Thoughts on K-On! College

Now I’ve finished sharing my thoughts on the four volumes of K-On! manga that have been adapted into anime, it’s time to take a look at two that haven’t. Up first, we get to see what Yui, Mio, Ritsu and Tsumugi get up to during their time in college.

K-On! College

From the blurb:
Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi embark on their college adventures! It will take some time for the girls to get used to life away from their families and adjust to the pace of college life, but there’s one aspect of their new situation that there’s no uncertainty about – joining the pop music club! But they aren’t the only high school band making their debut on the college scene. Is Afterschool Tea Time ready to perform alongside the hard-rocking rhythms of Only Girlz?!

The volume starts with colour pages showing the two bands. You’ll be familiar with Afterschool Tea Time, but we also get a picture of Only Girlz. The group consists of Akira Wada on guitar, Sachi Hayashi on bass and Ayame Yoshida on drums.

Things kick off with the girls of Afterschool Tea Time waking up, with their antics also waking up the members of Only Girlz. Anyway, entrance ceremony follows, and Yui hasn’t really woken up – as Akira finds out, with Yui leaning and drooling on her. Mio thinks Akira is ‘scary-looking’
After the entrance ceremony, there’s the small matter of joining the club – yep, turns out Akira is in the pop music club. A chance meeting with her later… and it turns out Yui is really rather fond of her. She finds Akira cute and will spontaneously hug her.
Afterschool Tea Time perform for Only Girlz, and Akira gets their song stuck in her head. She can be heard singing it through the dorm wall later on. This helps Mio warm up to her the following morning.
Elsewhere, Mio is in the same classes as Sachi (the bassist of Only Girlz, as stated a few paragraphs ago). Mio being Mio, it takes her a long while to gather up the courage to speak to her… and when she eventually does, she fangirls over her.
Of course, the drummers Ritsu and Ayame almost immediately hit it off.
Following that, Afterschool Tea Time discover that they need some way to earn some cold hard cash – college doesn’t come cheap. Tsumugi has decided to fend for herself, so they don’t have an easy option out this time.
Tsumugi finds herself alone after classes, so she hangs out with Only Girlz. They quickly discover that she is rich and Akira makes a joke at her expense. Ayame gives Tsumugi permission to smack Akira, and it turns out Tsumugi doesn’t really know how to hold back.
Tsumugi is reunited with Afterschool Tea Time about fifty-seven and a half hours – turns out Yui, Mio and Ritsu had been working in order to buy Tsumugi a gift to thank her for all she’s done.

All the girls then take a look at a photo album, containing pictures of Akira from her school days. We also learn a little more about how Akira, Sachi and Ayame met. Also the reason that Akira joined the pop music club.

Akira has also got used to waking Yui up every morning, and we get a small moment between the two where Yui removes some dirt from Akira’s hair. Also, Yui comes down with a fever, which makes her improve her playing and take on a different personality almost. After she recovers, a contest between Afterschool Tea Time and Only Girlz is proposed.

During a lunch break, Mio, Ritsu, Sachi and Ayame get talking about weight and fashion – you know, the stuff you can generally expect from this kind of thing. They all go to Ayame’s room at night, where groping follows, naturally…
Oh, and Ayame is also insecure – in particular, mostly about her height.

Some playing happens, then the girls talk more fashion – Akira is the centre of attention this time around. We also learn Akira’s motivation for attending college. Oh, and Tsumugi’s snacks are hard to resist.

Ritsu starts to feel down about her drumming, but Mio is able to realise this and helps her feel better. Only Girlz are able to offer some advice, though not without putting her down… in harmony!

After that, the characters try forming new bands – Yui and Akira together, Kana, Mio and Ayame together, Ritsu and Chiyo together and Tsumugi and Sachi together. Things don’t really go well with each one – there’s a lot of distractions. Oh, Kana and Chiyo are two more members of the pop music club. (I should just call it the light music club, but I suppose consistency with the translation is nice…)
Turns out the best thing for the girls is to stick with their original bands.

Summer break follows, with Yui returning home. She shows Nodoka photos of her fellow pop music club members and Ui arrives home. She shows far more shock at seeing Nodoka is there, rather than her own sister.

Returning to college after that, there’s plenty more Yui x Akira moments. Tsumugi can’t help but wonder if Yui is a masochist, due to her interactions with Akira.

The manga ends with the battle of bands between Afterschool Tea Time and Only Girlz. Following that, the bonus comic has the return of Tsumugi’s eyebrows.

More K-On! is never a bad thing (unless you’re not a fan of this genre), and this is just as enjoyable as the first. The new characters definitely have some familiar traits, which could be a point against it. Still, a fairly enjoyable read.

Next time, we return to Sakuragaoka High School to see how Azusa is getting on in K-On! High School.

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