riko with Brooms

Note the matching ribbons

With Mirai having picked up everything she needs for the Magic Academy, the episode ends there.

Another enjoyable episode from Maho Girls PreCure!. Honestly, going from these first three episodes, I feel like this series of PreCure has a shot of becoming one of my personal favourites. I’m liking the alternate forms the PreCure have, and I look forward to seeing more in action in the future.
Mirai and Riko are also a great couple, so naturally I eagerly anticipate more interactions between those two.

Next time, classes start.

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2 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 3: Shopping Trip

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Mahou Tsukai Precure – How two broom-crossed lovers meet and grow closer

    I am really loving how they’re portraying the magic world so far. Interesting that the evil peeps haven’t attacked the magic world before this. Seems like the world is largely unable to protect itself against them.

    So Ruby’s magic basically gives them insane strength. I wonder what Emerald would have done? Didn’t see them really utilizing that one’s magic. And what the other forms do as well, of course!

  2. MarkS00N says:

    This episode gives so many thing that makes me interested to see the next one…

    First, the fact that we have giant frozen orange coated by rock monster as generic monster…
    Previously you kinda can guess what the generic enemies attack and limitation is, but with two item combination monster, the limit seems to be our imagination and make the fight more exciting (at least to me)…

    There’s also the fact that we know each jewel has its own transformation and each transformation make the Precure have different “properties”, so to speak, which mean with 4 different jewel (at least the OP show 4 different costumes) we actually have an equal of 8 Precures despite only have 2 Precures…

    And of course, for a yuri fan, this episode is technically a dating episode, and I loved it…

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